I have really enjoyed seeing the progress on Instagram and in our Facebook group, Fig Tree Quilts Friends, on your squat pumpkins. I think the squat ones are my favorite! 🙂

To recap, here is our sew along schedule:


This week, we are working on the LARGE PUMPKIN block. Assembly instructions are on page 6 of the FAIRYTALE PUMPKINS pattern.

— If you are making the “day”/”night” sampler, you will need to make (8) LARGE PUMPKINS. For the cream version, be sure to vary the “low volume” backgrounds to add to the overall scrappiness of your finished quilt.

— If you are making the table runner, you will need to make (2) LARGE PUMPKINS.

— If you are making the mini quilt, well…you get a bit more time to finish up on your squat pumpkin or work ahead on your diamond sashing!


Speaking of diamond sashing, many of you have gotten ahead on cutting out your diamond centers, too! This week, we did add to the schedule the cutting out of the STITCH & FLIP corners from the background fabric. Again, as I said in week 1, doing a little each week will make assembly smoother at the end!

Susan of @thefeltedpear made a great tip/suggestion over in the Facebook Group:

“I keep a tray by my sewing machine with my “leader and ender” project (I always have one going!). You can see on it that my black squares are all cut, and so are my background corners. I use washi tape as a guide on my machine rather than drawing the lines or you can mark your squares with a Frixion pen or thin pencil. If you mark them, I suggest turning on your favorite show, and having a marking party! You will be done before you know it and ready to go at a moment’s notice!”


Next week is week THREE; look forward to some MINIS and SKINNIES! 🙂

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