I just can’t cut it…

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a new interest or new pursuit can take hold? Less than a month ago, if someone had mentioned a Pam Kitty Morning or a Happy Zombie or a Posie Gets Cozy or a Portabello Pixie, I would have had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Not even a clue! But these days, all of these people are included in my weekly blog visits and I feel like maybe I kind of know them. I couldn’t recognize a one of them on the street, and yet I know alot about what they’ve been doing, what they’ve been sewing and how they have been spending their time. Kind of strange if you step back and think about it really….

Anyway, today some yardage of my new MODA fabric, Allspice Tapestry, arrived.20060172006311

I have to tell you that I have been waiting for these little lovelies to arrive for about 2 weeks now, but they were having a little party… IN CUSTOMS!!! The nerve of them. I could have been sewing for weeks now but instead I have been tormenting our mail lady and my trusty UPS man on a daily basis… “Are you sure you don’t have any boxes for me? Can you check again?”… and so forth. My poor UPS man thinks I’m already a bit batty, so you know, its a tenuous thing to keep him thinking that I’m mostly normal.

Ofcourse now that its here, I’m having serious creativity issues. I only have a few days and can only make a few patterns…. AND I JUST CAN’T CUT THE FABRIC!! Becuase then I’ll be committed to what I’ve started since I only have a limited amount and not all of the fabrics are even here yet.

I am trying to do deep breathing exercises and focusing on all of the patterns that I have already finished with the existing fabric line, like this one……

Okay, back to the cutting mat.

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  1. Dennis | 13th Apr 07

    I can’t stand it! The last picture isn’t showing up — I need to see it! The fabric is gorgeous! When will it be available to us “normal” quilters?

  2. Marlene | 13th Apr 07

    The last picture isn’t showing up for me either. BUT…. LOVE what I can see! I wouldn’t be able to cut it either. In fact that happens alot around here 🙂

  3. mary | 13th Apr 07

    Cute fabric! I can’t wait to see it at Market!!

  4. Happy Zombie | 13th Apr 07

    That’s what they are telling you – that your fabric is held up in Customs. “Customs” is code for your fabrics taking a spa weekend at the St. Frances. Bolt hot waxes, selvedge massages, raw edge manicures… and lots and lots of Champagne. I love, love, love your new fabrics (I love ALL of your fabrics Joanna)!

    Thank you for the linky love and I’m so honored! You are part of my figlicious day… and I never would have thought I’d be using that word a few months ago!

  5. Zegi | 13th Apr 07

    I saw Folklorique in my local QS this week and it is lovely! I wish I had some money to spend. I especially liked the white with lightly creamed coffee curliques.

  6. joanna | 13th Apr 07

    Okay, someboday else tell me if they are not seeing the pattern picture because when I pull it up I can see it???
    Technical skills are obviously not a part of my repertoire!

  7. Amanda H. | 13th Apr 07

    I can’t see the picuture, either, but I love the fabric!

  8. Bren | 13th Apr 07

    I love your postcard Joanna! As a girl who grew up in San Diego. . . that one is a must for me!

    Hey, I have a solution for people who can’t see the pictures. . . . GET. A. MAC. !!! Doesn’t it tell you something when the PC’s can’t hardle handle anything visual? Come on folks. . . MAC happy is a wonderful thing! 🙂

    (I also can hardly wait to see the new line at Market. . . love the peek!)
    – Bren

  9. Dennis | 13th Apr 07

    It’s fabulous! So glad you solved your technical difficulties!

  10. Sandy | 13th Apr 07

    What pretty fabrics! I have several I don’t want to cut myself. Very, very pretty fabrics – Love the colors : )

  11. Marlene | 13th Apr 07

    Thanks for the fix, the pattern is too cute!!

  12. Dana Lynne | 14th Apr 07

    Lovely fabric!! It seems that most of your fabric lines work together and I’m officially now a fig tree quilt *fan*. I’ve been up late tonight with your folklorique fabrics and that nifty little diamonds quilt pattern. Very satisfying and doable even for a beginner like me. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  13. Sandi | 16th Apr 07

    OOH! Well, we’ll meet at market in a few weeks and then you’ll be able to spot me on the street. 🙂 I can’t wait, I’m so excited!


  14. Laurie | 25th Apr 07

    Gorgeous fabrics, Joanna! These are truly works of art. I am looking forward to getting my hands on them soon!! Endless possibilities……..i see dresses for my girlies, and fun bags, quilts, you name it!

  15. Nicole | 2nd May 07

    Welcome to blogging! I have been at it since February, and I can’t tell you how many friends I have made! If you check out my blog Sister’s Choice, you can see a quilt I made using a variety of Fig Tree fabrics. “Amadeus” was the pattern I used, by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.
    I look forward to checking your site often, and can’t wait to buy your newest fabric line Alspice Tapestry! Just ordered the Yuletide Blessing bundle from Fatquartershop yesterday.

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