Another Chicken Dinner….

… You know what I mean! We have another winner or two tonite….



On 9/18 at 4:59, Loraine said:

"I love everything Fig Tree, and thank you for the chickens, they are so cute, I have been in hosp, for 10 days so missed part of the Country Fair blog hop, glad to see your projest here, thanks Lorraine Isaac"


And on 9/15 at 7:25  Laurel said:

"Wow there are over 1400 comments and crazy me I am still going to leave a comment! I am really into brown right now, but I do love green and blue as well. Your fabrics are delightful and I would love to be one of the lucky 4;)"

Send us an email ladies and we will get a box of Butterscotch & Rose scraps out to you both.



…brand new strikeoffs!

Did you even notice this little goodie hidden in the midst of all the COUNTRY FAIR goodness. It's a little bit of my new line coming up. More on that later!

And did you notice that we have a new blog header? Just in time for fall. It was my way of pretending that autumn is actually here and with us. Have I mentioned lately that fall is my absolute favorite time of the year? It is. Yes indeed.

Unfortunately it is unseasonably warm in these parts lately. Dear weather: I AM READY TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND SCARVES PLEASE!

Okay, I'm done now. BTW, for those of you "FAIR GOERS", keep on checking out those lovely posts!

Talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Miwako | 22nd Sep 11

    I love the cooler weather, but we can still use a few more warm and sunny days since I still see a lot of green tomatoes… I might have to just give up and eat them green (fried, of course)… BTW, as always has been, the fabric looks lovely. : )

  2. Margaret Witt | 22nd Sep 11

    Fall is officially here sometime today. So you are not rushing it..

  3. Rebecca S. | 22nd Sep 11

    Oh, I am in love with those stripes! Can’t wait to see how the whole line will look!

  4. Kathi Schaffer | 22nd Sep 11

    Love the new header – just perfect for getting into the mood for fall!

  5. Brenda Sanders | 22nd Sep 11

    Love the fabric. I see the need for a FQ bundle in my future!

  6. WendyB | 22nd Sep 11

    whilst you’re heading into the cooler weather, we’re starting to feel the warm……spring just wasn’t long enough!!!! Love the new fabric line (or the sneaky peeks of it!) and the header is fab! :O)

  7. Shannon Arsenault | 22nd Sep 11

    Love the new autumn look on your blog. AND what a cute, cute pin cushion!!

  8. Carrie P. | 22nd Sep 11

    your header is great.
    congrats to the winners.

  9. Diane Ericson | 22nd Sep 11

    Can’t wait for your new collection. I love the blues with the corals!! The flowers look so fun. Just when I think you have really gone over the top, you come out with another fabulous line.
    Diane E.

  10. Jocelyn | 22nd Sep 11

    I love your new header. We live in FL, so we have to bring Fall indoors 🙂

  11. Gale, Ky quilter | 22nd Sep 11

    I am so ready for fall, too! My most fav time of the year. Congrats to those lucky ladies! I love scraps and consider them some of my best fabric because I need to be so creative to preserve them!

    Happy Stitching!!!


  12. Sherry Massey | 22nd Sep 11

    Your blog is eye candy. Soothing colors, cheerful and definitely “fallish”.

  13. Diana | 22nd Sep 11

    Love the blue and the stripes in this one. Can’t wait for it to arrive in stores! Happy Fall to you

  14. Susan Anderson Lambrix | 22nd Sep 11

    I am so excited I found this site! The fabric is soooooo beautiful!

  15. VickiT | 22nd Sep 11

    I love Fall myself because it means trips to the apple orchard and the cooler weather. BUT I hate it too at the same time because it means that nasty white stuff is just around the corner. Me and snow do not get along. I DO NOT like winter at all although I suppose if I was one of those who love to ski I’d have a different view.
    But if Fall means new gorgeous fabrics like those above then yea, I’ll take it. 🙂 LOVE the sneak peek and I really like the striped fabric from this new line that’s coming. Very pretty.

  16. Peg | 22nd Sep 11

    the new header is beautiful! I love the ‘pears’ especially 🙂 The sneak peak of the fabric is very tempting; maybe if I can find some I would get my ‘quilting mojo’ back. Those fabrics should help anyone get out of a funk!

  17. Peg | 22nd Sep 11

    PS: I am hoping we will still get some beautiful fall days; it is a bit early to have to wear the ‘woolies’ 🙂

  18. Marianne | 22nd Sep 11

    I DID notice the new header and the cute little model! I love autumn also!

  19. Ree | 22nd Sep 11

    OMG! Beautiful fabric!

  20. Pat S. | 22nd Sep 11

    LOVE.all of your lines, they make me so happy!!!!! The pincushion is way too cute as is your daughter in the poncho.My apple tree is almost ready so it must be autumn. YAY!! Did you notice the cute chicken coop in Better Homes and Gardens? It is on their website. Thanks for all your wonderful patterns and fabric lines.

  21. Heidi S | 22nd Sep 11

    Congrats to today’s winners! Fall seemed to have arrived here last week but the last two days have been warm again. I’m very ready for cooler but sunny days. The new line looks amazing and I love the colors. Your new header is so pretty. I noticed it right away. 🙂

  22. deb | 22nd Sep 11

    Congrats to the winners. Love the one that said she was going to post anyways..LOL you can`t win if you don`t play…LOL
    Joanna..happy first day of fall which is today! I know that I always look forward to this time of year. I love your line of fabric it is just gorgeous will be staying tuned for the next post.

  23. Elnora | 22nd Sep 11

    Love your new fabric line, Joanna! And the new blog look!

  24. Greg | 22nd Sep 11

    Wow, stripes! I can’t wait to see the whole new collection.

  25. Beth T. | 22nd Sep 11

    Is it just me, or is that blue brighter than usual? I like it!

  26. Tammy Edwards | 22nd Sep 11

    I love the fall as well. I love all the beautiful colors of Fall and the cool crispness in the air, put a bright blue sky as a back ground and you have perfection! Love how you Autumnized your blog header. I ordered that adorable little pincushion kit and some other goodies… should be here any day :0) I sure noticed the new fabric collection, LOVE IT! I love everything Fig Tree, makes me happy just looking at it…Thanks and have a great day :0)

  27. Cheryl | 22nd Sep 11

    I did notice the header, as a matter of fact for a second I had to look at where I clicked!! LOL But of course I’d know those fabrics and that adorable little face anywhere.
    Love the strikeoffs I know I’m not using the right word, (so if anyone can help me out here), but do those colors look a little more “pure”, not as soft and subdued as most of your lines. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE it. Perfect name “California Girl” how sweet. The stripes are awesome…gosh I can’t wait to see the whole line. Hurry, hurry, hurry and do share, we’re all waiting with baited breath!!! LOL
    OH, CONGRATS to the winners! Have fun with your scraps.

  28. Jess | 22nd Sep 11

    Love the new blog header!!

  29. Joanna | 23rd Sep 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Peg submitted a comment on Another Chicken Dinner….

    Hopefully my fabrics could help you get your quilting MOJO back. We all need some of that!


  30. Joanna | 23rd Sep 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Beth T. submitted a comment on Another Chicken Dinner….

    In fact it is brighter than usual. In fact it is a whole different kind of blue. Stay tuned for more soon!


  31. Simone | 24th Sep 11

    Love the sneak peaks! AND anxiously awaiting my fq bundle of Butterscotch and Roses that I preordered at my local quilt shop. Then to decide what to actually do with it…

  32. Lorraine isaac | 25th Sep 11

    I love your new header, and I love fall as well, just the cool feel of the air and the fresh smell in the air, and my birds ae back to the feeders

  33. Izzy | 26th Sep 11

    ooops my addy

  34. Izzy | 26th Sep 11

    Ok I left you a long post and I think it disappeared, it was about the Cote D’Azur colors of Picassos Am picture the blues and oranges remind me of yours!!!

  35. Vytorus | 27th Sep 11

    My sister and I eat, sleep, and drink all of your fabric lines. I live in Central Oregon and she is in Northern California. We text, email, and call each other off and on all day talking about quilting. We have bought every line of fabric that you have made. Thanks so much for your beautiful color lines, we can’t wait for the next one!

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