Gosh, every single time I look at this block pattern, I get new ideas, see new designs, and I have a new favorite! That might be the reason that this design ended up as an 8 ½” x 11″ booklet full of block sizes, variations, and even more ideas and inspirations at the end. As I worked on the design, I simply could not narrow it down…

  • Do I use my favorite precut, the Layer Cake, and make a garden-flavored DRAGONFLY design?
  • Do I turn the blocks around a bit, use a smaller block & create a SUMMER WREATH pattern reminiscent of flower garlands & meadow wreaths on little girls’ heads?
  • Do I turn toward holiday and Christmas color schemes with either size block and make HOLIDAY WREATHS?
  • Or organize my colors a bit more and turn the blocks into Christmas GARLANDS instead?

More on those last 2 in a [PART TWO] blog post! But just know, we are going to do all of the above in this booklet and I sure hope you join me!

DRAGONFLY Pattern Variations

Dragonfly [Main Version]

64.5″ x 73.5″
Layer Cake-Friendly + (3) 1/4 yard extras in soft green, aqua, and pink. Please see pattern for specific amounts of each color, etc.
Background [ivory white-on-white eyelet]: 3 1/4 yards
Accent/Inner Border [low volume print]: 1 yard
Outer Border [green berry]: 1 yard
Backing: 4 5/8 yards
Binding: 5/8 yard

Summer Wreaths

51.5″ x 57.5″

For this smaller, more delicate version, the block and the overall quilt are smaller and simply with a few turns of the blocks and a few well placed sashing posts, these beautiful summer wreaths are created as a secondary pattern. Don’t you just love those happy accidents!

Layer Cake-Friendly
Background [ivory white-on-white eyelet]: 2 yards
Accent Fabric [pink eyelet]: 1/8 yard
Inner Border [low volume print]: 1/2 yard
Outer Border [red floral]: 5/8 yard
Backing: 3 3/8 yards
Binding: 1/2 yard


  • All patterns shown are created with our newest MODA collection, Jelly & Jam. Patterns can of course be made with any fabric you can dream up!
  • Jelly & Jam ships to stores April 2024.
  • All of the Jelly & Jam patterns will be shipping at the end of October and once we receive them from the printer, we will send them on to you!
  • Dragonfly included (2) block sizes and (4) different layout options. Quilts can be made from several different precuts, yardage, or a limited color palette for the holidays!
  • CLICK HERE to grab yours today.

Stay tuned for PART 2…where we take DRAGONLY and turn it CHRISTMAS!


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