Fresh Cottons Introductions

I just realized the other day that we have been talking about these yummies for quite some time now. People have been working with them and even gushing about them a bit here and there. The precuts have come into the shops and projects have been started. Projects are being made left and right just in time for Spring Quilt Market.

And yet I haven't really formally introduced them yet, have I? I always feel like I would like to give the current collection its "day in the limelight" and since Whimsy just came into stores in February it has somehow felt like cheating if i started talking about these babies too soon. How funny is that?

But its time I think. Yardage will start arriving in April and after all I have sneak peaks to share of the next offspring… I know… how does this all come so fast sometimes?

So here are a few pics of Fresh Cottons….


Soft Ivory Creams.

Warm Milk Chocolate Browns.

Sunny Butter Yellows.

Sparkly Seafoam Blues.

Tangy Strawberry Reds & Salmon Pinks.

Crisp Apple Greens.

The group itself makes me think of fresh laundry drying on a summer clothesline in a garden overflowing with blossoms. Sounds seriously corny, huh? 

I know, I know but sometimes I just get this image in my head when I am designing a new collection and for the life of me, I can't get that image out of my head. Its that image that informs all of the prints that I end up choosing. That's the way it was with this one. I can almost smell that smell, you know what I mean, that fresh laundry on a line smell? 

When I was a little girl and a brand new immigrant to this country, we didn't have a lot of money and so my mom wouldn't let use us the clothes dryer except for in the dead of winter. We had several clotheslines in the backyard and it was our job to both hand and take down the washing … all the time! My sister and I would of course have been rather doing anything else at the time but the scent of those clothes is something I will never, ever forget. It is the smell of Fresh Cottons.

After the air yardage came and I started working on patterns, there were a few that seemed to just come straight from the prints… If that makes any sense at all! Here are a couple of my current favorites.

Paper Roses

A few shots of Paper Roses. A really fun charm pack pattern. Made us happy to work on it.





Definitely my favorite out of this grouping. Made from Layer Cakes… gotta love that.

Traditionally this block is called the Snails Trail block & not only did I not like the name of the block but wasn't crazy about all of the traditional templates I would have had to use to make it. 

Well, this time around I finally figured how to do it from standard squares & we were off. This is not a beginner quilt…. but Oh so worth it in the end I think. I'm having a hard time parting with this one for shows these days. Loving the movement and the secondary pattern that forms in the swirls. 




Gotta love that quilting!


Talk to you soon.

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  1. happy zombie | 30th Mar 10

    Oh sooooooooo pretty, Joanna! This is my favorite of yours. I say that about all of your collections… but this one really is my fave – and I swear it’s singing to me. No serously… I hear singing every time I come to you blog. And in French even (sometimes). I especially love the Sparkly Seafoam Blues! I need another trip up to Bobbi’s!

  2. pam | 30th Mar 10

    Pretty pretties.. love all the laundry imagery.They are pretty memories.

  3. rachel | 30th Mar 10

    SO pretty.
    i am utterly in love with all the dots.
    and that yellow colorway is to die for.
    be still my heart.

  4. Camille Roskelley | 30th Mar 10

    YUM. SOOOO pretty. Very Fig Tree-y. I think this is my second favorite line of yours so far. All spice was my all time favorite of yours. I think you knew that.

    BTW, got my disc w/images just now. Hooray!

  5. Safieh | 30th Mar 10

    Amazing. I hardly have time to quilt my way through all your fabrics, you’re killing me!! Working on Summertime Stars now and have Butterscotch Tart up next, but I have to get this Paper Roses!

  6. Jeanie | 30th Mar 10

    Just bought the bundle!! Once again, it is beautiful. I can’t wait to cut into it:)

  7. Alice S | 30th Mar 10

    I love all of your fabrics!!! The Paper Roses quilt is so cute.

  8. sherri | 30th Mar 10

    LOVE Fresh Cottons…so fun to see Paper Roses all quilted up! Parasols is wonderful as well…and I’m in LOVE also with the pattern I’m working on today! This collection is definitely one of my favorites too!

  9. Lou | 30th Mar 10

    delicious. I have the fat quarter bundle on it’s way to me!

  10. amber johnson | 30th Mar 10

    Love ’em all (especially the seafoam blues!) All of the colors and prints are just lovely!

  11. Bradie Sparrow | 30th Mar 10

    So, SEW dreamy! I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Although, I’ve got to tell you I have a real problem with your fabrics. I buy them. I bring them home. Then I simply can not bring myself to chop them up! 😉

  12. Joanna | 30th Mar 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Bradie Sparrow submitted a comment on Fresh Cottons Introductions


    You got to CUT THEM UP…. And then buy more…. LOL! Thats the only way to work through it. So glad you enjoy them!


  13. Stephanie | 30th Mar 10

    Brings back memories of my grandmother. She only had a wringer washer and would NEVER have a dryer. Everything was put on the clothesline. Nothing smells better than laundry fresh from the clothesline. Beautiful fabrics and patterns.

  14. Dawn | 30th Mar 10

    I am so waiting to get my hands on sone of Ehimsy too..Another gorgeous range…well done… Love the Parasols quilt, so so girly and chic…another one on the list of my to do’s.
    Hugs Dawn x x

  15. Dawn | 30th Mar 10

    oops typo error…LOL…. Whimsy…. that sounds better
    Hugs x x x

  16. Sinta Renee | 30th Mar 10

    This group is like the best of the best! I love the colors. Maybe I’m just hungry but who could resist Buttery yellows, brisp apple greens, Strawberry red! I love your new patterns too. I have always wanted to do a “snails trail” style of quilt (hate that name) and the charm pattern… hmmm. Yeap, I love it!

  17. Dianne | 30th Mar 10

    yay! they’re all gorgeous! I’d like a quilt made of just the blues and greens!

  18. Joanna | 30th Mar 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Dianne submitted a comment on Fresh Cottons Introductions

    Me too! In fact I am working on one of those right now. Using a couple aquas and greens from the past couple of lines. Will post pictures as soon as it is done.

    Happy sewing,


  19. susan | 30th Mar 10

    is it wrong that i love every single fabric?? such pretty pretties. hoping my shop gets oodles of bolts!
    cant wait to play with these

  20. Amy | 30th Mar 10

    Just gorgeous! I’m getting some tomorrow! I can’t wait to see the seafoam in person.

  21. Kaye Prince | 30th Mar 10

    Gorgeous Joanna! I can’t wait to see all of the loveliness at Market in May – it’s gonna be great!

  22. Staci Payne | 30th Mar 10

    I love love love this fabric! It is my favorite Fig Tree line (so far. . .), I love it even more than Dandelion Girl– I made 4 quilts from that line! I already have my FQB, have picked out a pattern, and am eagerly waiting for the yardage to arrive. I adore the sea glass color, and those pinks really sparkle! Thank you for designing such loveliness for us all to play with!

  23. Rebecca Beach | 30th Mar 10

    Polka Dots AND roses??? I’m in love and must have all of these immediately! 🙂

  24. Joanna | 30th Mar 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] sherri submitted a comment on Fresh Cottons Introductions


    You are awesome and I love all of your work on these guys! Thanks so much for everything!


  25. Joanna | 30th Mar 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Staci Payne submitted a comment on Fresh Cottons Introductions

    Thanks so much! Actually its funny you say that because the colors in this line are quite similar to Dandelion Girl, plus the strawberries and salmon pinks added in for a bit of added pop! So glad you are all enjoying it.

    Happy Sewing,


  26. Diane | 30th Mar 10

    Beautiful! I especially like the Paper Roses pattern.

  27. Doris | 31st Mar 10

    Oooh, the seafoam blues and apple greens….YUM!

    Isn’t it sad that clotheslines have disappeared for the most part? I live in a condo with no yard, if I ever have a house again I WILL have a clothesline!

  28. Jean | 31st Mar 10

    They are all so beautiful, as always. But those yellows are calling me…

  29. Sheri Forrester | 31st Mar 10

    Joanna, I just LOVE all of these fabrics! They remind me of the stuff from my grandma’s house! Now, how am I going to make them work with all my RED? Just kidding! They are going to fit in here somewhere! Have to get lots of those florals!! They’re gorgeous! You’re Amazing!

  30. Abby | 1st Apr 10

    I just discovered your blog recently and I must say your designs are the dreamiest I’ve ever seen! I want every single one:)

  31. Amy | 3rd Apr 10

    Seeing these fabrics made me catch my breath. Really beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m thinking of so many things to sew with them that my head is spinning.

  32. Mary Ann | 3rd Apr 10

    Waiting for my fix from Fat Quarters. I’ll be making big hexagons, can’t wait. Is there a pattern sheet for the parasols…love that one too!

  33. Joanna | 3rd Apr 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Mary Ann submitted a comment on Fresh Cottons Introductions

    Yes, Parasols is one of our newest patterns. You can find it under ALL PATTERNS or NEW DESIGNS on our SHOP page of the website



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