Joyeux Noel & a Snowflake

Have you all had enough of Paris? You know I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the 353 photos I took while there….

I thought I’d interject a little quilt shot of one of our best selling Christmas quilts, Yuletide Snowflake. It is a traditional Bethlehem or Lone Star made in warm Christmas colors and with the added applique you can turn it into a grandiose snowflake!
Now let me just tell you something about this quilt… ready for it…. ready for it…. this quilt has no templates, no special rulers, no insets seams and basically anyone can make this type of star! How this is possible is that if you use a jelly roll and cut your strips on the angles indicated in the pattern, you can make super easy diamond strips. When you position the same colors in the same spots, you make that fabulous lone star pattern. To top it all off, I figured out a way to add in all of the background pieces without making a single inset or “y” seam…. can you believe it? Now there is absolutely no reason why everyone can’t make a bethlehem star pattern such as this one even in time for Christmas. Although you might want to make a bit smaller than this giant one, but any size is beautiful!



Hope your holiday preparations are going well.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Linda | 15th Dec 07

    The quilt is beautiful … intriguing me enough to give it a try. Just out of curiousity, your Christmas colors look more muted than the traditional ones. What line of your fabric did you use? Is that a true white muslin in the star and applique or another color? LOVE your blog ~ check it each morning w/ my tea 😉 Linda

  2. Camille | 15th Dec 07

    It really is beautiful! So beautiful that I pulled out my pattern and Yuletide Blessing stash. I will probably size it down like you suggested, mainly because I don’t know where I am going to find any more of the neutral background print! I am kicking myself for not starting this earlier! Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you and your family!

  3. mar | 15th Dec 07

    I love this quilt, can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up the pattern, but now I will look at it more closely, didn’t realize you simplified the pattern!!

  4. Sandi Henderson | 15th Dec 07

    You know, I just had a thought. Your family is going to rip each other apart fighting for your quilts years from now. 😉

    That was meant in a non-morbid happy compliment type of way LOL.


  5. joanna | 15th Dec 07

    The fabrics in this quilt are all from my last Christmas collection, called A Yuletide Blessing. The white is actually a cream that can be the solid from any of my fabric collections or the Fig Tree Cream from MODA Bella Solids.
    I’m so glad that you check in with us regularly… over a morning cup of tea really sounds like the way I would choose for everyone to come and see us!

  6. Shirley LeDoux | 15th Dec 07

    I have had the pleasure of seeing this quilt in person at PIQF. It is really beautiful. I have the pattern and now you have inspired me to buy the Yuletide Blessing jelly roll and to just do it!

    I’m loving all of your pictures and thoughts of Paris. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Pam | 18th Dec 07

    I just love this quilt. Everyone talks about having the pattern…where would I buy it? Is it a fig tree pattern? I would love to make this quilt and if there is a new and better way I would take it on in a heart beat.

  8. Pam | 18th Dec 07

    Everyone talks about having this pattern…where would I buy this pattern? Is it a Fig Tree pattern? I have always wanted to make this quilt but have been intimidated by all the seams. I sounds like there is a much better way to achieve the wonderful look of this quilt. Help!!!

  9. joanna | 18th Dec 07

    Yes, this is a Fig Tree pattern and you can buy it at many local quilt shops as well as our website
    It is called Yuletide Snowflake.

    thanks for your interest.

  10. Mary Anne Drury | 19th Dec 07

    That is one GORGEOUS quilt!!! I really, really want to make it now that I’ve seen your version!

    ….and let’s just not discuss Xmas preparations ….. I’m in dire need of an army of elves to help me !!

  11. Betsy Pratt | 19th Dec 07

    I have definitely *not* gotten tired of hearing about Paris. I’ve wanted to visit since I was in Junior High and took my first year of French! The pics are great, as is the quilt. Gorgeous fabric selection.
    P.S. I had a good mail day today – 4 charm packs of Dandelion Girl – yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. redgeraniumcottage | 28th Dec 07

    Joanna that quilt is beautiful!!

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