Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies & Gents…
My husband brought me the most beautiful apricot French Tulips this morning… possibly my favorite special occasion flower ever! Accompanying those was a little box of dark chocolate covered orange peels… possibly my favorite special occasion chocolate ever! Accompanying that he cleaned up the house while I slept in a bit this morning… most certainly my favorite special occasion activity EVER! My day is looking sweet, how about yours?
Comment on one of your sweetest valentine’s memories current or past and I will send out a few of the above Valentine’s patterns to 3 commentators this weekend. You can work on it for next year… let’s face it that ‘s about how long it takes most of us to do applique projects, even little ones!


On the studio front, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our newest Fresh Vintage #7 issue. It should be arriving from the printers any day now and for those of you on auto ship, you should be getting your issue by the end of next week or right after next weekend. If you want to be added to auto ship, email us. I’m loving the vintage feel of this quilt right now. It is a direct reproduction of an antique quilt I saw from the 1800’s. It just feels like it came from a little house on the prairie somewhere, doesn’t it?
It uses a fat quarter bundle so dig those bundles out and get started…



Talk to you soon.

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  1. Pat | 14th Feb 08

    My favorite Valentines Day was 38 years ago when my now husband asked me to marry him. We have been happily married for 37 years.

  2. Sandy Sparacino | 14th Feb 08

    I just posted this on my blog :O), I have been with my dh for over 20 years.

    Recently I started to school :O). I got up and went to school, when I went to leave school I found sitting in the driver seat of my vehicle a adorable little Red Devil Teddy Bear and mooshy card! My handsome honey had came to school while I was in class, found my car and left that for me :O). What a sweet surprise :O).

  3. Linda | 14th Feb 08

    Oh definately my favorite was this day 29 years ago when my son was born. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift, my first child, a son.

  4. Gina M | 14th Feb 08

    My husband of 22 years has an old-fashioned, romantic heart and a childlike sense of fun. He still buys fresh flowers for me every week and always gives careful thought to special gifts. I collect vintage hankies with tatted edges in remembrance of my grandmother who tatted beautiful lace…so for Valentine’s Day he found some wonderful additions for my collection and a funny vintage Valentine’s Day card to accompany the gift! Just sharing a life with him is my all-time best gift though!

  5. Tamara | 14th Feb 08

    16 years ago my now currant husband asked me to marry him. We have been happily married for 12 years, 13 years in December. I was in college when he asked for my hand, so we waited until I graduated. Of course we lived together through all of those years.

  6. Nancy | 14th Feb 08

    Every Valentines Day is special. Today I sneaked out to leave his card on the seat of his truck. After he left, I picked up my laptop to find he had hidden a card for me.
    Great minds think alike!! LOL

  7. Deb C | 14th Feb 08

    My favorite Valentines Day memory was 9 yrs ago when my husband and I were dining at a restaurant and I gave him a Valentine’s card with a positive pregnancy test stick inside with a note that said “hi daddy”. Needless to say, he was estatic. He turned around in his seat and told everyone in the restaurant.

  8. Marian Edwards | 14th Feb 08

    I absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day because that is the day we have chosen to celebrate our ‘togetherness’ and we always do something special. This year was EXTRA special…our 20th Anniversary and we went hot air ballooning and had a champagne breakfast afterwards….it was MAGIC!!!

  9. Sharon Lagace | 14th Feb 08

    My husband and I have been married for 5 1/2 years, and together for almost 9 years. My most memorable Valentines Day, was our first – February 2000. I realised then that he made be feel as if it were Valentines Day every day. No matter how we spend Feb 14th I always have that 1st memory.

  10. Darlene | 14th Feb 08

    Valentine’s Day is overshadowed by our wedding anniversary on Feb 12th – we just celebrated our 31st anniversary. I’d have to say my favorite Valentine’s Day memory would be the one two days after we were married and I was on Cloud 9 – I’d found the man of my dreams. 🙂

  11. Betsy Pratt | 14th Feb 08

    Happy Valentine’s Day Joanna!
    Although I dearly love my hubby of 22+ years , my fondest memory of a sweet Valentine’s Day is from my Sophomore year in High School. My boyfriend and I had broken up about a month before, so I was just a tiny bit sad that I didn’t have that special person to celebrate with. When I came home from school, I found a dozen red roses on my front doorstep with a card. Inside the card was written “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful girl in the world”. Your Secret Admirer. I never did find out who that secret admirer was {and my Mom denies doing it to this day!} but it sure was a sweet day, and I spent quite a few walks between classes looking at cute guys wondering if they might be “the one” who sent the roses.

  12. Cara | 14th Feb 08

    I loved this year. My hubby and daughter bought me some beautiful potted daffidols, which with the 12 inches of snow on the ground is so welcome.

  13. blop | 14th Feb 08

    This is the BEST Valentines Day for me. My sweetie and I have been together for 14 years going thru lots of chemo and health crisis together and have gotten thru them all. Last year we got married on Christmas Eve and now we have found out that his cancer is back again, so we are back on the road for a fight. So THIS is my BEST, we are having a romantic crab dinner together and getting ready for a vacation b/4 we start chemo again!

  14. Amy | 15th Feb 08

    For Valentine’s Day, my mom always used to make a heart-shaped layer cake with that fluffy marshmallow icing that is so yummy and sweet! Our last name was Love, so it was a big day at our house!

  15. valerie | 15th Feb 08

    my favorite and most memoriable would be delivering my son, 16 years ago now, although he was not planned that way, that is just how some things happen, he was originally due the 10th of february, but no he wanted a grand entrance on which it was valentines day… so he will always be my specail valentine….

  16. Paulette in WV | 15th Feb 08

    The most generous Valentine’s Day was this year. My hubby of 21 years surprised me with diamond earrings!! I cannot express how stunned I was! I am not really a jewelry kinda person (more hands in the dirt gardening, playing with dogs and horses kinda gal). But this just blew me away. Who says romance is dead!!

    Previous to this, getting a red classic VW Bug 15 yrs ago was the best! You can fill the trunk of a VW with feed and yes they do float(first hand experience).

    This weekend, I will be taking him out to his favorite resturant. We never do a dinner out on V Day, but choose a different, less crowded day.

  17. Catherine Baynes | 15th Feb 08

    My then boyfriend surprised (well shocked really!)me with a diamond ring and marriage proposal on Valentines Day 1989. So we celebrate it as an Anniversary too. This year I was greeted at the door, when I came home from work, by my wonderful husband of 17 years and our 2 sons (10 and 8) 20 long stemmed red roses, a gorgeous hand written card and a chorus of “WE LOVE YOU”!

  18. ursula | 15th Feb 08

    My most memorible was 3 years ago. I was new to the dating world after 26 years of marriage.I invited a lovely acadian gentleman to my new home for dinner. Well I thought for the first time I would try these box cake mixes and make a VALENTINES CAKE in a heart shape. I always did my cakes from scratch, but was afraid that something will go wrong if I did so here is the box mix. I thought I read the instructions right! When I went to cut the cake after a lovely dinner and wine I noticed the cake looked spongy and many holes.I was horrified! He said it was good and being such a gentleman he ate it, always saying how good it was. Here I put in 2 cups of milk instead of one. Well today we are still together and my box mixes are perfect now and made in our kitchen. Life with him is like Valentines everyday. He is a dream come true. First and formost a romantic gentleman. Those french men !

  19. Dawn | 15th Feb 08

    Oh I do love that quilt! It is lovely!

  20. | 15th Feb 08

    Hi Joanna, Happy Valentines day to you! I got the quilting magazine the other day with your gorgeous article in there! Love it! 🙂 Laurie~

  21. tina | 15th Feb 08

    What great comments, I loved reading them! My favorite Valentine’s Day was this one actually. No cards, no gifts—– go figure. It was a day where we were doing for my borrowed Mom in the hospital, there just wasn’t time (or energy) to do the day up. Regardless, it felt truly in the spirit of love and all that good stuff—— and a very late dinner at Steak and Shake seemed more than tasty, tired smiles were gift enough. Now, don’t think for a moment that next year won’t require something fancy schmancy! 🙂 But this year was pretty darned good!

  22. annie | 16th Feb 08

    A sweet story about my daughter who is a second grade teacher in a very poor district. The kids love holidays, but presents are a luxury few can afford. But this Valentines one of her sweet little students brought her the most loved and used beanie bear that said “Welcome to the Aloha State” across its bitty chest. You know it meant so much because Andy shared something he loved so much with a teacher he loves so dearly. A gift cannot be more precious than that. XXX

  23. Linda | 16th Feb 08

    Without sounding like a cliche, everyday is Valentine’s Day for me with my sweetie. We both feel the same way about doing small, unexpected courtesies for each other … whether it’s a cup of lovely coffee waiting for you when you step from your shower, a quick note sitting on the dashboard of your car when you leave for work to tell you how wonderful you are and hopes that your day is great or the smell of dinner wafting through the house when you’ve arrived home after a stressful, harried day at work … even though he might not have even known that! It’s those small, special gifts of love that make each and every day Valentine’s Day for me ;-> A side note to “Blop” … my thoughts and prayers are with you and your love as you travel a difficult road together ~ God has blessed you with each other ~ I’ll pray and hope all goes well for you as you bravely face those chemo treatments together.

  24. Diana | 16th Feb 08

    Several years ago, I had just started a new and very stressful job. I had a very bad day at work and I came home to a most luxurious bubble bath drawn by my husband with candles lit, a new mystery novel and soft and fuzzy robe by the side. It was so special and thoughtful – I just cried! I think we ate sandwiches or cereal for dinner and just spent a quiet night cuddling on the couch. That truly was the best gift ever! 🙂 Isn’t love grand????

  25. Ashley Vaughn | 16th Feb 08

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was this one. I cooked a big romantic dinner for my boyfriend and got HIM roses (he was so suprised!). He gave me a beautiful leather designer purse I’d been secretly wanting for months (how did he guess?). We had a quiet evening and a long relaxing bubble bath. It was very romantic 🙂

  26. Kris | 17th Feb 08

    This year, my husband sent me some daisies and roses to my school where I teach. Daisies are my favorite. All day long my seventh graders commented on how pretty they were and how nice it was.

    Love the quilt by the way.

  27. Lisa Leimone | 17th Feb 08

    My daughter was my valentine wish come true 12 years ago now, she is a very lovable young lady who’s middle name is “Valentine”!
    My favorite memory will always be the Valentine’s Tea party my mom throws every year for my daughter, her ONLY granddaughter!So every year her three grandsons (who are VERY much boy’s!)would wash till their face’s glowed to attend the tea party!Nothing cuter then three boy’s drinking out of china tea cup’s and eating heart shaped finger sandwiches!The boy’s have grown up and now spend Valentines Day with their wives and girlfriends, but my daughters tea party’s will always hold a special memory for them in their hearts.


  28. Heidi Kaisand | 17th Feb 08

    We’re not big on Valentine’s Day around our house…but I loved this one. I got to spend it at pre-school with Henry. What fun!

  29. Heidi Kaisand | 17th Feb 08

    Valentine’s Day is not a big deal at our house, but this year I spent it at pre-school with Henry. A sweet day!

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