Indigo sweets arriving

Happy 4th of July to all!

Our newest fabric line went to the MODA salesforce this last week [which means that it will be in the stores at the end of this year]. It is called “Urban Indigo” and its a small sweet line full of pinks, yellows, light & dark blues & of course creams.

I have to share with you that sometimes all the stars align and a fabric line goes from concept to design sketch to swatch to strike-off to salesforce to store in a fairly short period of time- this happens especially with Market lines which have such a very precise deadline. At other times, color changes, print modifications and scheduling changes prolong the process considerably. We designed this simple little line well over a year ago & it just happened to experience many little bumps in its journey to become actual fabric that store owners can see and purchase.
If you have followed any part of my design journey, I’m sure you know that I am usually more of an ususual color combination kind of gal and I enjoy working with palettes that are based on vintage fabrics with palettes that are a bit surprising or a little different or unexpected. All that to say, this little line is a lot more traditional, soft and romantic with sweet little patterns reminiscent of a little girls bed quilt or a charming tea room. It blends beautifully with many other Fig Tree lines as well as others. I hope you enjoy the swatches. Yellowflower_2Blueflowerjpg

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  1. Darlene | 4th Jul 07

    Oh, very different – I love it! Sweet!

  2. Amy | 4th Jul 07

    Oooooh! It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest of it, especially in person!

  3. Diana | 4th Jul 07

    They look beautiful! Can’t wait to see them!

  4. Bren | 4th Jul 07

    Those are so sweet!. . . end of the year huh? Okay. . . I will try to be patient. . . !
    xo, – Bren

  5. pam | 4th Jul 07

    Those are lovely little prints!

  6. Marlene | 4th Jul 07

    OOOO thanks for the sneak peek! They are very sweet!

  7. sharon | 4th Jul 07

    OMG I can’t wait!!!! That might be the cutest line yet. I love the tiny little prints and the pinks!!! WOO HOO

  8. josie | 6th Jul 07

    The new line looks yummy – in fact, they look figalicious!
    But, are you messin’ with us? Where are the indigos?

  9. Nicole | 10th Jul 07

    Thanks for sharing the swatches, I love getting a preview of your upcoming lines. This one does look lovely.

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