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Daily Archives: August 10, 2021

A Scrapbook of Quilts Sew Along: Final Week & Recap

Finger Update: Thanks for SO MANY of you who have messaged and emailed me about my finger mishap. Lets just say… I don’t talk and rotary cut anymore! It is not pretty but it is definitely healing okay. After a week of dressings and bandages, etc, we are finally starting to get something that looks like a scab! Who knew that I would be this excited for a scab! its all perspective, I guess, right? Anyway… enough about that! Thank you for the well wishes. Okay, now for the pillows. Get ready for some serious pillow photo overload! If you are looking for tips and our info on pillows and how we make them and finish them and embellishments, zippers, pillow forms, etc. Look here: Scrapbook of Quilts Pillow Along: Week 1: Set Up Week 2: Patriotic Week 3: Neutral Week 4: Two Color Week 5…