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Daily Archives: June 29, 2021

Scrapbook of Quilts: Week #2

Welcome to the second official week of our SCRAPBOOK OF FRIENDS PILLOW ALONG and our first week of actual projects! Be sure to check out what my partner in crime, Carrie [HERE on Instagram] has to add to the festivities too. Carrie and I love working together and have really enjoyed collaborating on this book project over the last couple of years but we pretty much always do something a bit different so you will ALWAYS get two perspectives to everything if you follow along with us both! WELCOME SPECIAL GUESTS: KIMBERLY JOLLY AND GREG JONES AND SUSAN VAUGHAN We have a fun lineup of special guests who will join Carrie and I each week and we are really very excited to sew together each week… This week we have our friends Kimberly, Greg and Susan joining us. They are all sharing their pillow photos and info via their…