Dreamy Displays

A trip wouldn’t be a trip for me if I didn’t show you a tiny bit of what I saw inside the shops. Just a few sweet displays here….

these definitely work with my next line of fabric… in theme and in color… more on that a bit later….

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Nanette | 18th Jul 08

    THe little cake boxes are so lovely. Wouldn’t they be beautiful with wedding cake slices in them? I wish I could get my hands on some of those!

  2. Erin from Hanniesannies.com | 18th Jul 08

    I loved it all!

  3. Diana | 20th Jul 08

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post pictures – this is absolutely how the internet enriches my life!!!
    Hope you find time to read Without Reservations – now you know two people who loved it! The author’s observations into life and travel are amazing.
    take care – now that I am back from my vacation I can continue working with my Dandelion Girl packs!

  4. mary's cottage quilts | 20th Jul 08

    Joanna, these display’s are simply beautiful. It looks like you guys had a very fun vacation!

  5. Jean C. | 21st Jul 08

    Your kids look like they are on vacation! That’s what kids are supposed to look like on vacation! I remember getting really brown when I was a kid (that’s when everyone wanted to be tan! And we didn’t know tons about sun screen! Oops, guess that tells my age! Oh, well… ) When I was in grade school in Seattle, we wore rain boots over our shoes, and we waded in the little streams next to the road on the way to and the way home from school… I’m thinking we were late a lot because of it! Me mostly! Nothing like playing in the water and looking for something fun! I still have a little almost heart shaped rock that I found in the stream.
    Enjoy the kids!

  6. Tif | 24th Jul 08

    Beautiful images!

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