Figs on the Floor

I know I haven’t posted any pictures of Market since I’ve been back…and some of you have been waiting patiently for something, a little decoration, a little fig, a little something…

Well, I have to make a confession… for the 3rd Market in a row I have brought my camera with me and yet failed to take a single picture! The camera just doesn’t even make it out of the hotel room. And every year, as I am in the middle of taking my booth down at a break neck speed [I don’t know what it is about Market break down but you can ask any Market vendor that it is almost like a contest to see how fast one can break down the entire booth- the booth by the way that sometimes took you days to set up-, pack it up and shove everything into the car, the UPS store or wherever else its going…] I realize that I haven’t had time or presence of mind to take any pictures, again!! I say a few choice words, look around me at the chaos and the boxes and hope that maybe next year I’ll do better. I’m getting way more into this whole photography thing so maybe we stand a chance in Houston.

So if you haven’t already, you might want to take a glance and live thru Market vicariously like I’ve doing [since I barely made it out of my booth at Market] here, or here or here or here to see some great Market finds and booths.

As for the Fig Tree booth, we’ll have to settle for a shot or 2 taken by my friend Anne B. The theme was “A Farmer’s Market”- I have been so inspired by the fruit stands at Farmer’s Markets such as theseImages

, the colors & the scents that I thought it would be fun to make a “quilt” farmer’s Market stand. We used dozens of wooden fruit crates filled with straw & fresh green applesApplesgreen covering the bottom parts of the walls of the entire booth. The floor was a faded white faux wood paneling [courtesy of our wonderful MODA mother ship as Gina put it] with huge coated fabric figs scattered afixed to the floor. Lots of people thought they were so darling that they were afraid to walk on them and I had to keep assuring people that it was just fine, that they were coated with plastic [the florals in our line were also offered as a coated fabric that you can use to make tote bags or picnic tablecloths…llots of creative uses]!! We got so many wonderful comments about the booth and especially those figs that we just felt awash with the praise! The floor figs were a bit different from what most people had, since usually no one puts anything on the floor except for carpeting or rugs. Anyway, they were such a huge hit that I think we might do something similiar in coming years. Next time they might have to be dandelions… stay tuned to find out why dandelions… :-)!Booth_shot_2

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  1. josie | 7th Jun 07

    OK, you have me hooked! What is it about dandelions? I usually think of them as weeds, but obviously not in your vintage world! Can’t wait to find out what’s coming! I’m turning into a Fig Tree junkie – seems like all my current projects are centered around your fabrics and patterns. You look quite “glam” in your photo!! Love your blog!

  2. Nicole | 7th Jun 07

    What great pictures! I have seen your booth at PIQF, and thought it was just the best. Glad you posted again, I’ve been waiting!

  3. pam | 7th Jun 07

    It was a very pretty booth!

  4. Laurie | 7th Jun 07

    Gorgeous! Everything is singing, Joanna!

  5. mary | 7th Jun 07

    I was benind you and one door down (next to me and my sister). Your booth was so pretty! I loved the Farmers Market theme. I think my friend Valerie has some photos of your booth. I’ll tell her to send them to you.

  6. zegi | 10th Jun 07

    Love the booth! It has such a vintage soft look. And the green apron from the flea market…please pu-lease design something with it!!! 🙂

  7. Sara, The House of Charm | 12th Jun 07

    I wish I could have seen the figs on the floor! Your booth looks darling! I will be at Market in Fall and look forward to stopping by your booth! Best!

  8. Doe | 16th Jun 07

    Love everything here!

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