Introducing Sparkles & Cream BOM for 2021

Join us for our newest adventure…. SPARKLES & CREAM BLOCK OF THE MONTH 2021… keep reading for all the info below!

Our first low volume CREAM SPARKLE QUILT a few years ago was such an amazingly fun project and a runaway hit with our customers, that we have decided to do it all again… but with a slightly different fabric twist!!

THIS IS A COMPLETELY NEW & DIFFERENT PATTERN FROM THE ORIGINAL CREAM SPARKLE! So if you enjoyed the original CREAM SPARKLE, I think that this would make the best companion project ever!

We loved our CREAM SPARKLE project, as did so many of you and it was certainly a fabulous one… working with all of those soft cream and ivory prints was a dream. But once in a while especially during the assembly I wished there was just a tiny bit more of color… just a little for a bit bit more sparkle. So when I started gathering low volume prints for this new project, I knew I wanted an equal mix and balance of very soft cream prints mixed with cream and ivory prints with a bit more of a sparkle accent color added in. And so this BOM was born around that idea. As you can see in the photo, the fabrics are all LOW VOLUME prints, all based on cream and ivory backgrounds. Many are soft blender prints and many are creams with a little floral or stripe or geometric… just enough for that special SPARKLE!! I am so excited for this new Sparkles and Cream adventure!

For those of you who are unsure what the term “LOW VOLUME” means, here is my definition= low volume refers to prints that don’t have a lot of contrast in them, don’t have a lot of color and are soft and “low” in their volume. Think turning the radio up and then turning it down… these are definitely prints that are all “turned down” and there is very little contrast within it. The quilt is meant to feel washed and soft and vintage due to the cream palette and the simple blocks scattered throughout. The palette will be some of our current favorite FIG TREE creams mixed in with cream prints from a few of my favorite MODA designers, including Brenda Riddle, Minick and Simpson, 3 Sisters, MODA Basics and others. I am not done collecting and will keep adding lovely little cream prints as I find them!


Each month you will get (4) different cream and ivory ¼ yds. to work with and for a few months, even more than that. You will also get instructions for simple, classic blocks to make with said quarter yards. All classic, all fairly simple, all on the same scale. I am SO EXCITED to work on this soft cream but with a little bit of pop of color project. Hope you will join me!

Given the simple blocks and soft colors [that will not show errors], this is a great quilt for beginners or if someone has been wanting to jump into quilting. Feel free to share with your quilting friends!

We will also be offering FINISHING KITS when our next collection releases in a few months so stay tuned for that. They will need to be ordered separately and will ship in April of next year.



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  1. Renee Marth | 21st Aug 20

    Am I missing the pattern? Should I look at the first S and C for an idea what what it will look like?

    • | 21st Aug 20

      All of our BOM and subscription programs are mysteries. No pattern. You get to see the palette of fabric we are using and the rest is an adventure!

  2. Megan | 21st Aug 20

    What is the finished size?

    • | 21st Aug 20

      Its a mystery project. Close to a twin most likely when it is done.

  3. Elizabeth Maass | 21st Aug 20

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is different than anything I’ve done!!!!!!!!! I have been watching your blog every single day to see when this was going to be announced lol!!! Count me IN!!!!!!!

    • | 21st Aug 20

      So happy to have you join us!

  4. Elizabeth Maass | 21st Aug 20

    Oops! I meant to ask if we needed to provide background fabric or is everything included each month?

    • | 21st Aug 20

      everything you will need is included!

  5. Susan Backus | 23rd Aug 20

    How many months is this? One a month for a year or something else?

    • | 23rd Aug 20

      All the info you might need is in the description of the program. Thanks so much!

  6. Marlene | 25th Aug 20

    Where can I find a picture of the original Sparkle and Cream quilt so I have some idea how the general look will be with the colors?
    I know you said it’ll be a whole new pattern.
    Just wondering.
    Thank you.

    • | 25th Aug 20

      Your best bet would be to find the hashtag on Instagram. I think it is #creamsparklebom2017

  7. Janet Amidon | 10th Sep 20

    I see that the Sparkle and Cream quilt signup is full. How do I get on the wait list?

    • | 13th Sep 20

      Please email us with any wait list requests. Thanks!

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