Homemade Lollipops. Why?

Now, master cooks we are not. Certainly, bakers, not even close! And yet something possesses us each year right around this time to get out the recipes and the crazy ideas and choose a candy of some kind to make for all of the teachers and school folks who educate our children throughout the year. It has to be something different each year and everyone in the family has to participate in the process.  Sounds like a noble task, doesn't it?

Well, some years it goes better than others. This year, no one is fessing up to this by the way, but someone suggested and lobbied for, yes you guessed it, lollipops. Nothing in simply, straightforward forms or anything. Free form lollipops.

Now to make a very long story short… a story that involved 3 trips to the grocery story, a certain obsession with caramels [for those of you follow me on twitter], a series of "trial" batches that ended with interesting colors and even more interesting flavors, sugar on the paws of several dogs, a few burned fingers, a science lesson, 4 pans, 7 spoons, 2 candy thermometers and 5 Figueroas…. we had cherry and cherry cream lollipops that somewhat resembled the shape one might think of when they think "lollipop"!

So here's to all of those "easy" lollipop recipes, to those Martha Stewart moms out there who can get a perfectly round pop out of each batch, to those families out there with an innate skill of cramming 5 family members in a kitchen, adding boiling sugar and still having fun with all of their hair intact- my hat is off to you.

This is what we managed to accomplish. And I can tell you that by the end of our adventure, we were all very deeply grateful that we had something red on a stick that tasted good and looked sweet!

Really, what more could we ask for?



Happy Holidays to all you bakers and not bakers out there!

BTW, stay tuned for a fun blog announcent ready in time for the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. Gee, what could it possibly be, a HUGE SALE maybe??

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Kate | 23rd Dec 09

    They look pretty good to me 🙂

  2. Kathryn | 23rd Dec 09

    They look tastey and bright! I bet they are appreciated this Christmas Season! I’m so lame, I did nothing…but then again, there are 7 + teachers to make/bake for and I gave up. Maybe next year!

  3. Stephanie | 23rd Dec 09

    I’m giggling as I envision the lollipop scenario. They look delicious. Yesterday I made a sticky mess with homemade marshmallows. This morning, after they cured all night and I cut them, I declare them delicious and worth the little bit of effort! Wishing you and your family peace and joy this holiday season. Thank you for a year filled with Fig Goodness.

  4. Karin | 23rd Dec 09

    I was expecting something horrible! Boy, was I disappointed. 😉 Your lollipops look delicious. You are a braver woman than I.

  5. Jamie | 23rd Dec 09

    Those are beautiful! Great color and “free form” shape! I’m sure they were appreciated.

  6. Miss Jean | 23rd Dec 09

    This will be one of those fun memories you talk about with the little ones when they are all grown up! “Remember the suckers?”

    Have a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

  7. Amanda Stepanian | 23rd Dec 09

    Those are so pretty! I love making candy with my kids! I might have to try lollipops sometime…..

  8. Jocelyn | 23rd Dec 09

    It actually looks as though you made a lollipop blossom. I was pretty impressed by the first pic! Merry Christmas to all the Figueroas!

  9. deb | 23rd Dec 09

    Merry Christmas… they look yummy!!

  10. Amy | 23rd Dec 09

    Ha ha! I really enjoyed that project – vicariously! They are a lovely finished product! I just made my teachers key fobs. They were adorable, if I do say so myself!

  11. Patrice | 24th Dec 09

    love your patterns, love your fabrics, love it all! BUT This, THIS is quite impressive!! 🙂 Happy Holidays to all of the Figs/Lollipop Makers!

  12. Bren | 24th Dec 09

    Is sounds like not only are you making yummies from the kitchen. . . but wonderful Christmas memories too! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family!
    xo, Bren
    (. . . & I’m still laughing over Camille’s remark to your tweet about making the lollies (& childbirth & . . . Market!) lol!

  13. Andrea | 24th Dec 09

    Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely fabric and patterns, I was a lucky winner from the WWC christmas contest! I can’t wait to make something with them all! Merry Christmas!!! xo Andrea

  14. KatieQ | 25th Dec 09

    The lollipops look delightful. When I was a nursery school teacher, the gifts I enjoyed the most were homemade goodies. To me, they were true gifts of the spirit.

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