Croissants, Tapas and Jelly Roll Giveaways!

I think one of my friends said it best recently when she described my life as “going from one frying pan into another”! Usually the few weeks after Market are all about recooperation and shipping out orders. Well, somehow this year that just hasn’t happened so much. In addition to the thousands of patterns we have shipped out in the last few weeks, I have finished up the designs & colors for the next fabric line [to show at Spring Market in Portland] and sent them on to my Design Director, organized the sewing of 2 quilts for American Patchwork & Quiting [more to come on that topic soon], finished several other online projects and have now finally started preparing for my upcoming trip to Madrid, Spain and Paris, France.

As it draws closer, I’m actually starting to get a little bit excited about the trip. First MODA is sending me along with another designer to Madrid to do some workshops for one of their European distributors. I am really honored to have been asked and I will be focusing my teaching on how to use Jelly Rolls & Charm Packs in the European Market. Hopefully I will have something useful to offer them. The most interesting thing about that trip is that I opened my big mouth somewhere in the process and volunteered the fact that I am mostly fluent in Spanish… so now I will be teaching my workshops in Spanish LOL! Since then I have been frantically trying to memorize quilting & sewing terms since those are not really a part of my regular day to day Spanish vocabulary!

After Madrid, I am gong to Paris for 3 whole days… by myself… to do what I want to do… with no agenda… to walk andEiffel_tower_at_night_2
look and play… and eat, oohh how I can’t wait to eat… while I look some more…. I can’t even think of the last time I have had an opportunity like this one. I know once I am there I will miss my munchkins and Eric deeply but right now it all sounds a bit heavenly…
I have been scouring Paris guidebooks and getting tidbits of information here and there about what shop to visit here and what flea market notBistrosofpaisjpg_2
to miss and what little cafe has the best cafe ole. Most importantly I am gathering tidbits of information about fabric- beautiful,vintage,French fabric… entire shops of it… Markets… little nooks and crannies. My friend has even given me the name of a few shops that carry some of my lines so I will have to at least stop in there just to say that I saw my fabric in Paris… I can’t even imagine such a treat! So if any of you have any tips or little hidden away gems to share… I would love and cherish your tips… And I have to warn you now, I am taking 3 huge photo cards with me and my snazzy brand new SLR camera and plan on taking enough pictures to blog with for a year. You all are going to be so sick of my Paris stories….

In honor of my unpcoming trip and the box that arrived on my doorstep today, I thought I would have a wonderful little Jelly Roll Giveaway today. The last one I did was so much fun that I thought I would spread some of this happy anticipation with some Jelly Roll love!! I am giving away a Shangri La Jelly Roll by 3 Sisters, an Allspice Tapestry Jelly Roll by yours truly and the newest Urban Indigo Jelly Roll by yours truly as well. So start those Allspicetapestryjelly300_2
comments coming and let me know which of our lines has been your favorite–I think there are 9 to choose from– we’ll call it an informal survery LOL! I will draw threee names on Friday night after we are all full of Thanksgiving Turkey!


talk to you soon.

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  1. tracey petersen | 20th Nov 07

    Wow. What a fantastic trip you’ll have. I am in the middle of making a quilt using an allspice tapestry jellyroll and charm pack. I should send you a photo when I am finished!!

  2. Letty | 20th Nov 07

    WOW what a great contest!!! I love the Shangri La Jelly Roll by 3 Sisters most !!

  3. Hedgehog | 20th Nov 07

    I like the Folklorique best. Have a super trip!

  4. kylie | 20th Nov 07

    My favorite would have to be shangrila, its devine. Looking forward to some great pics from your trip.

  5. deb | 20th Nov 07

    I like the alspice tapestry. I made a table runner from the charm pack, and the fabrics are just so soft and pretty.
    I want to try the Urban Indigo line next.
    Have a great time in Paris.

  6. Dannielle | 20th Nov 07

    Gosh, that’s a hard one. I really like them all! 🙂

    If I had to pick I’d say Allspice Tapestry. Although I recently made a little tabletopper quilt with Yuletide Blessing and I adore it. So that’s a close second. All the rest are a close third.

  7. Elaine | 20th Nov 07

    I love the folklorique line best. I am currently making a scrap quilt using a Shangri la charm pack among others

  8. Bloom | 20th Nov 07

    Oh, this is too hard! I think Allspice Tapestry is just gorgeous, but then I love the soft blues of Urban Indigo. And Buttercream & Figs was a particular favourite, in fact so was A Day in the Country!! Are you picking up on the fact I’m a bit of a fan? Please put me in the draw if postage to Australia isn’t too prohibitive. Have a fantastic time in Paris. Bon voyage!

  9. Covered Porches | 20th Nov 07

    Allspice Tapestry, without a doubt, is my favorite because it reminds me of my grandmother… she would have love these fabrics. She had such an appreciation for quilt fabrics. The colors are just “her”….I think that one of the ‘perks’ of quilts is the memories that we can attach to every piece.

  10. Mika | 20th Nov 07

    I am so totally jealous of your trip! Two amazing places in such a short period of time-have a great time! I made an awesome apron with the charm pack I won last time you had a giveaway so I absolutely have to enter again. Your fabrics are just gorgeous! Good luck hun!

  11. dee | 20th Nov 07

    I’ve made some doll quilts using Allspice Jelly Roll and a wall hanging using Shangri la. Soooo beautiful. I love these lines. Everyone who sees the fabric just loves it as well.
    Hope your trip is as superfantastic as it sounds.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Cindy Lammon | 20th Nov 07

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite!! But I got to see Dandelion Girl at Market and it’s my favorite.The colors are yummy and I love when there are checks in the line. Have a great trip!

  13. Shelley Jo | 20th Nov 07

    I love the Allspice Tapestry and the Yuletide Blessing the best!

  14. Brynne | 20th Nov 07

    Oh, Paris… Someday… Have an incredible trip!

    My favorite is Folklorique. I bought a fat quarter collection, then went around the internet tracking down yardage to finish my quilts. Of course, they’re not all made just yet, but I’ve been known to get the fabric out and lay it all over the floor just to look at those colors.

  15. Lina LaMora | 20th Nov 07

    I collect all your fabric line, can’t wait for the “Dandelion Girl”. Loved them all no favorites, and all your patterns… Have a wonderful trip!

  16. Libby | 20th Nov 07

    Oh Joanna! Congratulations on your trips! I cant wait to benefit from your french inspirations!! My favorite fig tree line.. no question about it, Buttercream and Figs! I had not been quilting long when it came out and I knew I had to have it! I made a quilt for my grandma with it and still have every scrap!! Since then I have bought every line and every book! I’m quilting my third Circle of Stars quilt right now!Libby

  17. Lina LaMora | 20th Nov 07

    I collect all your fabric line, can’t wait for the “Dandelion Girl”. Loved them all no favorites, and all your patterns… Have a wonderful trip!

  18. Sequana | 20th Nov 07

    Oh, Allspice tapestry is my fave by far.

    Luv the french music, btw……*S* What great trips you will have!

    You deserve a few days by yourself.

  19. Lisa D. | 20th Nov 07

    Congratulations on your exciting upcoming travel plans! Fig Tree – what’s not to love? I think I have most every one of your collections and have made some beautiful quilts. I think my all time favorite is Cinnamon Stars and I’m waiting for my sampler quilt of those fabrics to come back from the quilter. Keep up the good work!

  20. Jean | 20th Nov 07

    First of all, congratulations on becoming the “internationally acclaimed Joanna of Fresh Figs!” What an exciting opportunity for you. I am comforted that the quilting industry is very much alive and well and stronger than ever. As far as picking out a favorite, that would be like deciding which of my grandsons is my favorite. It depends on which one I’m with at the time. One minute it’s one, the next it’s the other. I love both of the boys the best and all of your fabrics the best!

  21. mar | 20th Nov 07

    Oh my what an exciting life you lead! Congrats on the AP thing, can’t wait to see what it is. And Spain… Paris… WOW!! We’ll be waiting patiently for reports and pictures of what inspires you.
    oh and…. I could sure use one of those Jelly rolls, LOL.

  22. Carol | 20th Nov 07

    Joanna…what excitement in your life. I love Jelly Rolls and I think Allspeice Tapestry is my favorite of those 3.

  23. Pam | 20th Nov 07

    I love all your lines but Allspice is probably my favorite! I just love those colors, esp the soft aqua.

  24. Diane | 20th Nov 07

    I’m going to have to vote for Urban Indigo, and I will never tire of reading your stories of Paris! Bon voyage!

  25. Sandi Henderson | 20th Nov 07

    Wow Joanna! What an honor, such fun you will have! I’ll be thinking about you and wondering why you didn’t offer to stuff me in your suitcase. 🙂


  26. Amy | 20th Nov 07

    I’m just crazy about the Allspice Tapestry line, but am reserving my final decision until after I’ve had the chance to see Dandelion Girl and Urban Indigo in person. They look awesome on my computer, so I bet they’re way better in person! Pick me!!!

  27. Pam | 20th Nov 07

    Wow sounds like a wonderful trip. Madrid is wonderful and of course Paris… wow.

    Love your new Indygo line, its arrived at the shop and is lovely. Congrats on all your successes.

  28. Sandy | 20th Nov 07

    You are one lucky girl! I also love the new Indigo line.

  29. Camille | 20th Nov 07

    Wow, LUCKY YOU! This trip sounds completely amazing! Can’t wait to see pictures, and also what inspiration comes from Paris.

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite line of yours. I love Allspice, Yuletide Blessing, Day in the Country… and Dandelion girl. Is that too many? I would love to get an Urban Indigo jelly roll, because I have yet to see that one in person, and it looks amazing! Have an amazing trip!

  30. Helen | 20th Nov 07

    It is difficult to decide which line I like best, but I do love the Urban Indigo line. The colors together are so fresh! I don’t use yellows or peaches very much and using the Urban Indigo would force me to move outside of my comfort zone in colors and that is always a fun design challenge.

  31. Sipiweske Quilts | 20th Nov 07

    2007 has been a wonderful year for you! Congratulations on every moment. I’ve been following the tidbits about Dandelion Girl and I’m really liking that collection plus Urban Indigo is wonderful. I love them all! Wishing you the bestest trip possible . . .

  32. Laurie | 20th Nov 07

    Joanna, I was just thinking of you and your adorable creations over here……..I am making a pillow for my momma’s birthday in a few weeks……it’s an inspiration off of your “nest” quilt! I am making one square and bordering it off for a pillow! My mom’s name is ROBIN so how perfect it that to give her a birdie/nest pillow for the bed! I simply heart your style…..I would love to win a jelly roll. I’ve never had one before. I would make a Joanna quilt for sure! ~ oh, and have fun in Par-ee
    I am dying for some of your allspice tapestry!

  33. Linda | 20th Nov 07

    I’m yet to actually see any in person, (I lead a sheltered life)…lol…. but I love the colours of the new range Urban Indigo, so soft and pretty. How exciting for you to be visiting Paris and alone. Look forward to seeing all the photo’s.

  34. Cory | 20th Nov 07

    Oh, what fun! The trip and the jelly rolls. For me, it’s a toss up between Shangri La and Urban Indigo. Though, all three are beautiful. Thank you and God bless, Cory

  35. liz bruno | 20th Nov 07


    As your BFF I think I should win a jelly roll!! LOL
    My favorite line was “Cornucopia” followed by “A Day in the Country” and “Allspice Tapestry.”


  36. Judy | 20th Nov 07

    How in the world could I ever choose just one favorite! I love them all and would love to win any of them.

  37. Beth Dasecke | 20th Nov 07

    wow I love them all but I think
    allspice tapestry is my favourite
    I cant wait to read all about your trip Hugs Beth

  38. josie | 20th Nov 07

    First, I didn’t know you had another BFF (other than me!)…..LOL……
    OK, this is just tooooo hard. I have loved and used all your fabrics….Folklorique is dynamite – love the French blues! Allspice Tapestry is currently my favorite because I’m playing with it right now! But, Dandelion Girl looks like it will soon be my new favorite! I can’t pick which one is my favorite since I LOVE all of them. Now, are Madrid and Paris ready for YOU?!?!?!? You are so lucky and I can’t wait to hear your reflections on Paris and see your pictures. Can you say “Fig Tree” in French? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Have a great trip – glad you can add some fun to the business!

  39. Pam A | 20th Nov 07

    Wow!!! What a nice contest! Thanks!
    I love, love, love Dandelion Girl. Sounds like a great trip is in store for you. Have fun!

  40. Sally | 20th Nov 07

    Oh my it’s so hard to choose just one, two, or more. I have all of your lines. I met you at the Santa Clara quilt show right before your first line came out. What beautiful people you both are. Well talk about a fan of your lines – I actually buy AT LEAST 1 yard of each fabric for EACH line. So you can imagine my collection. I guess if I have to pick, I have made several quilts with A Day in the Country and Cinnamon Stars lines. I just made the Cottage Tapestry quilt and used the exact fabrics that you did. I love love love it. AND – I just bought a tower and 1 yard of each of your Urban Indigo fabric. Also, I have reserved the quilt from the “Dandelion Girl” line from The Fat Quarter Shop. I can’t wait to get my hands on the fabric as well. Can you tell I’m a huge supporter of Fig Tree Quilts? I’m known as the “Fig Tree” lover at my local quilt shop. I’ve rambled enough. Thank you so much for updating your blog as frequent as you do. I really enjoy visiting it often. Have a wonderful time abroad. I can’t wait to see what you do with the future fabric lines from that trip. Safe travels!!!

  41. Denise | 20th Nov 07

    Hello 🙂
    I love how you tell stories, It must felt really nice to see your fabric in Paris 🙂 Congrats
    I loove all the lines really that is hard to decide, but my favorites are;
    Shangri La,Urban Indigo,Dandelion Girl and Allspice Tapestry
    such yummy fabrics!
    Enjoy your day!

  42. Dee Lonnevik | 20th Nov 07

    Enjoy your trip! (can I go…I’ll be very very good). As for the jellyroll contest….its too hard… you pick and I’ll work with it. Can’t wait to see the pics! Dee

  43. Shirley LeDoux | 20th Nov 07

    Wow, just one? I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite. All of your lines are wonderful. So wonderful in fact my friends and I met at 5:15 a.m. to go to our local quilt shop this past Saturday morning (the shop was opening at 6:00 a.m.)to get our hands on Urban Indigo. Yes, our husbands think that we lost it but I think actually we have all FOUND something wonderful. Have a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to hear about all of the wonderful shops and stories that you may share. I spent my honey moon in Paris and my husband and I are planning a 10 year anniversary trip back to Paris next year so I will definitely enjoy hearing your stories, especially any stories that include fabric. The best advice that I can give is to stop and take it all in with a cafe au lait and a pain au chocolat. Have a safe flight. Bon Voyage!
    Shirley Le Doux

  44. Mary Anne Drury | 20th Nov 07

    WOW!! and DOUBLE WOW !!! that trip sounds GREAT!! (especially the “3 days on my own” part!!!) and, gosh, I don’t know if I can narrow it down as far as a favorite fabric collection, but, I do love the Cinnamon Stars,
    Allspice Tapestry, and Dandelion Girls — just to name a few!

    Have a great trip!

  45. Lisa Leimone | 21st Nov 07

    Alone in Paris with a LIST of fabric stores!Wow, every quilters dream!! I would have to say my all time favorite line is “Folklorique”, I have a nice stash of this line waiting to be turned into a quilt!Have a great time!!


  46. Kate | 21st Nov 07

    Wow – your trip sounds so fantastic – lucky you
    I’m relatively new to quilting and I’m just loving the inspiration gained from all the fabulous fabric. Dandelion Girl looks beautiful but my joint favourites are Allspice Tapestry and Cinnamon Stars. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures from your trip.
    ENJOY !!!

  47. Kate | 21st Nov 07

    Wow – your trip sounds so fantastic – lucky you
    I’m relatively new to quilting and I’m just loving the inspiration gained from all the fabulous fabric. Dandelion Girl looks beautiful but my joint favourites are Allspice Tapestry and Cinnamon Stars. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures from your trip.
    ENJOY !!!

  48. Emma | 21st Nov 07

    Wow, Paris is fantastic, we had a lovely trip there – enjoy!!! I love all your lines, they are all too good to choose just one!

  49. Sue Nelson | 21st Nov 07

    What an exciting time ahead Madrid and Paris! OOOh la la! As for fabric lines, you amaze me, just when I think you’ve design the best fabric ever, you surpirse me with another wonderful line! I have had fun with Cornicopia and loved Tapestry Allspice. But Urban Indigo has won me over as my favorite. I love the creams, peaches and yellows and blues — they give me sunny thoughts as we go through the gray days of Novemeber.

  50. Joan Gibb | 21st Nov 07

    I love the Allspice Tapestry, but all of them are beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  51. Darlene | 21st Nov 07

    I adore Allspice Tapestry but my all time favorite line is Cinnamon Stars. I have a beautiful quilt I made that I will cherish forever.

    Enjoy making memories in Madrid and Paris! I speak Spanish fluently, as well, but I’m not sure I could speak it well enough to teach a quilting class. LOL Good luck and remember to laugh at yourself when you should. 🙂

  52. Maggie | 21st Nov 07

    Wow that sounds like a wonderful trip. Can you sneak me in your suitcase? NO ? Well at least let me enter your jelly roll giveaway. Love all your fabrics so it’s so hard to pick a favorite. Maybe I’d choose the Urban Indigo or Allspice Tapestry. They’re all beautiful!!!

  53. Maggie | 21st Nov 07

    Oh that sounds like a fantastic trip! Can you sneak me in your luggage? no?! Well at least let me enter your jelly roll giveaway. Love all your fabric lines so it’s so hard to pick a favorite. I love the Allspice Tapestry and Urban Indigo and all the others. Enjoy your trip!!

  54. May Britt | 21st Nov 07

    Oh…do we have to choose a favorite??
    All Moda is my favorites.
    I wish you a wonderful trip!!

  55. Teresa | 21st Nov 07

    I think my favorite line is the Allspice Tapestry. Just found your blog through clicking other links. Love the music!

  56. Jane Weston | 21st Nov 07

    They are all beautiful!!
    Feeling very continental as I listen you the music on your blog! :o)

  57. Pat | 21st Nov 07

    I love them all. Moda if my favorite. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Happy Thanksgiving.

  58. blop | 21st Nov 07

    It is like picking your favorite child..some days you like some, other days, others…I really love them all.
    Allspice Tapestry, Cinnamon Stars, Dandelion Girl are some that I have onhand, but love them all.
    Have a fun adventure!

  59. Laura | 21st Nov 07

    Wow it is not fair to have to pick they are all wonderful. Lucky you going to Paris, do enjoy your “you” time, you definately deserve it!

  60. Michelle B | 21st Nov 07

    Love all the rolls and this site, music is
    great. Have a wonderful trip.

  61. Monique | 21st Nov 07

    I love Cinnamon Stars the best. Yummy, yummy fabric!

  62. Wylie | 21st Nov 07

    I love the Allspice Tapestry, but it is hard to pick a favorite! I envy your trip to Parish. Sounds wonderful.

  63. Kathi | 21st Nov 07

    It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think Allspice Tapestry is my current favorite but might change tomorrow! Your Paris trip sounds like fun. You should organize a tour so some of us could join you.

  64. Colleen Connolly | 21st Nov 07

    I would love to win a jelly roll. Im actually doing the applique on the “Yuletide Snowflake” now. That is the first jelly roll quilt ive ever made and it is fun and nice to have that all cut for you!!!

  65. Alicia | 21st Nov 07

    I love all of your fabrics; just made a beautiful Folklorique one. But now I’m waiting for Dandelion Girl. I grew up in Idaho and when I was small there was this huge field with long stemmed dandelions growing in it. Not those scrawny ones that are in my lawn. Happy Thanksgiving. Alicia

  66. Carol | 21st Nov 07

    So the frenchman singing was a nice touch to the blog, but it was a little wierd with Jimmy Buffett singing Mele Kalikimaka through my speaker on XM radio, both coming through at the same time. Couldn’t figure it out for a bit, but finally got what was happening. Love your designs, colors, etc. Your friend, Sue from Logan

  67. Jo Anne | 21st Nov 07

    Congratulations on your trip–it sounds so exciting. I love the colors in Allspice Tapestry, but then I am drawn to all your designs. –JoAnne

  68. Lynne Todoroff | 21st Nov 07

    How could I miss Urban Indigo? Your trip sounds heavenly, do you need a baggage helper? Take a journal and pics, oh I love pictures! Safe travel, Bon Journey!

  69. Lynne Todoroff | 21st Nov 07

    How could I miss Urban Indigo? Your trip sounds heavenly, do you need a baggage helper? Take a journal and pics, oh I love pictures! Safe travel, Bon Journey!

  70. Kim | 21st Nov 07

    My favorite line? I have to pick ONE? Every time a new line comes out, IT’S my favorite! Please add me to your drawing–thanks!

  71. kathie holland | 21st Nov 07

    Have a great time in Paris, wow 3 days to yourself.
    How I wish I could be in the class that you teach in Spanish…that would be fun!
    not that I speak spanish 🙂
    just would be fun to take a class in another language, but in reality I bet they will understand whatever you say
    Quilting is universal! favorite line
    hard to choose, I Loved the cinnamon star quilt which I made using that line…love the allspice tapestry …urban indigo is awesome tooo…

  72. Lorraine | 21st Nov 07

    I am currently making a beautiful quilt with Allspice Tapestry Jelly Rolls for my sister so it is my favourite at the moment … but I think I would love Dandeion Girl if I saw it in the flesh ! Enjoy your trip !

  73. Julie Lundquist | 21st Nov 07

    Cornucopia is my current favorite! I look forward every year to your wonderfully inspiring booth at the quilt show at the SC Convention Center….a visual delight!!

  74. Betsy Pratt | 21st Nov 07

    I’m definitely among the droolers over your European trip Joanna!! How incredibly fun! I bet they will learn to love the charm squares and jelly rolls as much as their US counterparts.

    I’d have to say my favorite collection of yours today is Allspice Tapestry – but that’s because it’s what I’ve got in my hot little hands *right now*!! Once the Urban Indigo arrives that I ordered last night – that will likely be my favorite. But I am definitely dying for Dandelion Girl. That one just speaks to me. I’d hate to wish the time away until it arrives in March – but hopefully we can all keep ourselves busy.
    Au Revoir et ayez un voyage bonne!

  75. sandy | 21st Nov 07

    I would have to say Buttercream and Fig.
    There is just something about that one that I really, really love. But it really is tough to chose just one.
    Have a wonderful time and relax.

  76. Linda | 21st Nov 07

    Nothing is more inspiring than seeing these quilts in person. And your color lines are all great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  77. Patricia Howlin | 21st Nov 07

    I’m working on the Nose Gay from Fresh Vintage No. 4 and it is coming out lovely. Will send picture when done.

    I loved Paris too. Was lucky enough to have an office there and needed 🙂 to go often.

  78. Jane Peters | 21st Nov 07

    Oh, how I love the French music accompanying your blog!. Your new fabrics are wonderful –just when I thought they couldn’t get any better!

    Hope you have lots of jellyrolls to give away–I’d love to win one!


  79. NANCY L. LINDENMUTH | 21st Nov 07


  80. maureen livingston | 21st Nov 07

    I love all your fabric lines. I bought the Lone Star kit with
    Cornucopia. I can’t wait to get started!

  81. doki | 21st Nov 07

    well obviously i like your line of fabric the best 🙂

  82. Carla (aka Pollyanna) | 21st Nov 07

    OMG. When I look at jellyrolls all I see are purses, and pincushions, and pillows, and potholders! Love them all! Have fun in Paris! 🙂

  83. Denise Handy | 21st Nov 07

    I love all your fabrics! I have yet to work with your Jelly Roll fabric, but look forward to it. Looks like a lot of fun. Having lived in Switzerland for 28 yrs. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

  84. Kathy Vetter | 21st Nov 07

    I thought Allspice was my favorite UNTIL I saw the Urban Indigo and now that is my new favorite….it really is too difficult to chose just one. Keep up the good work!

  85. Debbie Hays | 21st Nov 07

    How nice of you to share the fabric with those of us who love it. Have a great trip!!

    Sincerely, Debbie Hays

  86. D'Awn | 21st Nov 07

    LOVE all your fabrics! Thanks for so many opportunities to win your wonderful products. Happy Thanksgiving! We all have MUCH to be thankful for :o) D’Awn

  87. Sally Silzars | 21st Nov 07

    I love Dandelion Girl – it reminds me of my childhood – playing in a field of dandelions.

  88. Julie | 21st Nov 07

    I love the shangri la line. so pick me hehee

  89. Andrea in Florida | 21st Nov 07

    How much fun is this! I just purchased the Gathering Leaves kit from my LQS…absolutely love Allspice Tapestry!
    Hmmm, Yuletide Blessings runs a close second…it’s very hard to pick a favorite, really. Keep up the good work, and have a blast in Paris!

  90. Lisa | 21st Nov 07

    Love your cinnamon stars fabric. I live far from the U.S. and your fabric makes me feel like I’m home again!

  91. Karen Shackleford | 21st Nov 07

    Hola Joanna – Love the colors in Allspice Tapestry. I think it is your best yet. Would love to win a Jellyroll — after all, we did eat garlic quesadillas together at Thimble Creek 😉 Hope you are LOL!
    Karen Shackleford

  92. Pam Knight | 21st Nov 07

    Enjoy France…very special…How about coming to New Zealand next trip?
    Love all your collections and also the patterns and the collections all work well together which helps when one has leftovers.I am currently working on a quilt in Allspice tapestry and folklorique…yum.

  93. mary | 21st Nov 07

    I LOVE Spain! I spent 18 months there about 20 years ago – I am still trying to get back!
    Have a wonderful trip

  94. Mary Jo Curci | 21st Nov 07

    Wow! How nice of you to offer a chance to win a jelly roll!!!! Wonderful and safe travels to you.

  95. Mary | 21st Nov 07

    I can’t get enough of your Shangri La fabric. The colors you have combined just make me so happy. I finished a Shangri La jelly roll sampler and it is by far my favorite one. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy!

  96. jenclair | 21st Nov 07

    Lovely fabrics! Have a wonderful trip!

  97. Janice | 21st Nov 07

    I loved the Cinnamon Stars line…in fact, the fabric was the reason that I chose the BOM featuring it. Have a safe trip; it sounds absolutely wonderful!

  98. Eileen Rochat | 21st Nov 07

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the paisleys and swirls in the Folklorique, and the color palette in Allspice is just delicious! Have a great trip!

  99. Rebecca | 21st Nov 07

    How fun….a jelly roll giveaway! I love Shangri-la…I bought lots of it to start a quilt…and I’m not even a quilter but was so inspired by the color combinations and fabric designs!

    Have fun in Paris! I love that city!

  100. Edie | 21st Nov 07

    Your fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, but I am particularly fond of Buttercream & Figs.
    I just finished a quilt using a number of your luscious carmels & Fleur pattern…can hardly wait to get it back from my quilter!

  101. Reebcca | 21st Nov 07

    I forgot to say….Allspice Tapestry is my pick of your lines….though they’re all gorgeous!

  102. redgeraniumcottage | 21st Nov 07

    WOW how nice of you to do this give away. I love your fabric and patterns. Cinnamon Spice is one of my favorites along with Buttercream and Figs. Please enter me in your drawing. Have a great time on your trip.

  103. Wendy Forbes | 21st Nov 07

    It is so hard to decide but having a look I think it has to be the Urban Indigo. It never ceases to amaze me what other quilting people get up to around the world. Hop e you enjoy your trip. Wendy

  104. Wendy Forbes | 21st Nov 07

    I forgot to say the best thing of all, Happy Thanksgiving. Wendy

  105. Needlelittleapplique | 21st Nov 07

    Where ever you go, whatever you do, share some
    of your American spirit and bring back your
    adventures in Spain and Paris in your designs.
    Have a divine time. Your butter flavored fabrics are all yummy. If I am lucky enough
    to be the recipient of any of your jelly rolls
    they will quickly become a quilt your colors
    easily dance with one another.

  106. Sheree | 22nd Nov 07

    Allspice Tapestry is just a gorgeous collection–I am partial to the reds you created in that collection! Shangri La is just as jaw dropping. Both of these lines have the softest finish! Crisp but still soft. I have never worked with a jellyroll before. I did just start in a project using my first charm pack (Shangri La). I am just getting into quilt making. I usually work with yardage. 🙂 It has been fun coming up with these to do with those smaller pieces of fabric though.

    Paris is my favorite city, so far. I went for the first time last December to celebrate my 35th Birthday–one of the best days of my life. We had so much fun. My heart definitely belongs there. The lights, the food, the people, just plain charming and quaint and full of life! I am sure you will have a wonderful time. I am heading back there in a few to celebrate 36!! Paris is a 5 hour car ride from my house in Germany. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear your impressions and see your pictures.

  107. Leah | 22nd Nov 07

    What a tough pick! For me it’s Dandelion Girl. I just love the colours. They make me think of my little girl.

    Hope that helps your survey! Have a great trip and bring back lots of photos to share of what quilting is happening in Europe.

  108. Sheila Holland | 22nd Nov 07

    This is a tough decision. I am going to pick Allspice Tapestry, however. Love your “look” for everything.

  109. Judy M | 22nd Nov 07

    You have so many beautiful fabric lines it is hard to choose just one. My favorite is Allspice Tapestry, I love the mosaic prints. I have not worked with Jelly Roll fabrics but looking forward to it. Thank you for having the giveway contest. Please enter my name in your drawing. Looking forward to photos of your trip.

  110. Dale Anne | 22nd Nov 07

    LOVELY fabrics – thanks for offering up this giveaway!

  111. Teri | 22nd Nov 07

    I love Urban Indigo! I’m sitting here in my robe working on a quilt design for our shop using the Urban Indigo charm packs! It’s getting colder today, and the fabrics are like a breath of Spring.

  112. Catherine | 22nd Nov 07

    Allspice has to be my favorite, it reminds me of the open market in Nice, France. Ahhh, great memories there, because it truly felt ‘French’, not touristy. You’ve captured the essence of the place, thanks.

  113. Denise S. | 22nd Nov 07

    If I have to pick, then Allspice is the one I like best, but I love Cornucopia and Yuletide. Enjoy your trip, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  114. Denise S. | 22nd Nov 07

    If I have to pick, then I like Allspice, but I also love Cornucopia and Yuletide. Have a wonderful trip, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  115. Carol Broughton | 22nd Nov 07

    I LOVE the Allspice Tapestry! I plan to make a special quilt for my mother with it. Love your blog!

  116. Kari | 22nd Nov 07

    I hope you have a blast in Madrid and Paris. It should be very charming to see the cities in their Christmas splendor too. I’m not sure if they do it there, but some other European cities have great open air Christmas markets with all sorts of handmade items. Enjoy!

  117. Joanne | 22nd Nov 07

    Love Folklorique – but really like Urban Indigo too!

  118. Phyllis | 22nd Nov 07

    Hi Joanna,

    I loved Allspice, too, but my new favorite is Urban Indigo.

    While in Paris you might want to check Le Rouvray. My 18 yr old daughter found the shop while in Paris in the summer of 2001. I had to see for myself so I found the shop in Paris in Sept 2001. In 2003 Le Rouvray had a booth at Quilt Festival in Houston. What a treat.

    Here’s the website. It’s near Notre Dame, directions are on their website. The owner is an American who has lived in Paris many, many years.

    Au Revoir,
    Phyllis in Sonoma

  119. Jane McClish | 22nd Nov 07

    Wow! What an exciting and busy time for you. Enjoy, you only live one life! Be the best you, you can be.

  120. Gail | 22nd Nov 07

    Urban Indigo would have to be my favorite I just love the blues. Have a great time in Madrid and Paris!

  121. Ravenhill | 22nd Nov 07

    The lines are all great but the ones that standout in my mind are Shangri La and Allspice.

  122. Lori | 22nd Nov 07

    I think I like Allspice the best, but that might be because I made a beautiful tote bag out of Allspice charm squares and I just love it! My next project just might change my mind though-I’ll be using Yuletide Blessing fabrics. All of your fabrics are gorgeous-love the color combinations!

  123. Caro | 22nd Nov 07

    I love the Urban Indigo range. Enjoy your trip – Paris sounds wonderful! Just reward for teaching in spanish! Caroline

  124. Carrie Mc W | 22nd Nov 07

    my daughter has decided her bedroom MUST be in Urban Indigo…time to redecorate again!

  125. Maggie | 22nd Nov 07

    Allspice Tapestry is a big favorite of mine!
    Although who wouldn’t love them all! Thanks for offering this to us!

  126. Maggie | 22nd Nov 07

    go to Angelina’s for THE best hot chocolate in the world!!
    my fav is Shangri-la!

  127. Helen | 22nd Nov 07

    I love all your fabrics, such wonderful colour ranges which suit my style of choice. My favourite for now for an Aussie Summer would be Folklorique. Cant wait to see the new one in Portland, Helen

  128. Beth in AL | 22nd Nov 07

    Best wishes on your exciting up-coming trip. One of my recent favorites is definitely the Folklorique fabrics. Please enter me in your Jelly Roll giveaway. Immensely enjoy your creative talent!
    Thanks, Beth

  129. Karen Tunnicliffe | 22nd Nov 07

    Same comment I made for your last give away, I LOVE Allspice Tapestry. Those brown florals remind me so much of my Nanny’s guestroom. She had two conterpanes (her word) on the twin beds my sister and I used to sleep on that were so similar in colour. That line of fabric brings back lovely memories of her sweet little house with the lily of the valley borders lining her footpath to the front door. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Karen.

  130. Karen Martin | 22nd Nov 07

    I have to vote for Urban Indigo–I am a totoal blue person!! Love it!

  131. Karen Martin | 22nd Nov 07

    I have to vote for Urban Indigo–I am a total blue person! Love the fabrics!!

  132. Becky S. | 22nd Nov 07

    OH LA LA! I love fabric giveaways. I think my favorite fabric line is Allspice Tapestry.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  133. Michele | 22nd Nov 07

    the browns and corals of Allspice Tapestry just make me happy. Jelly rolls seemed sort of a mystery to me but after I bought a couple of kits with them at PIQF (when my girlfriend scared me squealing into the phone) I have become much more familiar. It’s so easy to make spiderweb type piecing, hexagons in rows, endless possibilities. good luck in Madrid, what an opportunity!

  134. Rachel | 22nd Nov 07

    I love Allspice Tapestry, but Folklorique is close. I also really liked the wovens from cornucopia and have a great, more contemporary quilt planned for them…

  135. mary | 22nd Nov 07

    Holy Cow!
    I just read your blog again… Yo no sabe que tu hablas espanol y puedes ensenar la gente alli tambien! Jolenes!
    Estuve alli en Madrid hace viente anos y por esto me falta mucho en escribir – espero que puedes entender esta nota.
    Espero que tienes un buen viaje!

  136. joanna | 22nd Nov 07

    I want to thank everyone for all of their great compliments on the lines. I have to add for the record that Shangri La is not my personal line. It is designed by the Three Sisters from MODA, one of my “sister” design groups and although I would like to take credit of that great group to add to my others… I can’t. But i will pass on the wonderful comments to MODA.

  137. Pauline | 22nd Nov 07

    How wonderful that you are going to Madrid and Paris! My son and DIL just returned from Paris with many wonderful photos, stories, and reports of delicious food and wine. You should have a great time! How exciting to have been chosen to represent MODA in Madrid. My favorite of your fabric lines is Allspice Tapestry–so soft and pretty! Have a great trip!

  138. Pauline | 22nd Nov 07

    How wonderful that you are going to Madrid and Paris! My son and DIL just returned from Paris with many wonderful photos, stories, and reports of delicious food and wine. You should have a great time! How exciting to have been chosen to represent MODA in Madrid. My favorite of your fabric lines is Allspice Tapestry–so soft and pretty! Have a great trip!

  139. Pauline | 22nd Nov 07

    How wonderful that you are going to Madrid and Paris! My son and DIL just returned from Paris with many wonderful photos, stories, and reports of delicious food and wine. You should have a great time! How exciting to have been chosen to represent MODA in Madrid. My favorite of your fabric lines is Allspice Tapestry–so soft and pretty! Have a great trip!

  140. Pauline | 22nd Nov 07

    How wonderful that you are going to Madrid and Paris! My son and DIL just returned from Paris with many wonderful photos, stories, and reports of delicious food and wine. You should have a great time! How exciting to have been chosen to represent MODA in Madrid. My favorite of your fabric lines is Allspice Tapestry–so soft and pretty! Have a great trip!

  141. Sue Leslie | 23rd Nov 07

    I am sure you will have a lovely time in Paris, we are back in England now but lived there for eight years. I love this time of year there all the trees on the Champs Elysees will be bedecked in Fairy lights, it is magical.Lots of fabric shops, the French still dress make a lot and there is always a good choice. The light is lovely too at this time of year and you can see why so many artists painted there. i hope you have a lovely time. I love the Urban Indigo range.

  142. Foothills Fabric and Threads | 23rd Nov 07

    Hi there, I love the Urban Indigo the blue has a lovely sparkle to it. Love you patterns too. Have a great trip

  143. sherry | 23rd Nov 07

    How exciting, Spain & France. I’m sure you will have a fantastic time. Thanks for offering the giveaway. It’s hard to pick just one favorite but one of my favorites is the Cinnamon Stars line.

  144. Keiko Clark | 23rd Nov 07

    My favorite line is… difficult to decide, but probably Allspice Tapestry. Colors and values are wonderful and very easy to use!!
    Have a wonderful trip and look forward to hear
    your great experience soon.

  145. Valerie Fischer | 23rd Nov 07

    Its not fair to have to pick one since I like them all! I guess Urban Indigo is my favorite today, haha, but ask me again tomorrow and I would probably pick a different one. 🙂

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  146. Angela | 23rd Nov 07

    Ooooh — I just saw the urban indigo fabrics in person the other day. Can I just say yummy?! Paris — oh, wow. Have a great time!

  147. Mary Jo Baird | 23rd Nov 07

    Please enter me in your jelly roll giveaway! This is so incredibly generous of you-what wonderful holiday spirit!!!Thank you!

  148. Emily S. | 23rd Nov 07

    Love the new urban indigo! Have a great trip!!

  149. Karen S | 23rd Nov 07

    I think my favorite of all your lines is Buttercream & Fig. Gorgeous fabric, and such a wonderful name! Just rolls off the tongue, distinctive and so you. Will not confuse that line with another designer. I like lots of fabric lines, but those with wonderful names…. they are the favorites.

  150. Marian Johnson | 23rd Nov 07

    I have been a fan of your patterns and fabric collections since the beginning. My favorite collection is always the ‘latest one’. I have fat quarter packs of every collection and yards and yards of my favorite pieces. I have actually finished Butter Dish Baskets and Cinnamon Hill Farms and have a couple more started. There are so many I still want to make…..maybe I’ll cut down to just 5 hours of sleep each night for awhile! If you choose my entry, I would be thrilled to receive your Urban Indygo Jelly Roll

  151. Patsy | 23rd Nov 07

    Have fun in Madrid and Paris. I am so jealous.

    I love Shangri La along with the others, too. Would make a great quilt. I’ve never sewed with a jelly roll. I love charm paks.

  152. Patsy | 23rd Nov 07

    Love Shangri La. I’ve never used the jelly rolls and I’m dying to make a quilt with them. Have fun on your trip!

  153. Toni | 23rd Nov 07

    I love your site and I want to wish you a great trip….I love Allspice…I can see a quilt for my living room made of it…Thanks Toni

  154. Cheryl, MA | 23rd Nov 07

    I hope that you had a wonderful “Thanksgiving” with your family. Oh, and lucky you going to Paris, I’m sure you’ll treasure each and every minute. Looking forward to seeing pics from your perspective.
    Asking me to pick a favorite line from your designs is like asking me which of my kids I love BEST!! I could never do it. They each take on their own personality and even that can change depending on what project I’ve used them in. I will however, confess that each and every time I look at “Dandelion Girl” I get little butterflies in my tummy. Just like when I was a teen and would see one of my favorite idols sing. I just know that I’m in “LOVE” and that we were meant to be together. Can’t wait to make a comfort quilt “for myself” out of that line.
    Here’s praying that you never, ever, lose your inspiration and talent!!! You are a wonderful designer.

  155. Carolyn Rzesutek | 23rd Nov 07

    Your fabric lines are wonderful! I love how you use creamy yellows, peaches, blues, etc.
    Your patterns are wonderful, too. Your patterns and fabrics are very unique and fun. Keep up the good work!

  156. Clarissa | 23rd Nov 07

    When it comes to 3 Sisters and Fig Tree – I have a tough time choosing my favorites! I do enjoy the great fabrics and patterns and look forward to trying some “fat free” jelly rolls! What could be more exciting than getting a jelly roll free in a giveaway? Thanks for the great ideas!

  157. chookyblue | 23rd Nov 07

    wow what do I like the most I already have All Spice and Shangri La so by that you can tell I LOVE LOVE LOVE you designing………..Have a wonderful trip to Paris and can’t wait to see the photos……can never have toooo many……

  158. Renee G | 23rd Nov 07

    I really like all the fabrics, but if I have to choose, I like the Allspice Tapestry for the muted colors (spicey colors), and then next comes Shangri La. Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the sightseeing.

    Looking forward to your pictures and new fabric inspirations.

  159. Carey G | 23rd Nov 07

    I confess to being a Figtree-aholic and just can’t decide which range is my favourite. Have a great trip to Spain and Paris…..can’t wait for the fabric ranges your trip inspires !

  160. Vicki | 23rd Nov 07

    Love your patterns and fabric designs. I am just starting to quilt a quilt made from Allspice!!

  161. May Kristin | 23rd Nov 07

    I just love jellyrolls!
    I wish you luck with your teaching in spanish, and enjoy your days in Paris! Look forward to see new frenchinspired designs!

  162. Allison | 23rd Nov 07

    I like the allspice best! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. What a wonderful blog.

  163. Allison | 23rd Nov 07

    I like the allspice best! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. What a wonderful blog.

  164. Cynthia B | 23rd Nov 07

    I can’t wait to see what Paris does for your creativity! I think we quilters should get ready to be blown away with your next fabric design! I enjoy looking at Allspice Tapestry Jelly Roll too much to use it up! Cynthia B

  165. Vickie E | 23rd Nov 07

    Wow that’s a tough one…I have most recently used Allspice tapestry but just bought the entire line of Urban Indigo…and I can’t wait for Dandelion Girl so….LOL I am a BIG Fan of all your fabs…

  166. Sue Cahill | 23rd Nov 07

    Oh My! How can I choose? If you need to back me into a corner I’d have to say Urban Indigo, so fresh and full of cheer. My husband loves blue and yellow quilts, bringing back memories of a quilt from his childhood, so I use these colors often. Keep up the fantastic work.

  167. Peg | 23rd Nov 07

    I probably am too late to win, but I love everything! I am anxious to see the Urban Indigo. Oh, to have more time and money!
    Your trip sounds fabulous — you already have great ideas, I’m sure you will find wonderful stimulation in Spain and Paris.

  168. Cindy Ericsson | 23rd Nov 07

    It’s hard to decide between Urban Indigo and Dandelion Girl — can’t wait to see DG up close!

  169. Cathy | 24th Nov 07

    Dandelion Girl–just for the name alone. LOL

  170. Mary Ann/Ca | 24th Nov 07

    Oh pick me! I love Urban Indigo and am using it for a quilt celebrating my youngest daughters wedding…notice, not wedding quilt because that impies it will be done before their wedding…lol. But they got engaged in Paris last Spring at the Eiffel Tower so maybe there is some good karma for me in this game!

  171. Carolyn Cady | 24th Nov 07

    Well, darn! Things have just settled down enough after our Thanksgiving dinner here yesterday for me to get to your blog sight and discover that I missed the whole thing!!!!! Next time, as we often say. I like the allspice tapestry line especially, and am now looking forward to seeing your new lines and what you are inspired to do by your upcoming trip to Madrid and Paris. Enjoy that trip to the fullest – you deserve it.

  172. Bron | 24th Nov 07

    Love everything about this giveaway! Jelly rolls, country colours, Fig Tree goodies – Yes Please!

  173. Bron | 24th Nov 07

    Oh, I think I may have missed it too – that’s okay – I believe I have a pattern coming my way, so I will look forward to that! I really love the ‘Woven Mosaic’ pattern in Allspice Tapestry – love the pomegranate and chocolate colours!

  174. Cara Wilson | 25th Nov 07

    My favorite line is Folklorique!! The colours are just so…REAL. And different colour combinations from the lines make it a new line everytime! I’ve used it for Christmas, thanksgiving, summer, and just because projects. Second would be Allspice. It is so sweet and comforting.
    Have fun in Paris. There are so many different cities within the city.

  175. Robyn | 26th Nov 07

    I’d love to win a jelly roll. Thanks for the opportunity!

  176. Judy | 26th Nov 07

    During the past Thanksgiving weekend, I started working on my new quilt – Jelly Rose. My quilt store did not have any Jelly Rolls so I’m improvising with my stash. I could sure use one of your Jelly Roll’s (especially Allspice Tapestry!)

  177. JudyG | 26th Nov 07

    Hope I’m not too late. I find the probelm with jelly rolls is that they are so well presented, I don’t want to open it up!

  178. Joni Ward | 28th Nov 07

    Would love a jelly roll. I love working with them. I hope I am not too late. Just read about it on Quilter’s Buzz.

  179. Jenny Forbis | 30th Nov 07

    I’m one of your fans who loves to look at the jelly roll there by my desk…still rolled up and beautifully pristine!
    I did unroll it yesterday to look at the sand colorway of my Folklorique…for drapery options for my living room. Painted my daughter Madeline’s room a gorgeous shade of green based on Folklorique and now I think the master bedroom and bath get the same shade. A quilt with it??? Some day. 🙂

  180. Shelley | 4th Dec 07

    Your fabric lines are gorgous!
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    BLOG NAME: QuiltersBuzz
    DATE: 11/21/2007 05:37:36 PM
    Happy Turkey and Figs to you all! Wishing You and Yours All The Best For The Holiday Season. Fig Trees Joanna picked the winners from our latest contest! You win a hot off the press Blossom pattern from Joanna.Here…

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