From the Fig & the Pear: Practical Quilty Organization Tips – BLOCK-OF-THE-MONTH (BOM) SWATCH PAGES

If you have been part of any of our Fig Tree BLOCK-OF-THE-MONTH (BOM) programs, you are likely familiar with our SWATCH PAGES as a way to stay organized from month-to-month. Over the years we have found that organizing yourself upfront and early is not just a “good idea” but a “must do” for BOM success.

As someone who is not naturally organized, I have, of course, learned this the hard way so I hope you believe me when I tell you… these SWATCH PAGES are a simple and quick way to create a system for yourself that will make any BOM so much easier to navigate as the months go on.


If you are working through a Fig Tree BOM program, every month you receive a packet of fabric, along with the pattern sheets for that month’s block assignment(s). I know that every BOM program is done differently, but in our programs, the fabric you receive that month is more than you need for those blocks, and you are meant to SAVE ALL YOUR PIECES for future blocks. As more block directions come, you will find that you will need to use a lot of the bigger strips and pieces from the fabrics that you received in past months. Basically, it is a cumulative program – not one where you get only exactly what you need each month.

Even if you are working with a program that is organizing differently, a SWATCH PAGE might come in handy if you decide that you want to substitute something or get some more of something.

This would be the same basic set up if you were organizing yourself to do a BOM on your own or with your quilty besties and pulling from your stash or choosing a certain BOM pattern and changing up the color scheme on your own. Any time there might be confusion, or you might not remember in Month #6 what “tan with dots” was in Month #1, these SWATCH PAGES will come in handy!


We have found that it is very helpful to take a little piece from one of the leftovers of the first strips you cut and taping it into your SWATCH PAGE sheet. Label the swatch with the name of the fabric. On the sheet, there is room for (4) fabrics a month so on the months that you receive more than (4), make smaller swatches and add your last swatch on the side, or maybe on the back of the sheet. Later on, whenever you are not sure what something is, refer to your SWATCH PAGE sheet for reference!

CLICK HERE for a downloadable SWATCH PAGE to use for any of your BOM programs – or tailor it to any quilting project you are working on!

Happy sewing!


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      You’re welcome! Happy sewing!

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