Somehow I thought I had shared this here with you last month… but it looks like perhaps I did not SOOOO… better late than never, right?! Honestly, I think its okay since the fabric won’t start to hit stores until August, 2024.

I am a denim kind of gal all the way and wear jeans pretty much every day of my life. Mixing the denim “vibe” into a collection has long been on my design wish list, and once I started mixing it up with my favorite orange and butterscotch colors, I knew I had discovered the perfect grouping of soft and strong.

There is something about the utility of denim and strong blues with the warm, home-y colors of tans, oranges, and butterscotch that makes it such a favorite combination for so many of us.

I envision using this collection for everyday decorating quilts and utility quilts to “use up”, as well as creating beautiful heirloom two-color quilts.

There are so many more elements to this collection [and you have already seen many of them since this is a tiny bit backwards :-)] and I cannot wait to see what you all create with this later this year.

I cannot wait to see what you create with DENIM & DAISIES….coming AUGUST 2024!


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  1. MaryJane Price | 26th Mar 24

    Oh my theses are just gorgeous! Thought I was going to put myself on a “fabric diet”, but theses are so tempting.

    • | 28th Mar 24

      Ha… diet schmiet 🙂

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