A bit more Market

A few more shots today. Too tired for much commentary. That post market exhaustion has officially hit me.



… new charm pack pillow pattern. I am in love with the look of my fabrics mixed with linen!





… my favorite corner of the booth, with the beautiful green fruit cart that MODA let me use for my booth. Just love it. Wouldn't mind it in the middle of my living room! How about it Lissa?




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  1. kathryn | 19th May 11

    Your booth is just wonderful – I want to live there! All the new quilts and fabric are just amazing, you’ve outdone yourself!!!

  2. Marcia Kosturock | 19th May 11

    That cart is really cute. I’m thinking.. find an old dresser at a yard sale.. add a box around the top.. paint the whole thing to match your decor. Now the fun part would be fill the whole top with fat quarters to look at every day.. (ahhh). The wheels that look like that might be a difficult find.. but you can keep your eyes out.. and some simple handles attached that look cute to they eye.. you could make something as spectacular. Because it was a dresser from a yard sale.. bonus drawers on the side 🙂

  3. Becky S | 19th May 11

    Beautiful booth!!! I LOVE everything.

  4. madebymum | 19th May 11

    your booth is gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind the fruit cart either.

  5. Emily Emmerling | 19th May 11

    I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Market, but from what I’ve been able to see from my computer, your booth is my absolute favorite of the bunch! It was just so light and casual and effortless (although I’m sure it took A LOT of work!). Simply beautiful!


  6. Andrea | 19th May 11

    Your booth looked utterly delicious. Excited to hear more about market!

  7. Lynette | 19th May 11

    How very, very pretty your booth turned out!!!! All kinds of quilts and pillows that scream “you HAVE to make me!” 🙂

  8. sherri | 19th May 11

    Oh, I keep meaning to ask you specifically what linen you used. It was beautiful!

  9. beritbunny | 19th May 11

    I know I’ve been enjoying various stitching linens piled atop my-to-be quilted Scrap Lab top this week! Thanks for powering through your exhaustion to get these pics up for us! 😀

  10. Debbie Hays | 19th May 11

    LOVE, love your booth! You deserve to be tired!! 😉 That had to have taken such a long time to put together. I’m sure that it was worth it in the end and I pray that you continue to get lots and lots of wonderful feedback from companies, customers and friends. Great job! Debbie

  11. Tammy W. | 19th May 11

    Your booth is beautiful! Just love love your fabric line! Cant wait to get my first Strawberry Fields BOTM!

  12. Miss Nancy | 19th May 11

    Love, Love your booth! It looked cozy, heartwarming, and like a day in the country. Thank you for sharing. I can understand how you feel the post market fatigue. I wish you the best. Your fabric line is gorgeous.

    Rest up and have a super great day.

  13. Lisa Hayden | 19th May 11

    I’m wondering where the pattern is of the grey and red appliqué quilt. I don’t see it in the patterns link. It’s beautiful.

  14. Sue | 19th May 11

    Wow-your booth is gorgeous! Oh the lucky people that actually got to see it. By the way, is the lovely fabric in the first photo your new line coming out this Fall? Gorgeous stuff.

  15. Dana Hines | 19th May 11

    Simply beautiful photographs of your booth. It would have been so much fun to be there, but the next best thing is to look at your pictures.

  16. Vicki | 19th May 11

    I too would have given you the Best in show ticket as your booth looked absolutely fabulous 🙂 I love your new range fabric with linen too. Gorgeous!!

  17. Jess | 19th May 11


  18. cheap mlb jerseys | 20th May 11

    I’m thinking.. find an old dresser at a yard sale.. add a box around the top.. paint the whole thing to match your decor. Now the fun part would be fill the whole top with fat quarters to look at every day.. (ahhh).

  19. Grammi C | 20th May 11

    The fabric is absolutely stunning and the display so tastefully done.

  20. Beth J Beal | 20th May 11

    Everything about those pictures just makes me feel good!

  21. Nicola | 20th May 11

    The linen does look fab with your prints. And I love that cooking-apple green: it seems to go with every fabric. Hmmmm….what can I paint?…x

  22. Lorraine isaac | 20th May 11

    Hi Your booth looks yummy!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait for the cushion pattern, so cute

  23. Sandy B. | 25th May 11

    I would have loved to come! And just sit in awe!
    Beautifully done!
    Sweeeeet colors!
    Just came upon your blog yesterday!
    Now I just have to get me some of your fabrics – to add to my stash…

  24. Sandy B. | 25th May 11

    By the way, do you have a pattern of that cute cape (with the hood) that that cute girl in your banner is wearing? I would love to make that.

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