Quilt Market set up all done!

Set up days at Market are done. It took much longer than we expected but we are really happy with the results. Will send some pics tomorrow after the show opens.

Two of our newest patterns here…. 



Gotta go to sleep. Early day tomorrow.
Talk to you soon.

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  1. sherri | 14th May 09

    Both patterns look lovely…can’t wait to see your booth photos!

  2. Trelly | 14th May 09

    wonderful, I like Papillon very much!!!! Happy market Joana, kisses froom Spain

  3. Magnolia Bay Quilts | 15th May 09

    LOVE your new patterns and your fabric!

  4. Amy | 15th May 09

    Very, very pretty!!! I just made a purse last night from a few of your Patisserie fabrics. It is soooooo cool!

  5. Stephanie | 15th May 09

    I just posted a purse I designed using your Patisserie line and my very favorite dresdens and a butterfly wall pocket using dresdens. I was pleasantly surprised to see your new very lovely Papillion pattern. Looking forward to market photos, especially your booth.

  6. Loris Mills | 15th May 09

    Love the diamonds. Love the center medallion. Can’t wait 🙂

  7. Jess | 15th May 09

    Oh I love your papillon pattern!

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