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Daily Archives: August 21, 2020


Introducing Sparkles & Cream BOM for 2021

Join us for our newest adventure…. SPARKLES & CREAM BLOCK OF THE MONTH 2021… keep reading for all the info below! Our first low volume CREAM SPARKLE QUILT a few years ago was such an amazingly fun project and a runaway hit with our customers, that we have decided to do it all again… but with a slightly different fabric twist!! THIS IS A COMPLETELY NEW & DIFFERENT PATTERN FROM THE ORIGINAL CREAM SPARKLE! So if you enjoyed the original CREAM SPARKLE, I think that this would make the best companion project ever! HERE IS THE STORY…We loved our CREAM SPARKLE project, as did so many of you and it was certainly a fabulous one… working with all of those soft cream and ivory prints was a dream. But once in a while especially during the assembly I wished there was just a tiny…