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Daily Archives: June 19, 2020

Announcing… FIGS & SHIRTINGS

Hello Fig Tree Friends… I am so happy to share my newest upcoming fabric collection for MODA fabrics. Every once in awhile, there is a group that just captures my heart before I even see it in person for the first time… and this is one of those collections for me. Introducing FIGS & SHIRTINGS, due in stores in October 2020. You all probably know that I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage quilts that I find while rummaging through flea markets. On one recent expedition, I spied an antique 1930s quilt that called my name, and from that quilt, Figs & Shirtings was born! Get comfy, because this post is jam-packed with lots of eye candy and helpful preorder information! FIGS & SHIRTINGS There were so many perfect prints in that quilt that begged to be brought back to life after nearly 100 years…but…