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Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

Fig Tree’s Modern Building Blocks BOM

  I know we have yet to post booth pictures and finish up with our new patterns but this morning I wanted to share something new and exciting with you! … this is a picture of the original MODERN BUILDING BLOCKS KIT in the MODA booth. Quilted by the lovely Natalia Bonner and shown on her blog here. Stealing her photos shamelessly since ours didn't come out quite right.     During Market in Pittsburgh last week, MODA revealed one of their latest projects, the MODERN BUILDING BLOCKS KIT. It is an amazing quilt. Really. Created entirely out of MODA Bella Solids, the quilt is a wonderful assortment of various sizes [blocks range from 6" to 36"] and colors of blocks that make up an overall quilt that is a feast for the eyes. Since our booth was directly across from the quilt for 4 days…