Experiencing Re-entry

Hello there friends & fellow fabric lovers!
I am back from Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and I feel like I am experiencing some kind of cultural re-entry! My house is in chaos, my garden is full of weeds and blooms that haven’t been dead-headed in weeks [what’s dead-heading? my husband asks innocently :-)], my munchkins barely remember what I look like, my husband hasn’t seen a full nights rest in months and I won’t even start talking about my studio…. yikes! Although maybe later tonite, I might show you what it looks like before I start the cathartic cleaning process that I go through every time I come back from Market.

Market itself was wonderful and extremely successful [even though I did get food-poisoning after going out with some of the folks from MODA and was in bed for one whole day of the show!!]. My new line of fabric for MODA, “Allspice Tapestry” was very well received both here and internationally and I am tickled pink with the response. Over the next few months I will be sharing tidbits about books, magazine profiles, international travel, new friends, new products and more.

For now the Market whirlwind is done and I am going to sit in the garden with my Ella…

Before I go, I wanted to send you to my friend Sandi’s blog, Portabello Pixie, and here too, where she shares some of her enchanting children’s designs that she made for me out of “Allspice Tapestry” for my booth at Market. If you keep scrolling down you will see the beautiful pictures she took of the fabrics and the wonderfully creative things she made from them.
Here are some more peaks at “Allspice Tapestry” as they appear in the MODA sales literature, known in our industry as “The Playbook”.

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  1. janet clare | 9th May 07

    I too, am a newcomer to blogging – isn’t it great! I am also a designer, and after a short career change and two boys am just now trying to establish myself. My blog is my first step – http://www.janetclare.co.uk
    I have seen your patterns on sale and am very pleased to meet you!

  2. marlene | 9th May 07

    Welcome back!

  3. Sandi | 9th May 07

    Oh it was so much fun-I’m ready to work with you again Any time. And I just realized I still have your little Gymbo dress and the other I made. So in the mail they will come.


  4. Darlene | 9th May 07

    Oh Joanna this is a stunning new line of fabric. I can’t wait for it’s release! Soon, I hope!

    You must show pictures of your studio – in chaos would be fun!

  5. Zegi | 9th May 07

    LOVE the new line!!!!

  6. Lisa D. | 9th May 07

    Your new fabric line is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to get some!

  7. Laurie | 9th May 07

    I love your new line! It is spicy yummy! Can’t wait to start sewing with the new colors! So sorry you got sick at Market! How frustrating! Food poisoning is the worst!!! I’ve had it a few times. You have such lovely work!!!
    Love, Laurie~

  8. Nicole | 9th May 07

    Have missed you! It is wonderful that the Quilt Market was such a great success. Your new fabric line is sensational! I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

  9. the wine makers wife | 10th May 07

    Welcome back! My mother and I will be scooping up your ne wline in the quilt shops!! Gorgeous pallete.

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