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Daily Archives: October 31, 2007

Another Fabulous Market is done!

As I settle in on the plane returning from the 2007 Fall Quilt Market, my thoughts turn slowly toward home. I think of the things that were left undone before I left- the hemming of a few Halloween costumes, the carving of a few pumpkins, the last minute decorations to the front of the house where skeleton arms “must” poke out of the grass at just the right spot to scare the greatest amount of treaters tonite. My thoughts turn to my studio which lies in grand ruin [okay so I’m feeling a bit dramatic], piles of fabric, piles of paper, piles of scraps that need to be organized or compiled or filed. As I snack on peanuts and Diet Coke [my standard Southwest food faire], my thoughts turn to blogging and as I work through the hundreds of emails that have piled up while I…