We just can’t quite QUIT with the fruit creations over here! This time, as a special treat for my applique lovers, we are recoloring the BOUNTIFUL pattern with FRUIT COCKTAIL and adding some decor to a few flour sack towels! We just got a new shipment in for the shop and we’ve been itching to play with them!

Now…is it realistic for a cherry, lemon, orange, and a few sweet blueberries to grow together on a single branch? Well…no…but it’s SO CUTE! 🙂

If you’d like to make our BOUNTIFUL fruit version, the supplies listed below will help get you started!

Supplies needed:

  • BOUNTIFUL pattern – available in both PAPER and PDF
  • FlourSack towels
  • FRUIT COCKTAIL fabric scraps
  • Can of spray starch
  • Small craft brush
  • Freezer paper
  • Thin permanent marker
  • Paper scissors [THESE are my favorite due to the micro-serrated blade]
  • Straw #10 or #11 needles
  • Complimentary threads to your project [I have switched over almost exclusively to Aurifil in a matching color]
  • Most importantly, a travel iron with a good tip

Optional supplies:

  • Stiletto or other sharp pointed object such as a good seam ripper
  • Roxanne’s Glue Baste It [this is a MUST-HAVE for me, but you can also use pins]
  • Needle threader

The full STARCH METHOD OF APPLIQUE blog tutorial can be found HERE – so I won’t repeat it all here again, but know that this is about the only way I will do applique of any sort! Projects like this are perfect for trying out applique [without a big commitment], so give it a try. You might just surprise yourself!



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  1. Sharon Colburn | 10th Jun 23

    I’m not a big fan of applique but this article has been intrigued. Perhaps………

  2. Julie | 10th Jun 23

    Just love the Fruit Cocktail fabric on the white towel. Beautiful appliqué.

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