Folk Flowers Quilt Story

Finding vintage quilt treasures is one of those things that many of us quilters dream of, right? Searching through piles of textiles at flea markets, rummaging around antique malls, making a discovery at a local estate sale… you never know where you might find a treasure… am I right? Well, at least that has always been true for me. There is something about the hunt and the discovery that I just love, its all about the process!

For me the love affair with vintage quilts started before I was even a quilter, the year I got married. But that is a story for another day.

But let’s get back to this quilt! This year in January, I went on a little quilting adventure with a few Fig Tree friends to Road to California and visited one of my long time favorite vintage quilt friends, Cindy’s Antiques. And then I had one of those moments… I saw the quilt the moment I walked into her booth. It was the perfect blend of faded denim blue, washed out red and a little tiny pop of mustard yellow. It was lovely… and possibly just as important, in my budget!! I tried to talk myself out of it, but 15 minutes later, the quilt was packaged up and on its way home with me…

Of course as soon as I brought it home, my wheels starting spinning and I knew I had to work to get this beautiful folk art, primitive applique to you guys so that we could all love it.

First I found the perfect fabrics…

And then I just stared at them for a long time! My work load was kinda crazy.. just like it always seems to be and I just couldn’t find the time to make this project happen no matter how much I loved it. And then my friend Mary Andra stepped into the picture. I knew she would save the day as she has before. Her work and her spirit are both the same… impeccable and always up to the task! Her offer of assistance was like one of those little “halelluiah” moments. And so the sketching began, the fabric was sent off and Mary Andra got to work. Once she did her applique magic, we assembled and finished off the quilt here in the studio after all of her hours of hand applique… yup, hand applique… needleturn nonetheless! Thank you Cheryl for the fabulous work to finish up the quilt.

And Folk Flowers was born.

Next off in the journey, the quilt traveled to Diana Johnson for her fabulous custom quilting treatment… Even in retirement, Diana comes through!!

… the new one is on the ladder, the vintage one in the basket on the chair. It is amazing to me how much they look alike.

And as always Diana did her magic. Outlining, cross hatching and feather borders… pretty much the perfect trifecta for a vintage reproduction like this one.

And back to me for binding. I decided to use the same denim blue fabric for binding as I did for the main flowers… it just seemed to be the perfect compliment. The original has just ivory binding and I did toy with that idea but in the end wanted something with a tiny bit of a frame.

… and as always the quilting really brings it to life.
… a close up of the two together
And the official cover shot for the pattern.

We finished up the photo shoot just a few days ago and we were almost there! Photography is always one of my favorite parts and yet takes so much time and set up!

I wrote up directions, created applique shapes and formatted the pattern. Since this is a limited edition beauty, we will just print the patterns here. Patterns are 8 1/2″ x11″ with full size pattern pieces [the large leaf set has to be pieced from two sheets due to its size] and we have limited kits.

We are so very proud and excited about this finish. Thank you Mary Andra, Cheryl and Diana for your amazing work!

Click HERE for the kit. Pattern will also be available separately by tomorrow.

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  1. Karen S | 19th Aug 20

    That is just gorgeous!! Fabulous work by each of you!!

    • | 19th Aug 20

      Thank you Karen!!

  2. Mary Andra Holmes | 19th Aug 20

    Hi Joanna, It was my pleasure to hand applique this fabulous antique reproduction quilt for you. This is the second reproduction quilt I’ve appliqued. I never tire of the process. The result for all who worked of your project, Folk Flower Vintage Applique, is absolutely fabulous.

    • | 19th Aug 20

      Mary Andra- You are the best. Thank you so much!!

  3. Diana Johnson | 19th Aug 20

    Love this quilt! I’m trying to fight it, but looks like I’m going to check out the kit!

    • | 19th Aug 20

      You are too funny!

  4. Cheryl | 19th Aug 20

    I love how you recreate vintage quilts, they’re always so beautifully finished, the quilting it perfect.

    • | 19th Aug 20

      Thanks so much… this was a really good one!

  5. Maggie Clanton | 19th Aug 20

    Oh this is the next quilt on my list. just beautiful!

    • | 19th Aug 20

      Thanks Maggie! I sure hope you do this one!

  6. Nicola Dodd | 20th Aug 20

    Not only a stunning quilt but a real tribute to teamwork! xx

  7. Trudy | 20th Aug 20

    I called my daughter as soon as I saw this. “Please order this for me and have it shipped to your house. Your father has been giving me the evil eye ever time I get a package marked Figtree.”I told her. There’s nothing like having a partner in crime when you have to out fox Mr. Grumpy Pants. This quilt is going to be beautiful and he will never be the wiser.

    • | 20th Aug 20

      I LOVE YOUR STORY. You tell your husband that Fig Tree is cheaper than therapy and better for your health than fried food or chocolate and that as far as vices are concerned… its a pretty good one 🙂 🙂 :-0

  8. Julie Deering | 20th Aug 20

    When I first seen this quilt I thought I wish Joanna would make a pattern and kit for this. And the further I read the more excited I got. I just had to order it! I love vintage quilts and love when someone recreates them! Awesome job!

    • | 20th Aug 20

      So glad you had that thought… that is exactly why we did it. Hoping to make some people happy!

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