Back in Time

Okay for the first of my BACK IN TIME posts…

The Bridges of Pittsburgh fascinated me while we were there at Quilt Market. Every color, every size, every style… just beautiful. In fact Pittsburgh was enchanting all around. Despite what most folks think of when they imagine Pittsburgh, the city is full of culture, shopping areas, beautiful architecture and an amazing amount of rivers and bridges…. In fact the only other city in the world that reportedly has more bridge per size of city is Venice!  Pittsburgh boasts 446 bridges, can you imagine that?!





And that was the outside of the city… 

On the inside of Quilt Market there were of course even more beautiful things to look at. You have already had a chance to see all of the fabulous MODA designers here, and more fun designers here, and way more all around the web.

I didn't get a chance to get out from the MODA hub much. But I did walk about 1/2 the floor on Sunday afternoon and here are just a few beautiful things that I saw…

Ranging from the most TRADITIONAL:

Minick & Simpson beauties…


3 Sisters does it again with Aster Manor….


To the NEW & UNIQUE:

Galloping Pony Studio. Their minimalist, neutral style caught a lot of attention. Always nice to see something completely different from everything else.


I know you can't tell here, but each of these little miniatures isn't more than an inch or two across, just tiny.


To the most colorful. You know me I am always attracted to beautiful color…

Renaissance Ribbons has the most gorgeous colors and patterns of ribbons. It almost makes me want to do something with ribbons!

And no Quilt Market would be complete without the requisite shots of Amy's booth.




Lecien fabric booth


Hey look at that, we are slowly catching up a bit in my post "qeue".

And last but not least, a few of my friends have been having a whole lot of fun with a certain silly pic of me from Market. 

They keep finding a resemblance between the shot and this beauty…. Personally I don't see it but like I have told them, I will take that comparison  ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Jocelyn | 5th Jun 09

    LOLOLOL! Forreals
    You & your photos are gorgeous…love the “Lissa” stitched in the Aster Manor quilt 🙂

  2. Stephanie | 5th Jun 09

    Your Pittsburgh photos are gorgeous! Oh ribbons. I love trims. I think someone was having lots of fun in their party “hat”. :o)

  3. Sinta | 5th Jun 09

    Great photography Joanna! I do love the lampshade photo, it captures you perfectly!

  4. Magnolia Bay Quilts | 5th Jun 09

    Interesting scenery and great photography. Is there no end to your talent? All the booths look lovely. And that really is a cute photo of you modeling! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Jean | 5th Jun 09

    Oh, what fun you all had at market!!! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear all the squealing with delight at all the beautiful fabrics and patterns. Georgeous pictures!

  6. jung-hyun | 6th Jun 09

    Your photo is great!
    I want to learn your color works.
    For a long time I have seen your fabrics, quilt works.
    Your color is warm-hearted.

    Please forgive my poor English…I’m from Korea.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. sherri | 6th Jun 09

    Love the Pittsburgh photos…of the city and the booths…and yes, I love the lampshade photo as well!

  8. Dawn | 6th Jun 09

    Fantastic photos!! Thanks for sharing! The lampshade photo is hiliarous!

  9. jaybird | 7th Jun 09

    i love the picture of you with the lamp… i mean hat… ! ha!

  10. SuzK | 8th Jun 09

    I think the resemblance to Audrey is remarkable! I loved your booth and was pleased to have a chance to speak with you for a moment. I’m also excited I managed to get a fat quarter pack of your new fabric – I totally love it!

  11. lilyhaven | 18th Jun 09

    Great photos. I’m fascinated by that trolley going up the mountain. It looks like it has a beautiful view.

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