Winner, winner chicken dinner…. again

I just love saying that chicken dinner thing. I know, just go with it!

Today's winner of the PillowTalk blog hop will be getting the Buttercup Jelly Roll.


On Feb 10 at 5:47 am, Connie Gage said:

I have to agree with a lot of your fans – all your colors together make it Fig Tree – hard to choose just one favorite color.  Love them all!  This is my first time "blogging" (I think that's what you call this) and it was the pillow that made me look further.  Would love to have that in every room in different color combos!! Beautiful, Joanna.beachbum


Connie- contact us at to receive your prize.

Thanks for playing along. More prizes tomorrow.


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Kat | 15th Feb 11

    CONGRATS to Connie – Happy Winner!! :))

  2. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 15th Feb 11

    Congratulations winner!

  3. Kiki | 15th Feb 11

    Congratulations, Connie! Enjoy your jellyroll!

  4. Sandra Davidson | 15th Feb 11

    Congratulations, Connie have fun with the jellyroll.

  5. WendyMT | 15th Feb 11

    Big time congratulations, Connie!! Yay You!!

  6. Stephanie | 15th Feb 11

    congratulations to the very lucky winner!

  7. SandyG | 15th Feb 11

    Congratulations Connie!

  8. Melanie Moraites | 16th Feb 11

    Congratulations Connie! Enjoy your beautiful fabric.

  9. Lynda | 16th Feb 11

    can you see that mine eyes are green!

  10. pam | 16th Feb 11


  11. jenny | 16th Feb 11

    Congrats Connie! Have fun with the jelly roll and with your continued blogging experiences!

  12. Lara | 16th Feb 11

    Congratulations!! Super jealous. Buttercup is rather scrumptious.

  13. maria elena blecha | 17th Feb 11

    Congratulations, am wearing green!!! Enjoy

  14. Kathy | 17th Feb 11

    I just love your Buttercup colors and cannot wait to collect them. I have yet to see them in our shops here but have my “secret agents” letting me know when they come in. Of course there isn’t many of your lines I don’t love. I have several of them. My favorite has been the Buttercream and Figs. I have made one “ancestry” quilt fraternal, with pics of my great grandmas thru the current generation and now am working on my maternal side ancestry quilt. Your line just begged to be part of my family history!

  15. Erica K | 18th Feb 11

    Congrats Connie! 🙂

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