Happy Easter!



Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter tonite. Hope and pray that your weekend was spent with friends and family and that somehow sewing or creativity was involved!


Appreciate you all so much!

We made up a quick bundle today… just in case someone is dieing for a new infusion of some ALOHA GIRL…. in our shop and homepage….


We have some new and exciting things to share in the next few days… so stay tuned!

Love, The Figs

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  1. Hildy | 6th Apr 15

    Happy Easter to you and your family, too! It’s a holiday today in Germany and I don’t need to work tomorrow, too, so I’ll definitly spend some time behind my sewing machine.

  2. Tammie Smith | 6th Apr 15

    Happy Easter to you as well!

  3. Pamela | 6th Apr 15

    Happy Easter!

    The Aloha Girl bundle is eye candy! Its so soft and rich. Its gorgeous.

  4. Joanna | 8th Apr 15

    Thank you so much Pamela! They kind of are perfect Easter colors!

  5. Joanna | 8th Apr 15

    Hope you had a wonderful time at Easter and getting a bit of sewing done!


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