Introducing my little Dandelion Girl

Okay, so you’ve probaby gotten enough of the butter booth, so here are the Dandelion Girl pages of the MODA playbook. For those of you who have never heard that term before, the MODA playbook is an amazing piece of literature that MODA produces at every Quillt Market to introduce and debut all of their latest lines. This time around that meant 21 new lines from 21 fabulous designers or design groups. It meant 88 full glossy pages of amazing fabric pictures. It meant a whole section of new MODA Home products. It meant a whole lot of yummies… These here below are my pages. Hope you enjoy them. To see these kinds of pages for all of my past lines, go here.Dandelion_girl1

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  1. Carol | 8th Nov 07

    Joanna it is just wonderful…love that quilt in the middle with the stars down the center…is that going to be a MODA kit?

  2. Darlene | 8th Nov 07


  3. Libby | 8th Nov 07

    Oh Joanna, those fabrics are so sweet! They make me want to cry!! Everytime a Fig Tree line comes out I think ” That’s my favorite!” Until the next line comes out!! I can’t wait to get this fabric in my sewing room! Libby

  4. Sandi Henderson | 8th Nov 07

    Well you know I love it!! I will definately be aqcuiring some for some more Fig Tree presence in my studio.


  5. Laurie | 8th Nov 07

    love this line! You amaze me, joanna! how do you do it ALL and raise kids?! 🙂

  6. Camille | 8th Nov 07

    Beautiful! It was funny to read this today- I have my dandelion girl all spread out and ready to start cutting. The playbook pictures were all so inspiring. Great job as usual!

  7. josie | 8th Nov 07

    As I read your “butter” post, I couldn’t help but think of Homer Simpson!
    “Ummmmmm . . . . . butter!!”
    Then, I ready your Dandelion post, and again think of Homer….”Ummmmm, . . . dandelions!” I WANT IT ALL!!! And I can’t wait to see and touch and sew the seersucker prints – I’m seeing pillows in my future!
    Your creativity and sense of style continue to delight! Thanks, Joanna!!

  8. Carole Meier | 8th Nov 07

    Wow! Those are sweet!

  9. Sonnja | 10th Nov 07

    Beautiful Quilt and fabrics!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja, from the Netherlands

  10. Niki | 10th Nov 07

    Those are great! Love your work.

  11. Nicole | 12th Nov 07

    Your designs are without any doubt, my absolute favorites. Each line comes out and I think “That is the prettiest one ever”, then you come out with a new line and it becomes my new all time favorite!

  12. zegi | 17th Nov 07

    I *LOVE* the dandelion girl fabric! I wonder if the LQS has it yet…

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