Introduction #6

Strawberry Cafe

Remember a couple of posts back when I said I was having a serious fruit thing going on? 

Well here is more evidence for that theory. These are my favorites right now. Now, I will admit that these little curtains are a bit more "cute sweet" as I call it, than my house is normally. I am more of a plain vintage girl and not so much cutesy as far as the house goes. But…. I broke down with these little cuties, especially since its summer right now and they are perfect for the season! 

So far we have auditioned them in the laundry room, the kitchen and even the bathroom. Yes, you heard me right, the bathroom.  Even a bathroom can use a little re-fresher once in a while, right? It looks like perhaps we might be sewing more than one set, perhaps with different fruit!


… 2 curtain panels fit just right in our vintage windows. You could of course make one long panel instead or 2 longer or shorter panels depending on the width of your own windows.



… you could of course eliminate the strawberries altogether. But really, why would you want to?


… this was the cover shot we used for the pattern I think. Curtains joined by a simple table topper.


… the topper is just as simple as the cafe curtains. Simple charm blocks with a few berries and a delicate sawtooth border inbetween.


… love them curtains the most in the breeze. Just feels like summer.


Name: Strawberry Cafe

Pieced by: Cheryl Hadley & Joanna Figueroa

Size: Each panel is 29" x 38" but can easily be adjusted. Table Topper is 41" square.

Fabric Collection:  Made entirely from Fresh Cottons

Fabric Used: One Charm Pack makes 2 panels or one table topper. Other than that you need a main fabric and an accent fabric or 2! The cafe curtains use simple cafe clips available at most home stores. I have bought mine at IKEA and Target.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Talk to you soon.


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  1. Stephanie | 11th Jun 10

    Very sweet. The last photo brings to mind an old song called “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft.

  2. Brooke | 11th Jun 10

    Very cute!

  3. Renai | 12th Jun 10

    Very pretty! I have just received my Fresh Cotton fabrics…now to decide what im going to make with this glorious fabric!

  4. Rita | 13th Jun 10

    This weekend Lourdes from Telalia came to the Canary Islands with the new collections from moda. Yours is fantastic as usual. I hope to have them soon in my shop, together with your new proyects. This time, I can not come to Madrid,what a pitty,because joining your class is so much fun.Good luck with your new designs.

  5. Emily | 15th Jun 10

    I was sneaking by at market when you were deciding to hang these on the bed- LOVED them then, LOVE them now. I’ve wanted a cafe style curtain in my kitchen ever since I saw a super cute one in a mag. But everything I can afford is just ‘Not It’. These, however, are SO IT! I can’t wait to make them- Hmmmm, now which one of my favorite Fig lines to use…. ;o)

  6. Joanna | 15th Jun 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Emily submitted a comment on Introduction #6

    Thanks so much! Just needed to add that the Strawberry Caf pattern has a little correction on the Materials List. You need 1 1/8 yd. instead of 7/8 yd. of the main panel fabric. So sorry for the mistake,


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