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I am just back from a late night flight from Chicago where I was priviledged to be a part of something really inspiring, the Country Living Women’s Entrepreneur’s Event. I just have to share with you that there is something electric about having 600 women entrepreneurs in one ballroom together at the same time! There is something so powerful about that much creative, female drive and energy. I don’t know how else to describe it but AMAZING!

Our main speaker was Anna Griffin, a designer who is now licensed in 26 different mediums including our personal favorite, fabric, scrapbooking papers, stationary, home office, gift items, Lenox china and more. She shared with us wonderful stories of how she started out, challenges and sacrifices she has had to make along the way and insights that she has learned along her journey. She was genuine and real, in fact nervous to talk in front of all of us, which only made her that much more accessible. Other panelists included many women with a variety of inspiring stories of their own, you can go see all of them here…
I was particularly inspired by the work of a few of the women, Mia Galeson of eeboo, Whitney English and Polly Wilson of Barn Dandy’s. Here are a few shots of some of their wonderful products…




On a more personal note, I had the fortuitous opportunity to hook up with and get to know a group of wonderful women on a more personal level. We enjoyed lunch, shopping, chocolate and a lot of industry talk- what more could a gal ask for! Thank you ladies for a wonderful day that was equally as inspiring as the previous day full of speakers. I found all of your honesty and openness a wonderful treat and a gift for me. I think as designers we often live a pretty solitary life in our studios, surrounded by our art which does speak to us but not quite in the same human way as the company of other creative women,
Heather Jennifer, Paula Bari and Anita.

A special thank you to Heather [we of course all know this wonderful designer from her charming and beautiful blog ] and Paula & Jennifer [talented stationary & gift designers with a wonderful design aesthetic of their own] for sharing yourselves, your insights and your advice. I was really blessed by each of you, your work and your businesses.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Sandi Henderson | 17th Mar 08

    Oh I am just suffering from that deep feeling
    that I missed out on something really fun!

    I’ll see you soon my friend!

  2. Miss Jean | 17th Mar 08

    What a wonderful opportunity for you, Joanna. One of my regrets is that I’m not an artist. I would love to be able to draw and create my own designs. Maybe one of these days… In the meantime I have so many wonderful artists to choose from.

  3. Flatlander | 18th Mar 08

    Good for you!! I have been at similar gatherings where the energy gives you such a sense of empowerment that you almost float for days afterwards. Glad you were able to get away and participate in this. Also glad you’re back and sharing with us!

  4. Jess | 18th Mar 08

    I love Anna Griffin stuff. One of my favorite paper designers by far. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. It sounds like it was a brilliant opportunity.

  5. Lisa | 19th Mar 08

    This was a wonderful event and great to be surrounded by so many creative women with so much drive and talent.

    It was really inspiring.

    These are nice pictures of some of the adorable products some of these ladies produce.

  6. Gabriela Delworth | 21st Mar 08

    Hello from Toronto,

    Happy Easter!
    Love your desings and your blog! Great talent!

    Warm regards,


  7. Tammy | 24th Mar 08

    What a wonderfully inspiring experience! Lucky, lucky you! Thanks so much for sharing it with us…cheers…tammy

  8. Ina | 24th Mar 08

    Joanna, when is Dandelion Girls going to arrive? I’ve called Thimble Creek and they have no information. They even said it must be sometime in April since March is almost over. 🙁

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