Classic Yuletide BOM Updates…

We are well under way on our latest Block-of-the-Month program and have just sent out Month 4 last week so hopefully all of you have received it by now. We are really enjoying the various combinations of red, green and cream that we are getting to play with and hope that you are too!

We are tracking many of you via your emails and photos and your Instagram posts and it looks like many of you are keeping on track and current! I am so proud of you! This program is only two 16" blocks each month so it is totally "keepupable". I think that should be word, don't you?

Here are some photos of the each month's blocks so far…





… this photo shamelessly borrowed from Greg at greydogwoodstudio on Instagram because our second block for that first month seems to be MIA at the time of these photos. I guess it is time to clean up the studio again!






Many of you have asked for some of the official block names for some of these and I don't know much about them. If you have info or the traditional name for any of these, please feel free to share with all of us.

Month #1: Carolina Lily variation and unknown

Month #2: Feathered Star variation and unknown 

Month #3: Nine-Patch patchwork [a variation of a "Double Nine-Patch"] and Goose-in-the-Pond

Month #4: Carolina Lily variation [closest I could find were "Mariposa" or "Snow Drop" and unknown

Since its a great time for Christmas in July, I thought we would add in a Christmas bundle to the shop in case any of you want to get a start on a Christmas project of your own.


Click HERE for bundle info.

Talk soon. More vacation photos coming next.

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  1. Caro | 9th Jul 15

    I believe Greg’s web address is incorrect. I think it is

  2. Joanna | 9th Jul 15

    Actually I was referring to his Instagram account but I still got the main name wrong. I edited it. Thanks!

  3. Robin | 10th Jul 15

    This is such a fun BOM! Love getting the fabric packs each month and the surprise blocks that await!

  4. Joan | 10th Jul 15

    So pretty!!!

  5. greg | 10th Jul 15

    Thanks, Joanna! I thought that photo looked familiar! I’m falling behind and I need to get caught up, pronto!

  6. LINDA | 10th Jul 15

    love those blocks and fabrics and is it too late for me to join in???

  7. pat chlebowski | 10th Jul 15

    I missed the sign up for your christmas b.o.m. do you think you’ll have kits after its finished. It’s been couple of months ago.

    Thanks pat

  8. Jayne Zabala | 10th Jul 15

    I would like to sign up for this BOM if you offer it again!

  9. Pam Phipps | 10th Jul 15

    Can I get the instructions that were sent with the BOM? My goat ate mine. True story.

  10. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    So glad you are enjoying it! We are having a lot of fun on this side too!


  11. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    You’re not that far behind… just one month right? I almost borrowed your other photos too LOL!!

  12. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    It is unfortunately too late because we have run out of fabric. So sorry!

  13. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    Unfortunately we are all out of fabric for the BOM so I don’t thin we will have any leftover bundles. So sorry,


  14. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    Unfortunately we are all out of fabric for the BOM so I don’t think we will be able to offer it again unless we completely change the fabrics. If we can, we will!


  15. Joanna | 10th Jul 15

    There have been 4 months so far. Please tell us which month you are missing and we can send you a pdf copy. Hope the goat enjoyed his lunch!

  16. Ruth | 12th Jul 15

    When can we expect the feedsack tote pattern to be for sale?

  17. Sherry Rosczyniala | 13th Jul 15

    I would like to follow along with your BOM and I would just like the pdf’s only as I have some Christmas fabric stash I’ve been looking to use. Will this be possible to get, I realize I have some catching up to do but the blocks I’ve seen so far are fabulous! I follow you on bloglovin.

  18. Joanna | 13th Jul 15

    Unfortunately the program is closed as we are out of the needed fabric. We do not do BOMs without the fabric or as PDFs.
    Thanks so much for following along!

  19. gailss1 | 14th Jul 15

    Some really nice blocks and am so sorry I missed this BOM. Next time I am jumping on right quick. Love seeing all the different blocks….thanks.

  20. Arden | 14th Jul 15

    I also would love to see the patterns used in another fashion: either as a pattern or another BOM. I LUV the blocks and the size of them!

  21. Joanna | 15th Jul 15

    Working on it as we speak. I will keep everyone updated through our newsletter!

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