2019 Wool BOM project is almost here!

We are so very excited about this year’s wool program.. we can hardly contain ourselves.
For the last 2 years, we have done a large wool quilt as our mystery wool project and it has been crazy crazy popular with our customers. We have really loved working on each one.
Why is it such a favorite you ask?
1- Because the colors of these wools are just too amazing… really… just look at them! Fig Tree colors at their best in the best wool on the market [made for us by Weeks Dye Works]!
2- Because wool is such a fabulous medium to work with if you want to try out a little appliqué… that is because it doesn’t have to be turned under at all. You cut out the shape and stitch it down.
 Its amazing and so very satisfying.
3- Texture, texture, texture! There is something about working with wool that is just a wonderfully different way to do some handwork in between all those machine pieced projects.
Well in addition to all of those reasons above, this year we decided to change it up a little bit and still do an annual subscription but instead of doing 1 large quilt project, we are doing (4) seasonal smaller projects with 4 different color palettes of wool on 4 different background fabrics, each one more luscious than the next!!
So if the large wool sampler quilt felt overwhelming in any way, this is your chance to make (4) smaller, much more “user-friendly” projects, all in one year and all the luscious wool of a large project. Its pretty much a total win-win!!
Oh my goodness these are going to be SO GOOD!
… spring project color palette that we will work on as the first project of the subscription.
We have just opened up an extra set of spots  but we will close them soon because the program begins at the end of this month!  We would absolutely love it if you would join us!
Want more info? Click HERE for all of the details and/or to sign up.
Talk to you soon,

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