For those of you in the FIGS & FRIENDS PROGRAM….Welcome to your FIRST installment of our FIGS & FRIENDS program for 2023/2024! I have so much fun curating these fabulous bundles for you and this month, you are in for quite a treat. This time I have curated a bundle filled with a summery collection of creams, yellows, and reds!

You might already know about my obsession with all things yellow. So this yellow and red pairing was an irresistible choice to use for the start of this year’s program.

We always try to make up a few “extra” bundles for the shop, so if you are lucky – you may be able to snag one of those HERE! As always with our F&F Program, the “extra” bundles do not include the recolored, featured pattern and would need to be purchased separately.

Collaboration #1 for 2023-24: SUMMER RED & YELLOW


This month’s mix is a variety of my FRUIT COCKTAIL collection in reds and yellows and a mix of Corey Yoder’s SUNWASHED and BUTTERCUPS & SLATE, Moda’s BEYOND BELLA, Sherri and Chelsi’s SIMPLY DELIGHTFUL, and THE SHORES by Brenda Riddle. We have added in a cream print from Camille’s DWELL and a favorite STITCHED print. We are basking in this yellow and red summer glow!


This time, we are featuring the CROSSCHECK pattern, available in the shop in PAPER or PDF – in case you aren’t part of the FIGS & FRIENDS PROGRAM, but still want to sew along! We felt like this was the perfect pairing for this summer fabric bundle concoction!

We decided to mockup several quilts using varying background choices to give you some choices! Do you have a favorite version? Let me know in the comments below! First up is the featured ivory and yellow option on an ivory background and with a scrappy yellow outer border from the bundle.

As an alternative that I love, we made up one with a green solid background. For this version, the green fabric is used for all of the sashing and borders as shown. So fresh! FINISHING KITS are available for both of these.

Find the featured FINISHING KITS and BACKING KITS HERE in our shop while supplies last.

If you click on it, and you find nothing, that unfortunately means the kits have sold out at this time.


If you are looking for a different way to use this pattern in a fresh, new way… this was another fun way to use just two block colors and a solid aqua mint background.

******** INFO ON THE PROGRAM ITSELF ********

This is the start of the 2023/2024 program and sign-ups are full and closed. Sign-ups for the next year’s program usually occur at the beginning of the year and the best place to stay “in the know” on our offerings is by signing up for our newsletter, which you can do HERE.

We do always try to secure extra fabric for many of the curated bundles and will work to have a few extra bundles each time to offer to those of you who missed out or who might just be interested in that *one* color bundle.

WHAT: Every 2 months, we will offer a fabulous little combination bundle of Fig Tree Fabrics and another favorite MODA designer [or sometimes even 2 … or more!] to make up a wonderful new and unique fabric palette. Each palette will be 2-3 colors, some of ours and some of theirs to create something new and different…something that we would not have thought of before. It’s always fun to see some of the beauties that we come up with when we put 2 [or more] of us together!

WHEN: Starting in May 2023, and continuing every 2 months for one year [6 total bundles for the annual program]. So the bundles will be shipped in the following months: May, July, September, November, January, and March.

INCLUDES: (16) 1/4 yds. fabric prints for a total of 4 yards of fabric, plus a pattern that would be a good suggestion for the curated fabric bundle. The pattern is just there as a complementary option…you can, of course, do anything you like with the fabric bundle, as it will be a great palette to start so many different projects!

It is a perfect way to add some new combinations to your stash, a great way to be introduced to some new designs, and maybe even new colors for you. We promise that each bundle will absolutely coordinate with Fig Tree (as half of the bundle will be Fig Tree), but may perhaps push us a little bit outside of our regular favorites into some new and fun combinations.

OTHER INFO: The bundle is just a fabric bundle, not a kit. Borders and background will be suggested and offered as a FINISHING KIT and BACKING KIT if you want to make the pattern included look exactly like one of our mockups, but they will not be included in the bundle.

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