Another Fabulous Market is done!

As I settle in on the plane returning from the 2007 Fall Quilt Market, my thoughts turn slowly toward home. I think of the things that were left undone before I left- the hemming of a few Halloween costumes, the carving of a few pumpkins, the last minute decorations to the front of the house where skeleton arms “must” poke out of the grass at just the right spot to scare the greatest amount of treaters tonite. My thoughts turn to my studio which lies in grand ruin [okay so I’m feeling a bit dramatic], piles of fabric, piles of paper, piles of scraps that need to be organized or compiled or filed.
As I snack on peanuts and Diet Coke [my standard Southwest food faire], my thoughts turn to blogging and as I work through the hundreds of emails that have piled up while I have been at Market, I wonder how I’m going to best describe the Quilt Market experience from my own personal perspective. Quilt Market can be seen through so many different peoples eyes. I am confident that Pam will show great shots of many different booths and other fun things that she did and experienced while there. I am sure that other pattern designers will show you their own booths & the the things that they were inspired by. I am sure that shop owners will post about the newest products and goodies that they discovered while walking the Market floor. For me, Market is a time to spend time with and connect with the people who make my work possible- the shop owners, the distributors, the book publishers, the magazines and ofcourse the other designers who inspire me and with whom I work across the industry and those more closely at MODA. For the next couple of days I thought I would share with you a few stories about some of the wonderful people that I get to work with. These folks will include other designers as well as publishers & other industry friends.

As many of you have probably already heard from Gina, MODA has invited 2 new inspirational talents to join the ranks of our design team, Mary Engelbreit and Joelle Hoverson. Market was a great opportunity to see their debut fabric lines, Friends & Flowers and Cake Rock Beach, and to spend some time getting to know these gals.
Mary EngelbreitMaryengelbreit_pic
doesn’t really need an introduction to most of us as she has been an inspiration and a mentor from afar for many years to many of us. She has been a talented illustrator since she was young and has been an inspiration and a mentor from far away of sorts for dozens of us designers who have looked to her suceesses for inspiration and for hope.0060081783_2
Her wonderful magazine, Home Companion, continues to inspire and awe us with every issue and her images never fail to make us smile and to remember our own childhood. It was great to meet Mary in person and get to chat with her a bit about her work. She is a gracious & down to earth lady who clearly loves her work. She still draws every design by hand even though she now has a small empire behind her to translate her work into various mediums. It was very nice to chat with her as she came by the booths of the other MODA designers & introduced herself, complimented our designs and confided that she doesn’t sew! Well, we immediately had many suggestions for her on how to start & hopefully as she continues to design fabric alongside us, we will somehow manage to transform her into a quilter :-)! When I have a few minutes I will post some pics of her debut line with MODA which centers around a charming littlre girl holding a huge daisy. She also has a few finished products with MODA HOME shown here. She spent some time signing these charming house pot holders for the store owners & it was fun to see her fans line up to get a chance to meet her in person. We wish her the greatest of successes in the quilting industry. What an inspiration & a great addition!

Another wonderful talent, even if perhaps a bit newer to the design world than Mary, is Joelle Holverson of PURL PATCHWORK fame. FabricShe is the owner, along with her sister Jennifer, of one of the countries most chic and fresh quilt shops! PURL PATCHWORK is located in Soho, right down the street from their sister store, PURL, which is a trendy knitting store. Read more about Joelle here or get one of her charming books.Images
Joelle is a soft spoken and immensely talented gal whose design background goes from Yale to Martha Stewart Living to the knitting industry and is now winding its way into the hearts of the younger quilting generation with her wonderful color sense & design aesthetic. Joelle’s debut line, Cake Rock Beach, is a set of botanical imprints on wonderful,


vibrant backgrounds grouped together with a collection of some wonderful small complimentary prints. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it and although it is completely different from my own design aesthetic, I like it! It is unique and different, which is sometimes difficult to do in an industry where many things are the same and knock offs are plentiful. Joelle made a few great bags as samples of her fabric & she even managed to finish a quilt with her strikeoffs. Unfortunately she shared with me that the quilt didn’t quite make it to Market due to some shipping “snafoos”. I’m sure she will show us a picture of it soon on her website or on the purl bee.

As soon as I get a chance to upload all of my images, I will show you some shots of our booth as well as share some more stories about some of the wonderful people I get to work with.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Pam | 31st Oct 07

    Can’t wait to hear and see what you have coming! Your booth was wonderful as usual, enjoyed seeing all your new projects!

    Of course you’re completely right, seeing all the people really is the best part of market!

  2. josie | 31st Oct 07

    It is great fun to see other designer’s work! Thank you!
    But I have to tell you, they just don’t measure up to Fig Tree! Your fabrics just continue to inspire me. And your patterns are the perfect vehicles to use your fabrics. I’ll look forward to seeing your future pictures of market. While I’m sure Mary Engelbreit’s fabrics will be whimsical and fun, I personally would rather work with your vintage looking fabrics. And while the “nature prints” you showed are interesting, they are not my personal cup o’ tea. Keep up the great work!

  3. Darlene | 31st Oct 07

    It’s nice to see that Moda has added new designers and they do have some fabulous fabric. I’m a Fig Tree Junkie so I’m waiting patiently for the new from you! 🙂

    I’m especially waiting for the new issue of Fresh Vintage as I love the pattern featured on the cover!

  4. Laura Gunn | 2nd Nov 07

    Hi Joanna,

    Just stopping by to check out your stuff. So sweet. Love the figs. Thanks for giving me a tour of ” The Mother Ship.” It was lovely to meet you!

  5. sheree | 3rd Nov 07

    I am looking forward to all your reports! And can’t wait to see images of your fabrics and designs!! Hope you are enjoying time back home with your family. 🙂

    I thought the same thing about Joelle’s collection–very unique and different–I personally really like!

  6. Bari | 4th Nov 07

    Oooh, I wish I could have been there! Next time, maybe I’ll do that instead of the LA textile market for buying. How wonderful to mix and mingle with such a talented bunch of ladies.

  7. | 6th Nov 07

    It was really nice to meet you at Market, our quilts are wonderful again, so is the new line of fabric. when I talked to you at market your husband mentioned that you might come out to the shop for a class. Can you email the details, I would love to see if I can make it work. Thanks Donna the calico horse.

  8. Lizzy | 7th Nov 07


    it was really nice to meet you at Market. I know you met lots of people, but I was the one with the bow in my hair. I really enjoy what you do.

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