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I hope that you are having a restful and inspired first week of the year! I don’t know about you, but it always takes me a few more days than “it should” to organize myself for the new year. I am not a huge “hit the new year running” kind of girl even though I kinda wish that I was. It always takes me a few extra days to finish everything up, get everything out, organize myself and start dreaming about the new year. And I have so many new things to share with you guys that I almost don’t really know where to start!


That week in between Christmas and New Year’s is always a total and complete blur to us. It is always such a strange time for our whole family… it is totally in between and it feels totally in between. All of our adult children are back home and resettling into our house. The one already here is slowly gearing up to going back to high school in a few days. Here are some of the characteristics of our last 10 days here in Fig Land. The house is usually in complete and utter chaos but no one has the energy to deal with it in a timely manner. People are enjoying their presents which can mean a whole variety of things! We kind of want to pack up and go skiing… but not enough to make it happen quite yet. I am still loving my Christmas decorations, but at the same time the clutter is slowly making me crazy LOL. We have all over eaten at least a bit… :-). And its not quite New Year’s yet so the motivation to start new things is not quite there yet… at least not for me. It is one of the weeks that I unplug most completely from work as all of my ladies are off with their families and the office is closed for the whole week.

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY: Well all of that was true last week. But now… the New Year is upon us. We are actually embracing our California mountain winter and skiing but the rest of the above is still true. :-). I guess I will clean house and meet all of my other deadlines when I get home. But in the meantime, I wanted to share a few things with you guys…


… new accessories to go with the collection.

I am really super excited to share with you that I have a new Christmas collection that MODA reps are starting to show… it is called CHRISTMAS FIGS II and is a sister collection to the first. It is pretty fabulous and I am so happy with how it turned out. Here is the official description of the group:

A sister collection to our well loved Christmas Figs I, this new version of our Christmas favorites brings you the same fabulous scarlet reds, two fabulous tones of greens on top of our light ivory base with a new set of prints and patterns! For me, Christmas is all about creating a cozy, welcoming place that makes everyone feel the holiday spirit and for me that all starts with quilts and other fabric decorations. A stack of favorite quilts, vintage & new combined, fabric ornaments on the tree, table runners and of course pillows… all make my house feel like Christmas from the moment I walk through the front door. On their own, most of these prints are perfect blenders for so many other projects, but when you bring them all together, they create a classic, traditional, slightly retro Christmas feel that I hope you will fall in love with a second time around. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Figgy home to yours!


And of course with a new collection come a few of our favorites made up into PRE ORDER KITS AND BUNDLES. So here is a sneak peek of those that we have put together for you. We will have a lot more info here on each one of the patterns and the kits themselves NEXT WEEK if you are interested in more in detail information, but for right now [and to grab the specials that come with them]… here they are!


… the quilt is on its way to be quilted as we speak but here are a few photos of the top before we sent it away. More photos to come once the quilts return!


… If you are like so many of us, and just a bit ga-ga for these prints and colors, then the half yard bundle might just be for you. It will give you a lot of goodness to work on a lot of different patterns.


… a fat quarter bundle of goodness, 24 fat quarters, one of each of the pieces in the collection


… Our Woodland Wonderland Block of the Month program in kit form, included is the new book with our Christmas Figs II fabrics and a few of our favorite browns for stems and accessories

To check out the new PRE ORDERS, come on over to THE SHOP and check out the FEATURED PAGE goodies.

We will of course also be talking more about each one of these and the other patterns over the coming days so stay tuned!

HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF 2020! And tell me… are you a guys a “start all new things on January 1” kind or a slow roll like me?


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  1. Alicia Hunt | 28th Dec 19

    The Woodland Wonderland quilt looks awesome. How much is the finishing kit and what does it include? I asked this on another page yesterday, but can’t find where now. They are 4 of us ladies thinking about doing this in the heat of the summer!
    Thank you

    • | 3rd Jan 20

      We do no have an offer for the finishing kit at this time. When we do it will include backing and binding. Thanks!

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