Aloha Girl Tablecloth

For those of you who have been around for a while, you might remember our Hawaiian inspired collection after my first trip to Hawaii, Aloha Girl. It was filled with yummy corals and light greens and seaglass blues. It was so much fun to design and definitely a favorite collection for many!

Recently I uncovered a secret stash of the panel that went with that collection!! A panel that I created based on the reproduction of a favorite tablecloth I had… it was a perfect match to the group and it was so much fun seeing that tablecloth shrunk down as fabric.

I knew that if we played around with the panels a bit, we could turn it into a great summer table cloth and with just a few other fabrics, these mini vintage tablecloths could be the perfect weekend project to get us into the swing of summer!

So Susan and I brainstormed a simple set of 4 panels sashed with nine patches and a simple green bar. its kind of wonderful as a small picnic blanket or for your patio table. Time to bring on the summer vibes!

How much time do you need to make it, you ask? I am going to say safely an afternoon and if you are focused 2 hours tops… you can then quilt if you like [I do believer that Susan is going to quilt hers this week so check in on Instagram to see what it looks like], or simply add an “envelope” backing to it, turn it inside out and do a bit of top stitching to get it all secure. Since its a “tablecloth” either will work I think!

We have kits of these for now, available HERE, and if we run out we will try to offer just yardage of the panels as well. They also make fabulous napkins and a fun apron that we did as a free pattern here on the blog a long time ago.

If you search ALOHA APRON in the search bar over on the right, you will find that fun project as well!

Happy first days and weeks of summer friends! Joanna and Susan

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  1. Heather Martin | 28th May 21

    What a fabulous idea to make a tablecloth or a picnic blanket perhaps! Which Bella solids go with the Aloha Girl collection?

  2. Karen Chaudoin | 1st Jun 21

    Oh please redo the Aloha Collection. After this long pandemic we could use some cheery colors. Those blues, the touch of lavender, and corals and greens!

  3. Bonita scruggs | 3rd Jun 21

    What a refreshing piece of fabric.

  4. Audrey Fresh | 16th Jun 21

    I received my Aloha Girl Tablecloth kit today! Do you have ideas for the coral and green “crosshatch” fabric edges that we trim away from the panels? That fabric is cute too!

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