It’s the 6th day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE.

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Collecting creams and ivories with little sparkles of holiday color in them is right at the very, very top of my favorite fabric “curating” to do. This year’s CHRISTMAS CREAMS bundle is beyond full of lovely holiday feeling cream and ivory fabrics that will add a little or ALOT of holiday sparkle to your projects.

Each bundle contains (16) ½ yds and each bundle comes with 2 of our favorite Christmas Tissues. We are loving these little guys as stocking stuffers and to put in your purse for the winter season. Both charming and practical!



Can you guys tell how much in love I am with these pre-made/pre-basted HEXIES made for us by the lovely ladies from ONE COMMON THREAD?! So the moment we knew that we would have a set of HEXIES as extras after the LITTLE BOX subscriptions went out last month, I knew that I wanted to squirrel away a large stash for myself for a future project, and to offer the rest of them to you all to make this beautiful pouch… or any other HEXIE project you might have had your eye on.

If you haven’t read about this organization or these lovely HEXIES, head on over to THIS BLOG POST, titled ‘EPP HEXAGON BONUS PROJECTS’ for some serious inspiration.

Each kit comes with: (50) pre-basted HEXIES in a variety of reds, greens, and creams, fabric for the back of the pouch, the lining of the pouch, and the top accent. Kit also comes with a zipper, (2) zipper pulls, and pattern. All you need is some fusible fleece or batting scraps to whip up one of these of your own. Who is racing me to the sewing machine?!



I love all things felt around here, especially during the holidays. When these felt mistletoes arrived from my favorite felt vendor, I thought they were cute but they needed a bit of “figgyfying”. So we cut them apart so they would be a bit more delicate, added a lovely velvet ribbon and some of my all-time favorite “spun cotton” mushrooms to create a mistletoe decoration that is worthy of hanging above the door for all to “use” as they pass by, or as a few ornaments on the tree.

So many different fun places where a little mistletoe could be the perfect touch.

Kit includes enough of the goodies shown to put together (2) of your own decorations: Each with 2 felt mistletoe branches [total of 4 branches], velvet ribbon and (4) spun cotton red & white mushrooms.



Oh my goodness… those were the only words that I had when these exclusive hand crafted wooden clapper arrived from Chris at MODERN AMERICAN VINTAGE.

The beauty and workmanship and the one-of-a-kind “Rolling Stone” quilt block design that I had requested…it’s just a bit hard to put it all into writing, but these are just plain gorgeous!

I have been working with a clapper since Chris made me a special gift last year, I believe. And I have to tell you… I am totally addicted to it. When I press my seams and set the block aside, I immediately set the clapper on it while still hot while I work on the next piece or block.

I put the clapper right on top of whichever seams are going to be the ones that won’t want to stay flat the most. And I am here to tell you that even though I was a sceptic at first, I am totally on board with how effective these are!

Each clapper measure 3” x 12” and is app 1 ⅛” thick. Each one is made from a white maple base and has a beautiful Rolling Stone block pieced into the clapper itself using several different woods to create the color palette of the quilt block.

This is truly an heirloom piece, made exclusively for us so it is not available anywhere else. I really am so honored to both use and offer these as a part of our Christmas Sale!



This is for all of you dog lovers out there… I could not resist adding a little doggie goodness to this year’s stocking stuffer line up. The moment you mixed Christmas with doggy cuteness overload… I was sold! Save a few for yourself and give the others in the set to the other dog lovers in your life. For me… my neighbor is getting the Corgi and my mom the Dachshund. 

Each set has (1) notepad of (4) different dogs… a Dachshund, a Westie, a Corgi and a Yorkie. Each notepad has 75 full-color sheets and the notepad is 4” x 3” in size. 


Today’s SPECIAL OF THE DAY is a chance to win a MODA GRAB BAG OF GOODNESS. Grab Bag will include a special bag from Market filled with a whole variety of MODA and FIG TREE goodies! Each purchase will enter you to win. Winner will know they have won when the bag arrives with their items.

TOMORROW’S SALE TIME HINT (WEDNESDAY, DAY #7) WILL GO LIVE late in the night tonight, or early early in the wee hours of Wednesday morning again… that way we can all spend as much time in the kitchen on Wednesday instead of watching our computers for quilty sale items!


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  1. Kimberly Anne Brandt | 21st Nov 23

    Too fun ! I finally figured it all out. Happy Thanksgiving :0)!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23


  2. nancy brzezniak | 21st Nov 23

    this is ridiculous. Everything is basically sold out immediately. Unless i sit at my computer constantly waiting for the minute it drops, this is a waste of purchasing a box. Not having fun with this at all…. this is my first time with this promotion and am pretty disappointed….

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 23rd Nov 23

      Hi Nancy. The annual 12 DAYS sale isn’t for everyone. I always encourage everyone to read the intro blog post thoroughly, as it explains how everything works. Some people LOVE it and some don’t. Feel free to pass, but do know that for any boxes purchased that are not shipped, we donate that amount to our local food bank. We then match all of those donations, as well.

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