Jellies & “Pixies” & Ferries Oh My…

I have been taking a little hiatus for the last week and a half- good friend houseguests [6 of them] turned into some house cleaning projects, turned into a summer cold…

Some Serious Patchwork

In the midst of it all I have been having a lot of fun mixing my fabric lines… makes me sound like a mad scientist doesn’t it?Vintage_summ_close

When I am working on quilt projects, I usually need to try to stay within the latest fabric collection or mix the colors of the current line and the one I am about to debut at the next quilt Market. More often than not, I design quilt patterns that incorporate only the most recent fabric collections. But something has hit me this summer and I have started working on several patterns that mix all my favorite pieces from the last 4 or 5 lines. I’m loving the results. They feel Fresh Vintage and gypsy bohemian all at the same time. I will have some more pics tomorrow.

A Pixie Siting

On the “Pixie” subject of my title… I hope you will all go over here and see the beautiful pictures she took of a few of my fabrics. There is something so nostalgic and wonderfully charming about the way she takes pictures. I am usually re-inspired by my fabrics all over again after I’ve seen what she did with them.

Yummies at the Ferry

While our guests were in town we took the opportunity to do some great touristing activities around the Bay Ares. By far my favorite outing was to the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco. A couple of years ago it was refurbished and has become a gourmet center with an array of absoulutely wonderful little shops and restuaruants. It is a feast for the eys, nose and mouth. Take a look at just a few of the goodies we saw….


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  1. Juliann | 7th Aug 07

    I love that quilt with the all the different fabrics. I just bought a bunch of fabrics from some of your lines and this would be a wonderful way to use them.

  2. pam | 7th Aug 07

    It all looks so lovely food and fabric!

  3. in_stitches | 7th Aug 07

    That sounds like great fun, touring around the bay area. I did that many years ago. Guess it’s time I return, huh? Thanks for the pics. I, too, love that quilt you’ve mixed and matched. Where would we find a pattern? (at first glance it looks like catherdral windows…a closer look – it appears the white ‘petal’ shaped pieces are applique’d on the top of squares, is that right? It’s very nice! Love the fabrics and colors.

  4. Laurie | 7th Aug 07

    I love ALL your beautiful fabrics!! Sandi did a wonderful job capturing them! Makes me want to go and buy them all up and make another quilt. YUM!

  5. Elizabeth | 8th Aug 07

    Was thinking of you when I was in Petaluma on Monday…also all this week ’cause I’ve been mixing your fabrics, too! Finally figured out something for (mostly) Allspice Tapestry and can’t wait for you to see it!

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