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Okay, so I’m still cleaning up my studio. Although I do have to tell you that I’m almost done cleaning, the floor has slowly come into view.. I know you probably doubt me, but its true…. pictures coming soon.

To celebrate my “cleanliness” I treated myself to a little flea marketing before an afternoon of fabric design and painting today We are lucky enough to have a wonderful Flea Market right here in our own backyard, the Alameda Naval Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire, which happens to be about 15 minutes from my house. I dragged 2 of my friends with me, Denise, and Diana, one of my quilters extroirdinaire and off we went.

My goal was to find some new furniture & fun accessories for a photo shoot that will be happening at my house later this summer [that’s all hush, hush for now, but I’ll share more as soon as I can…] and I did get a little green bench toward that goal.
But instead I found so many wonderful little Fresh Vintage 🙂 items- a couple antique quilt tops, a wonderful linen tablecloth with a tangerine stripe, 2 vintage floral drapes with the most wonderful faded color scheme, some old wooden hangers that will make a wonderful display, a bunch of $1 scarves, a bunch of $1 silver plated silverware… and that’s just the beginning of the list. I’m too tired to post pictures of these little goodies tonite but will do that in my next post.

The Flea Market was fabulous with so many new stylish vendors- could have stayed all day! While we were there we bumped into Elizabeth and Pam! I’m telling you, everytime I go on a little adventure, I find out that those 2 have either just done it, are doing it at the same time I’m doing it, or happen to go the same place a few days or weekends after I go! We were bound to bump into each other sooner or later. Ofcourse they were armed with cameras in order to chronicle their adventures and what did I have? Just a goofy smile when Elizabeth said “cheese”. Maybe she’ll post it sometime soon. Next time I’ll be armed with my own point and click Elizabeth and you’ll be having to smile your cute self!!
Here’s to seeing each other at future roadtrips gals!

For today, I wanted to tell you about this cute little antiques cooperative in downtown Benicia… Kindred Spirits. On Mother’s Day I told my husband and my (3) kids that today it was all about mommy and that they had to go wherever I wanted to go all day long. One of the places we ended up is this cute little collective. I got a few wonderful little goodies that I’ve been wanting to show you…

1. Vintage Ironing Board with green legs. I already have one of these but I just couldn’t resist this one. For those of you who are local and have the same proclivity toward these wonderful old ironing boards, she had at least 2 more at the shop.Ironingboard

2. This wonderful vintage apron. The apron is cute enough by itself, but the color palette is totally inspirational! I would love to design an entire fabric line around this little color scheme. What do you think? The aqua and lime alone just sends me into twirlies!Apron

3. This great little green box and some vintage bird coasters. The green box has a specific name and its a collectible and I just can’t remember its official name. Ofcourse, for me its all about the color…if its fresh green, I have to have it! It had a little chip in it, so that made it affordable…Greenbox2

Talk to you soon my friends!

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  1. Elizabeth | 4th Jun 07

    Can’t wait to see what you got! And no, we really aren’t stalking you…and yes, the picture of you turned out pretty cute! Just be glad I didn’t post the OTHER one…I have a knack for capturing people when their mouths are wide open.

  2. Laurie | 5th Jun 07

    OHhh, these fun finds are absolutely knockouts! I’m dripping with envy…i need to come along next time i’m in the Bay Area!
    You could hang the bird coasters up on a pretty wall. Ideas are endless….have fun! love, laurie

  3. Heather | 5th Jun 07

    Is “milkglass” the word you were looking for? It’s a beautiful dish.

  4. LakeHouseHolly | 6th Jun 07

    Hey there you,

    Didn’t we bump into each other too?

    Oakland Airport, Alameda, it’s just a bit of jet exhaust away from each other right?

    I have been to that flea market…can you spell “grit in your teeth when the wind picks up”?

    Of course that is nothing compared to the body lice and suntan oil biker gang that hung out at my Sunday morning flea market in Marin City back inthe days when I lived in Hurricane Gulch in Sausalito…

    wish you, PKM AND ES all were my neighbors…
    I need partners in crime…Paton is NOT a morning person.



  5. Nicole | 7th Jun 07

    The vintage apron is just so adorable! I have got to start making aprons. There is a wonderful ruffled pattern on Morgan Moore’s blog:

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