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Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Wool Tutorial II

If you are interested in seeing how I prepared the fabric and cut out the wool, etc., go and take a look at the Wool Tutorial I HERE. Okay… so your layout is complete, your pieces are glued down and you are ready to stitch.   THREAD OR FLOSS CHOICE I use matching thread [or at least in the same color family if matching is not possible] but am starting to get more comfortable with floss and I love the detail it adds. … for this project, I am choosing to work with thread for the leaves because there is a lot of stitching and I don't want it to overwhelm the wool and as an accent, I am using coral floss for the blooms. Of course I choose to work with our Farmhouse Aurifil sets, either thread or floss [let us know if you are still wanting to…