And the Winners Are…..

I have to tell you that reading all of your wonderfully generous and kind comments was the highlight of my week before I left. I love to teach and to help spread a love of fabric, design and quilting, BUT I do not love to travel by myself without my husband or munchkins. So the week before I leave on a business trip, I always feel a bit anxious and not so excited. Once I get to my location, everything looks much better, but the process of going is certainly not my favorite. Mind you I am not complaining about this wonderful little adventure, but your gracious comments certainly lifted me during that week…. and reading them all again here from my sweet little room on the outskirts of Madrid city centre… well that was just icing on the cake of my week here! Thank you.
And for the winners…. I chose one comment from each day, randomly. I wish I had more items to give out and it is quite possible that when I return from my trip that I will be able to dig up at least two more jelly rolls but for right now I don’t want to promise more than I have back in the studio…
Shirley Ledoux November 20 9:35
Jane Peters November 21, 1:56
Catherine November 22, 6:53
Cheryl, MA November 23, 10:10

Please email me if you are one of the winners with your address and we will get your little goodies off to you next week after I return. I would have my husband send them to you this week… but I think maybe he has his hands a bit full this week with the three munchkins and running the entire business by him self while I galavant around Europs…. oh, that and his other job too :-)… I conveniently forget that he has another job most of the time LOL! Couldn’t do any of this without him. Thank you honey, I know you are reading this!!

Talk to you all the next time I get a good connection….Little_girl_xmas

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  1. Fig Tree Quilts Production Man | 28th Nov 07

    Thanks for the nice note wife! Congrats to all of you who won and we look forward to sending you your product when we hear from you.

  2. Laurie | 29th Nov 07

    Have a wonderful time, Joanna! You’ll be home with your loving family before you know it! 🙂 Have a wonderful time!

  3. Betsy Pratt | 29th Nov 07

    So glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time, and had some comfort from your fans! I can hardly wait to see pics from your trip. Have a safe journey home.

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