On the 4th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 4 Calling Birds. However, he figured that 4 birds were not quite what I was looking for in the way of a gift so he added in a bit of…



My true love gave to me my absolute favorite kit of this season, the Vintage Mistletoe Table Runner Kit.





The absolutely best part of this kit is that the main runner fabric is a nice thick towelling, beautifually woven in India. This MODA towelling comes app. 17" wide [finished] and it is not only spectacular and the perfect shade of vintage tomato red, but it is ALREADY HEMMED FOR YOU ON BOTH LONG SIDES! Yes, that's right. It is hemmed on the bolt and comes that way. The only thing you need to do in order to have a finished table runner is hem the 2 short ends, add your simple mistletoe applique and voila! You have a perfect holiday table!




Kit includes 100" [which is app. 2 3/4" yds.] of the hemmed tomato red towelling- with those lovely little taupe stripes on each side- beautiful hand-dyed wool in warm grass green, ivory cream and caramel brown to create the applique you see here on both ends of the runner. If your table is shorter than ours or you want a runner with no overhang simply trim the towelling down to fit your table and have a little extra tomoto red toweling for another project. It would make a perfect little pillow! Kit also includes the pattern [it happens to be a favorite Fresh Vintage issue that has not only the layout for this applique but also plenty of other goodies inside including a wonderful quilt pattern].




The wool has wonderful hand-dyed variagations on it and feels rich and saturated and just perfect. The kit provides you with enough to make these classic mistletoe branches on both ends of the runner or to use the extra for another holiday project. And the best part of using wool- no edges to turn under and nothing to worry about other than stitching it down to the toweling!

This is certainly a project not to be missed!



The Perfect Little Scissors



Karen Kay Buckley has designed the "Perfect Scissor" for all your applique and trimming needs. The handles are larger than normal, cushioned for comfort and can easily be used right or left handed. When using these micro-serrated scissors you will find that it pulls the fabric into the blades rather than pushing the fabric away as with standard scissors. The blades are designed to cut all the way to the tip. A protective plastic cover is included.




But that's not all….Karen thought that your scissors needed a little "bling" and so she designed this lovely little charm to go with these scissors!
And if you are like me and always lose the little protector, you end up poking yourself with those sharp scissors and wish you had somehow attached it to the scissor. Feed the chain clasp through the lower handle. Open clasp and attach to chain. Place plastic cover (included) over tip of scissors and enjoy the little heart and your hands safe from poking! Its a perfect little duo for you or for your favorite sewing friend… or for both!





We really love these little ladies. They are a perfect size for all kinds of small and intricate work and they are crazy sharp!



Scissor USB Stick/Thumb Drive

We are a sucker for any kind of sewing themed gift item and knew that we could not resist these as soon as we saw them….

6a00d83451a6c969e201bb07ba4ae9970d-800wi 6a00d83451a6c969e201b8d09f4e98970c-800wiWe introduced a few fun USB sticks/thumb drives during last year's sale but we weren't crazy about the shapes of some of them as they turned out to be a bit difficult to actually use in the computer. This time around we found a shape that would fit in any of our computers with no problem and yours as well. They are strong and sturday and too cute at the same time! Sweet little vintage feeling scissors open to be a USB stick with 4GB of memory. These make a perfect gift for your favorite sewing friend.

Colors: Green & White or Pink & White

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Today's special 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DEAL… any order placed today will be entered to win an Aloha Girl mini bundle. Winner will be announced the following day.


CLICK HERE for more info on today's goodies.

Happy shopping,

Joanna and Eric




* The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and lasts for 12 days [usually with a Sunday off here or there].  


* Each day a different kit, stocking stuffer and/or home dec goodie will be advertised- on some days several of each! Each day a special offer will be made as well.  


* Each special offer will become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Most of the items offered will sell out on that day, some will last a few days. Please believe us that some items will sell out crazy fast and some will last all day based on popularity and stock. Although we try and have and anticipate the demand, we are often surprised by your enthusiasm!! IF THE ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND THROUGH THE LINK, THAT MEANS IT HAS SOLD OUT!


* We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can't guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. If they can, it will not be a part of the sale but something that we offer after Christmas for a separate January delivery. 


* For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, YOU NEED TO BUY-A-BOX. THIS IS NEW AND DIFFERENT THIS YEAR!! The box is an actual product available on our homepage.  You only need to purchase it once either before the sale starts or on the first day that you purchase a 12DAYS item- but you need to purchase it as an actual product once. Then for all the remaining purchases you make, you will simply choose the "I BOUGHT  A BOX" option in the shipping directions during the checkout process. If you buy more products than fit in the box…. WE WILL PAY FOR THE REMAINING SHIPPING!! If you do not fill up that amount by the end of the sale, we will let you know how much of a credit you have and you can choose patterns for the difference [we will only charge a partial price on the patterns so you will get a deal]. There is no way to lose in this exchange!!  


• For international customers, we will calculate actual international shipping at the time of shipping and add what is necessary. We never charge anything other than actual international shipping through USPS.




 If you do not BUY-A-BOX, your items will not be accumulated but will be shipped to you each day that you purchase them.  We know that some of you love that feeling of getting something in the mail each and every day and look forward to the "presents" arriving to you every mail day!

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  1. Deb | 2nd Dec 14

    Would any purchase today include anything else in your Shop (besides Day 4’s post deals) to qualify for the special drawing for Aloha Girl bundle?

  2. Joanna | 2nd Dec 14

    Just the 12 DAYS SPECIALS will qualify you.

    thanks so much!

  3. Lorraine Isaac | 2nd Dec 14

    Thank you for doing this each year, it must be a lot of work, but I (we) are having so much fun, thanks, Lorraine

  4. Joanna | 2nd Dec 14

    It is a crazy amount of work but we do enjoy it too. And we love watching all you guys have fun!

    Happy Holidays!


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