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Daily Archives: March 26, 2021

Stitchery Sampler: Block #12

As announced before, please remember that this block has a correction. It is listed on our website HERE and we also talk about it on this week’s video. Welcome back to week 12 and to Block #12 THE STITCH BLOCK info for our STITCHERY SAMPLER SEW ALONG. If you need background information, please click HERE or HERE. BLOCK #12 INFO & VIDEO This block is our STITCH block, and in this week’s video, I talk about the various different sizes and widths you can make your “stitch” based on what you might like. Given that we had the correction on this one, we thought it was a good opportunity to talk about how the block changes with one simple change. Also come see how we made this one extra scrappy and fun! CLICK HERE for the VIDEO. Happy Sewing! Follow us on Instagram HERE…