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Color Choices for the CROCHET SEW ALONG

As you decide your color palette for a scrappy quilt like this one, there are definitely a few things that you should keep in mind. VARIETY OF SCALE: For most of us, we are usually drawn to one type of print. Either we are large floral lovers, or tiny geometric lovers, or stripe lovers but whatever it is, we tend toward making the same kinds of choices in fabric because we are drawn to the same kinds of prints even if in a variety of colors. For a truly successful scrappy quilt, a variety of scale is important. So as you look at your “fabric pull” for this CROCHET quilt, take a look to see if you have the following: large florals, small geometrics, small multi color prints, dots, ginghams or checks, medium size prints. If you find that you are completely missing one category or another, I…