Color Choices for the CROCHET SEW ALONG

As you decide your color palette for a scrappy quilt like this one, there are definitely a few things that you should keep in mind.

… the beginnings of a Fig Tree Rainbow bundle
  1. VARIETY OF SCALE: For most of us, we are usually drawn to one type of print. Either we are large floral lovers, or tiny geometric lovers, or stripe lovers but whatever it is, we tend toward making the same kinds of choices in fabric because we are drawn to the same kinds of prints even if in a variety of colors. For a truly successful scrappy quilt, a variety of scale is important. So as you look at your “fabric pull” for this CROCHET quilt, take a look to see if you have the following: large florals, small geometrics, small multi color prints, dots, ginghams or checks, medium size prints. If you find that you are completely missing one category or another, I might suggest that you make a few changes.
  2. VARIETY OF COLOR: For something like this pattern, a whole variety of color will be important. When we first started talking about this project, I called it the FIG TREE RAINBOW, starting with cream, yellow, orange, peach, coral, red, green, aqua, light blue, royal blue… even perhaps a pink,lavender or soft brown thrown in. If you are not working with Fig Tree fabrics, that is absolutely fine too… work within that palette to find a large variety of colors. The palette can be darker or brighter, it can be more primitive or totally modern… your creativity is your limit! The reason that the variety of color is important in a project like this one, is that each block will have 4 different colors in it. And the more colors you have, the more each block will look unique and like its own little work of art. If you only have 4 or 5 colors, then your quilt will still look lovely, there just won’t be much variation from one block to the next.
  3. BACKGROUND FABRIC: I know that a lot of you are not sure if you want to do the black background, the ivory background, or perhaps even another color altogether. I keep thinking about how amazing this project would look on our favorite warm yellow or green solid! Kind of makes me want to start another one! The black is definitely the classic granny afghan square feel and the inspiration behind this quilt pattern. However the ivory background would also make a lighter, fresher version of this quilt, perfect for the summer months. Another color might also be a great choice… a soft grey, or a yellow or green like I mentioned before would make a fabulous summertime project that I am kind of wanting to make now the more I talk about it! So regardless of which choice you make, I think you will be fine. But here is the thing you need to be aware of… be sure you take your background color into consideration when making your final fabric selections. If you are using a black background, I would most definitely suggest using a few cream floral fabrics sprinkled throughout… the cream floral prints will add a fabulous sparkle against the black. Stay away from dark blues and browns as they will either disappear against the black or class with it. However if you are using an ivory background, I would stay away from any cream based prints as they will disappear against your background and you will lose the feel of the “rounds” as they go around each block. In this case I might suggest a few stronger, darker colors like royal or navy blue, darker grey, soft browns & taupes, plums… basically feel free to add in some of those “grounding colors” that I love. If you are going to opt for a color background, such as yellow or green… in that case I would minimize that same color in your blocks. You don’t have to eliminate it but I would just have it be here and there and NEVER ON AN OUTSIDE ROUND of your block so that it does not disappear into that same color background
… my fabric pull for our version of the black background version.

Once you have made your choices [even if they don’t end up being your final ones]… be sure to add them to our hashtag on INSTAGRAM #crochetsewalong so that you are counted for the prize for this first step. Don’t worry you still have a lot of time for this step as I am giving ourselves 2 weeks to get started everything together!

… too many prints of any given color here for this specific project but a good example of a variety of scale and color

PRIZE FOR THIS FIRST STEP OF THE SEW ALONG: A $50 gift certificate to shop at the FAT QUARTER SHOP! You can spend that on anything!! Woohoo! All you have to do to be entered for the drawing for that prize is show us your fabric pull on the hashtag on INSTAGRAM by the deadline [see post before this for the schedule].

If you are still shopping for fabrics… no worries, you have plenty of time… here are 2 links for you. We have some limited fabric bundles for you HERE and Kimberly has a lot of Fig Tree fabrics and of course millions of other fabrics for you too HERE.

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