As a designer, I am always working well in advance of when I am ready to show you something and often in the completely wrong season. As designers, it is not unheard of for us to play Christmas music in July to motivate and inspire ourselves to design something good for Christmas :-)!!

But it does feel really odd at times to be introducing fabrics and products to you guys now in January & February that are seasonal and won’t ship until the summer and that we aren’t ready to decorate with until September! I’m not complaining, by the way, just sharing my process.

I am very excited to share with you my follow up Autumn/Halloween collection to our crazy cakes popular All Hallows Eve…. It is called PUMPKINS AND BLOSSOMS and it will start to arrive in stores in June, 2021.

The palette is based on my favorite “Vintage Halloween” feel that you all loved so much with All Hallows Eve but a little bit different. Charcoal instead of black, a different tone of grey and a brand new addition… GREEN!

If you love the green, it gives it a completely new and freshly updated feel and adds so much fun to quilts. If you are not a fan… remove the greens for later use and just focus on the oranges, greys, creams and charcoal for a vibe much more similar to All Hallows Eve.

And the prints themselves? Some of my all time favorites… a new favorite floral, little tiny vintage reproduction deer, tiny background prints with mini pumpkins in them, a retro feeling plaid and more!


As quilts return to us from our fabulous quilters and as it gets closer to ship time, we will share more about each pattern but for now, here are some photos of what we have for our 3 brand new accompanying patterns.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This pattern comes with 2 different colorways, one on cream and one on charcoal. It measures app. 72″ x 72″.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This pattern has been such a long time coming and is equally perfect in Halloween as it is in Christmas [more on that later]. It is a fabulous lap size and measures app. 60″ x 63.

…. still waiting for it to return from the quilter but LOVE IT so much already!

… can’t wait to try it as a Christmas quilt too!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


You knew there had to be a Pumpkin quilt, right? Pattern has two versions, a larger version on a taupe background and a smaller lap throw on cream. Both are SO GOOD… and I have no idea which is my favorite!

…. your own little farm!
… so yummy!!

Smaller Cream version: app. 54″ x 60.

Larger Taupe Version: app. 66″ x 74″


PATTERNS: Available now as paper [arriving from printer soon] and PDF in the shop.

GIVEAWAY: So tell me… what do you think of this new collection? Comment below to be ENTERED TO WIN A CHARM PACK OF PUMPKINS & BLOSSOMS!!

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  1. Jeanie | 2nd Feb 21

    As usual, it’s beautiful. Your colors shine from within, and your creams are, well, the creamiest!

  2. Traci Slomba | 2nd Feb 21

    You always amaze me with not only your fabric designs and colors but your accompanying patterns! Your always so generous to all of us, it does not go unnoticed! Thank you Joanna, XOXO

  3. Sharon | 3rd Feb 21

    I pre-ordered the Pumpkin Farm kit. Love it and your fabrics!

  4. Sharon Bennett | 3rd Feb 21

    Fig Tree always delivers the most awesome Autumn fabrics and designs…. difficult to pick a favorite…. but, I’m thinking I’d stitch up the Pumpkin Farm (cream background) first…. and then stitch up Midnight Moon (charcoal background)…. displayed together, the contrast would compliment each one another perfectly!

  5. Michelle O | 3rd Feb 21

    I really like the fabric. I still haven’t used my 1/2 yard bundle of All Hallows’ Eve plus various yardage. I have been hoarding it for a project worthy. Now that this is coming out I can breathe a sigh of relief, the pressures off on running out of time. I can maybe mix the two into something bigger. Maybe La Passacaglia EPP quilt. I wanted something different then everything else everyone else is doing. I happen to love that green. It gives it a pop of color. All your fabric lines are gorgeous. I have so many of them, but absolutely not enough.

  6. Myra Bugg | 3rd Feb 21

    Your line of fabrics are always beautiful and this new line is no exception. You never disappoint in your color choices, fabric designs, and patterns. Even the pictures you take and accessories you use to showcase are incredible!! Thank you for bringing us so much joy in the quilting world!

  7. Dana Haskell | 3rd Feb 21

    It’s beautiful! I’ve already put in my order! Now if I can just find one of your OOP patterns that I think would be fabulous in this new line!!

  8. Betsy S | 3rd Feb 21

    So pretty. Always love your collections.

  9. Carrie | 3rd Feb 21

    Hi Joanna, I am new to FIGTree but I am loving your style. I have signed up for Among the Stars Again I am so looking forward to seeing the new fabric line..I also have signed up for this years MBOM with FQS.. Looking forward to that sew sew much.. Strawberry and Rhubarb is my favorite pie..

  10. Diane Madison | 3rd Feb 21

    I love the new line, especially the green! The Pumpkin Farm with the cream background is just yummy. I also love the tiny deer print. You have produced another beautiful fabric line that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

  11. Dori Bockbrader | 3rd Feb 21

    I love it! It’s so fresh looking. Even though it’s for your fall designs, it’s still spring-y. And, I do need some of that green!!!

  12. Patty | 3rd Feb 21

    I love the new fabric line especially the green. I can see a very nice tale topper for my dining room table .

    Can’t wait for June. And charm packs are my favorite pre-cut. I’ve made so many fun quilts and table runners and even mug rugs with charm packs.
    Thank you for the opportunity Opportunity to possibly enhance my stash with my first fabric collection from you.

    Get me wrong I totally love the colors that you and Chelsea having a Quilts but I made a vow a few months ago and so far than sticking to it so I did do a pre-order last night that if I decide not to I’m only out 10 bucks I have so so so much forever just like every other Quilter in the world but anyway I vowed I wouldn’t buy any more fabric until I got my home equity bill and my credit card bill back to zero.. 🤣🤣 fingers crossed

    thank you

  13. Freda Molenkamp-Oudman | 3rd Feb 21

    As always, it is beautiful! I really like the grey in this line and look forward to incorporating this line into some projects that also use All Hallow’s Eve (another favorite Fig Tree line of mine)!

  14. Michelle Combs | 4th Feb 21

    This collection is absolutely beautiful. I loved All Hallows Eve – it was the second collection I spotted (and fell for), after many years of being away from quilting – but the prints in this collection, as well as the different shades, are even lovelier in my opinion 🙂 Can’t wait to get some of this!!

  15. Karen S | 4th Feb 21

    This is so good, Joanna! Can’t wait to see more of that little viney one in the creams. And the charcoal/orange print is especially good. Think I’ll be making another Figgy pumpkin quilt! Your work is truly amazing . . . thanks for keeping us all inspired and sewing/quilting!

  16. Patty H | 4th Feb 21

    Love the combination, especially the gray with the green. You never cease to get us fabric lovers excited!

  17. Karen B | 4th Feb 21

    I loved All Hallows’ Eve and I love this one too. Your colors are beautiful 🧡🎃. Can’t wait to see them in my quilt shop!

  18. Susan Cherry | 4th Feb 21

    Another home run. The colours, the patterns and the designs are all wonderful. Hopefully my local quilt stores will be stocked. Can’t wait.

  19. Karen Sanford | 4th Feb 21

    I could never pick a favorite as I Love all three of the new quilts! Totally in Live with Pumpkins & Blossoms that green is so yummy💚 Knowing me I will definitely be making all three🥰

  20. Kelly | 4th Feb 21

    Another beautiful line of Halloween fabric. I think I’ve made five quilts with the All Hallows Eve line thus far and have another project in the queue. Can’t wait to see how they blend together.

  21. Rebecca Maxson | 4th Feb 21

    Love all of it! Such a great second act from All Hallows’ Eve.

  22. Lisa Rettig | 4th Feb 21

    I love the addition of the green! It’s a beautiful collection!! I’m definitely going to “need” that Pumpkin Farm pattern.😁

  23. Vickie Webb | 5th Feb 21

    Signed up for Pumpkin Farm and love the green!

  24. Carolyn Solomon | 5th Feb 21

    OMG, I love them all. The addition if green is genius! I think green as nature’s neutral. I think I must make the Pumpkin farm with the taupe background. Every one of your collections makes me happy!

  25. Sandy Willmott | 5th Feb 21

    Love, love, love the “new” addition of green to the colors and charcoal as well! Your prints are just amazing!

  26. Karen Dovala | 5th Feb 21

    Love it!! I am in need of a new fall quilt and this fabric will be perfect!! Love that it will coordinate with All Hallows’ Eve!

  27. Callie | 5th Feb 21

    I love it and can’t wait to make something with it. You are my all-time favorite fabric designer!

  28. Eve | 5th Feb 21

    Love the black and grey backgrounds. Lovely new collection.

  29. Charlotte Castine | 5th Feb 21

    It’s beautiful! It’s timeless!

  30. Belindakdjones | 5th Feb 21

    Fun new fabric line with fresh fall colors. Can’t wait!

  31. Lisa Glovitch | 5th Feb 21

    The collection is soo pretty!

  32. Robin | 5th Feb 21

    These colors draw me in every time. I just love fall!!

  33. Stephanie Valdez | 5th Feb 21

    This collection is so good! The greens give it such a fresh feel. I can’t decide which project is my favorite. They are all amazing! Love!

  34. Angie Moreno | 5th Feb 21

    Love your new fall fabrics! I can’t wait to get some and make the midnight mon quilt! Beautiful!

  35. Natalie | 5th Feb 21

    It’s just beautiful, I love fabric with letters or words.
    I love the addition of the green and charcoal. I can’t wait!!

  36. Karen McMahon | 5th Feb 21

    Wow. Those colors and quilts…. that is what I think of as classy, timeless autumn colors!

  37. Patti | 5th Feb 21

    So beautiful and FRESH!

  38. Patti | 5th Feb 21

    So refreshing for fall colors!

  39. Elizabeth S. | 5th Feb 21

    Love the addition of the green!! Great patterns!

  40. MJ Pocrnick | 5th Feb 21

    L🧡VE it!!! The addition of the green and charcoal make it even more delicious than AllHallowsEve was/is and a PERFECT addition to the stash!!! 🧡💚

  41. Ashleigh | 5th Feb 21

    I am so excited for this new line. The addition of green is amazing. I just finished Catalina stars in All Hallows’ eve and I could see making another one in this new line.

  42. Candace Rice | 5th Feb 21

    Oh boy! I love the gray pumpkins. Oh man, but I love the cream pumpkins! These colors are so good and they add wonderful flavor to All Hallows’ Eve!!

  43. Kathy English | 5th Feb 21

    I think it is great and hope to order the 1/2 bundle, just as soon as I can figure out two patterns… A big decision! There are so many I like… I already ordered the pumpkin farm kit! 🧡

  44. Margie Foote | 5th Feb 21

    I love the colours & patterns! Would love to win this!

  45. Margie Foote | 5th Feb 21

    Beautiful colours & patterns!

  46. Martha C | 5th Feb 21

    Anything pumpkin and fallish – I LOVE! And your colors are the most fabulous! Cannot wait. Love the gray fabric with the fall colors.

  47. Margie Foote | 5th Feb 21

    The colours & patterns are beautiful.

  48. Margie Foote | 5th Feb 21

    I live the fall patterns & colours

  49. Margie Foote | 5th Feb 21

    Id love to have the fall patterns & colours into my collection

  50. Renee Dargie | 5th Feb 21

    This is so beautiful!! I love the addition of the green.

  51. Gretchen | 5th Feb 21

    I absolutely LOVE this new collection! The pop of green is everything! Definitely a must-have for this year.

  52. Becky | 5th Feb 21

    I’m loving this line! Fig lines are always amazing and I love that they are so versatile.

  53. Monica Carrillo | 5th Feb 21

    I love the colors! I just love pumpkins 🎃and fall. they make me happy. I love the lime green. Looking forward to buying material in summer! 🧵

  54. Debra Rammelsberg | 5th Feb 21

    Oh. My. Goodness. The new fabrics are luscious 🧡🖤🤍💚

  55. Geri VanVliet | 5th Feb 21

    Charming. Timeless. Dig Tree fabrics never disappoint. Always gorgeous.

  56. LeAnne Kehoe | 5th Feb 21

    I love it! You always design and create the most beautiful fabrics and projects. I can’t wait to make something with this line. I love the Laurel pattern!

  57. Darlene L. | 5th Feb 21

    It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  58. Susan Dowhaniak | 6th Feb 21

    The new Halloween line is beautiful! Love that green! Can’t wait to see the new little prints.

  59. Deb | 6th Feb 21

    Love the new Pimpkins and Cream! I think the green is an excellent addition! And the Laurel Wreath is quite different. Always love whatever Fig Tree does though!

  60. Deb | 6th Feb 21


  61. Krissi A | 6th Feb 21

    I love the new collection and was drawn right away to the Laurel Wreath pattern. I cannot wait for it to come out! The

  62. Leota Krantz | 6th Feb 21

    Love this collection and the green. Can’t wait to see it.

  63. Cathy Welch | 6th Feb 21

    I love all your fabrics, but this line with the green is going to be a favorite. I cannot wait to do the Autumn Wonderland sew along with FQS this spring.

  64. Terrie Bjorklund | 6th Feb 21

    I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about your new line! Halloween is my fav holiday and the Pumpkin Farm quilt will be the perfect accompanying quilt for my All Hallow’s Eve quilt!
    2021 Halloween is going to be stellar!
    Thank you,
    Terrie B

  65. Alice | 6th Feb 21

    I love this new line! Absolutely gorgeous!

  66. Deborah Andry | 6th Feb 21

    Well. You have done it again. You design, and create the most beautiful fabrics and quilts!!! I especially like the Laural quilt you have made this time. It’s always a pleasure to see what you have done. I have made two of your quilts and have three more in the works.

  67. Mary Kolb | 6th Feb 21

    This is a wonderful fabric line! I especially love the design for this Midnight Moon!

  68. Cecilia | 6th Feb 21

    Inspiring designs and the color combinations are always perfect. Thank you.

  69. Deb Kelly | 6th Feb 21

    Bright and beautiful.

  70. Tracie | 6th Feb 21

    I’m not a Halloween fan but I love this collection. Maybe it’s the green, my favorite color. Your new patterns are amazing! I already have a plan to use this collection.

  71. Janice | 6th Feb 21

    I love it!! Especially the green!

  72. Mary Kellison | 6th Feb 21

    Orange and cream are a dream. I want to tackle midnight moon. The more pumpkins the merrier.

  73. Sherri | 6th Feb 21

    I AM IN LOVE WITH PUMPKINS AND BLOSSOMS!! Can’t wait to see it and hope to win!!😉

  74. Pat McPherson | 8th Feb 21

    What I think is that I am in trouble! I love every quilt and want to make them all.

  75. Pat McPherson | 8th Feb 21

    What I think is that I am in trouble! I love every quilt and want to make them all. It will be hard to decide what to do first.

  76. Pat McPherson | 8th Feb 21

    What I think is that I am in trouble! I love every quilt and want to make them all. It will be hard to decide what to do first. I do love the dark background.

  77. Barbara Spencer | 9th Feb 21

    The patterns are beautiful, as always! It’s difficult to decide what project to do. Looking forward to its

  78. Donna Militello | 9th Feb 21

    Oooh, love the addition of the greens and the charcoal. These will compliment perfectly with All Hallows’ Eve. Cannot wait to try them next to each other.

  79. Susana Soto | 9th Feb 21

    I love this new line of fabrics. The design on the fabric is so pretty and I love the addition of the green and charcoal.

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