It’s the 7th day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE…and it’s the day before Thanksgiving festivities start here in the United States. We hope that later today and tomorrow will find everyone in the kitchen, mixing up some kind of food… or lots of different kinds of food… to share with loved ones!

We will be back here with the last two days of the sale on Friday and Saturday. Read all the way to the end for our usual hints.

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We LOVE these Christmas tea towels I created with last year’s CHRISTMAS STITCHED collection and I wasn’t quite ready to be done creating with them. So we whipped up some simple SHOPPING BAGS with (2) towels and (2) coordinating fabrics. Even if you are not a seasoned bag maker, you can do this… I promise! No quilting or special techniques needed. 

We were inspired by some darling patchwork bags that Shabby Fabrics, an online shop, made last year and we wanted out shopping bag to have a similar, coordinating feel. 

These are large and roomy shopping bags and will fit all kinds of holiday shopping. 

Each bag is app. 17” across x 19” high plus the side and bottom gussets for a really lovely size. 

Each kit comes with (2) CHRISTMAS STITCHED tea towels, lining fabric and gusset/handle fabric. Kit includes simple instructions on how to make this lined bag. 



I know that this is the bundle that so many of you wait for each year… it is a Fig Tree Christmas for sure!

Many of our Fig Tree favorites mixed in with a few coordinating prints from some Moda friends, makes this a wonderfully Figgy Christmas palette. We squirreled away some fabulous Fig Tree fabrics from collections no longer available and we love the feel of this one for sure!

Each bundle has (18) ½ yd. cuts so you would be able to make SO MANY different Christmas projects with this one.

Each bundle comes with a nostalgic Christmas notepad [in the style of the ones shown below] as a gift.



Okay… this might be my new favorite gadget. Dropped your pins on the ground? No problem, just place this GRABBER near the pins and they will pop right onto it. Seriously. That is a serious magnet in there!

Ready to release them? Just open the clip handle and off they come. This is definitely a must have for the sewing room, I believe. Imagine how much easier it is going to be to find and pick up pins and needles off the ground!!

Each item contains (1) red “MagnaFingers” tool and (1) box of Clover Quilting Pins… one of our top favorite pins, as well!



This is another one of those “luxury items” that we are so happy to offer this year. The moment we saw these leather goods imported from Italy from our new vendor, we were in love. The perfect cognac leather color of this pouch and the wonderful feel, these leather pouches are just so wonderful and so versatile.

Use it as a special pouch for your favorite sewing notions, for make-up, as a little clutch purse, or as a wonderful present. And of course… we have filled it with MINI CHARMS! Yup, a beautiful leather pouch filled with some classic Fig Tree collections. What could be better?

Each item contains (1) genuine leather pouch and the following mini charms:

EYELET, LINEN CUPBOARD, CINNAMON & CREAM, FRUIT COCKTAIL, FRESH FIG FAVORITES and… (1) mini charm “FROM THE VAULT” of an older Fig Tree collection that will be a surprise and is a freebie in the grouping.




I do think you guys are going to love these brand new enamel goodies that we are introducing in pins, pulls and maybe another goodie or two to come.
We are all totally smitten by them!

Get ready for some charm overload with these little guys. Our brand new Christmas images now in zipper pulls! I am seriously a little bit giddy over how well they came out and want to put them on “all the things”!! The details turned out so wonderfully and they are the perfect blend of charming and nostalgic Christmas and woodland images that would work for any one for all of the winter season. I purposefully made them more “winter” than Christmas so we could all enjoy the for many more months to come!

Each set will include (1) of each of the WINTER COTTAGE, VINTAGE ROBIN and WOODLAND MUSHROOM… a set for you and a set for a quilty friend perhaps?

We are adding ours to every zipper we can find including pouches, bags, purses and jackets too!
If any pulls remain after the sale, they will be regular price after the sale is over.

Each set comes with (1) of each of the three zipper pulls. Each pull measures app. 1 ⅛” at its widest… they are the perfect size, I think. Not too small and definitely not too big!



All MINI PATTERNS and THREAD PATTERNS are 30% off today. So that means anything with the word MINI in front of it or that is in the shape of our “THREAD” patterns [those are the long skinny one page patterns folded in thirds]. They are the ones $7.50 in the shop… that is before the sale price kicks in… those are all on sale. Again, just like last time, the sale info and price will appear once you add your patterns to the cart.


TOMORROW we rest, eat too much good food and feel grateful for friends, family and abundance. I hope and pray that each and every one of you will be able to have some time to take a minute and think of something to be grateful for. If you have time, you can even tell me below!

We will be back on Friday for two more days of this sale craziness! For Friday, let’s all plan on an early lunch PST time spot… so I can sleep in from my Turkey coma and start to dream of leftovers! See you all then.


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  1. Colleen SANDBACH | 22nd Nov 23

    I am grateful to have survived another year, another year I get to see my daughter, another year I get to see my husband, another year I get to see my Boston terriers, another year I get to sew beautiful fabrics! I’m grateful it’s my daughters final
    Year of residency at the hospital!!! Here’s to surviving all that life throws at you…I’m still standing… and I am grateful for that.

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      LOTS to be grateful for there, Colleen! So awesome.

  2. Leah Turner | 22nd Nov 23

    I am grateful for time. Time to be present in, time to reflect and celebrate love, and time to dream. Time flows all around us and moves more quickly than we realize. I embrace with a grateful heart this experience ♥️. For all the time you have shared in community with me Fig Tree Friends. Thank you. You are always a positive joyful part of my day. Your time spent in creativity and comraderie is a gift and a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      Happy Thanksgiving, Leah! I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Kimberly Anne Brandt | 22nd Nov 23

    Happy Sewing! If you are able to create and have time to sew you have everything!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      Yes indeed!

  4. Barbara | 22nd Nov 23

    I am grateful for my husband surviving 2 major surgeries this year and recovering beautifully. Happy Thanksgiving to all !

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      That’s wonderful news for sure! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Pat Rollins | 22nd Nov 23

    Where are the prices listed of the items on the 12 days of Christmas sale?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      Prices are listed on the items for sale in the Fig Tree shop.

  6. Doreen Roksvaag | 24th Nov 23

    I am grateful for all the blessings in my life… a home, a family who loves each other, two new knees, and wonderful friends who bring laughter and good times.

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 25th Nov 23

      Sounds like you have a lot of blessings Doreen!

  7. Karen Jones | 24th Nov 23

    I am grateful for all my family and friends. Life will throw you punches but it is also very precious. (I might not have been successful in snagging any fabric yet. It happened last year too. It’s still fun trying.) Thank you Fig Tree for suppling a wonderful escape with your beautiful fabric!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 25th Nov 23

      So glad you enjoyed watching or shopping… family is the most important always!

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