Summer’s End…

I've been M.I.A.  for almost two weeks now. Is something major going on over here, you might wonder? Could it possibly be that we have already begun the countdown to Fall Market? Could there possibly have been a major photo shoot happening at our house lately? Well, maybe…  but more importantly all three of my wonderful little munchkins have been home with no camp for the past 2 weeks, we have gone on vacation to Catalina Island and my dad has visited for several days!  I can handle all those work deadlines without breaking a sweat [well, maybe with a small sweat] but its the entertaining and keeping of a 10 year old, 7 1/2 year old and an almost 4 year old that has put me seriously behind in my blogging responsibilities… its a very different kind of energy… one that I don't have as much of as "deadline" energy…

But how can you resist these eyes?

Or this little face?

 … somehow Ben managed to hide from the photo session, but I'll get him sooner or later!

As for what else has been happening around here… alot of house organizing for photography. Here are a few of my current favorites as a result…. a cleaned up & newly decorated master bedroom and a living room mantle with a few of my favorite things recently acquired from the flea market in Alameda….


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Julia | 20th Aug 08

    Hi Joanna,
    your little munchkins {love the word} are adorable…{ooooh, those eyes}.
    I’ve just finished the Designer Mystery BOM @FQS that you’ve designed – it’s gorgeous and you did more than a good job! I have some of the FreshVintage patterns but still no time to start with them…is there a chance that you’ll design ‘instant time’, too? ;o)
    Cheers, Julia

    P.S.: I love reading your blog…!

  2. Lauren | 20th Aug 08

    Hello Joanna! Just had to cross the border and post a comment :-). Your redecorated home looks spectacular, cozy, and as inviting as ever. Love, Lauren

  3. Laurie | 20th Aug 08

    Hey you!
    Just sayin hello……..we recently moved BACK to the BAY! 🙂 We’ll have to meet sometime! 🙂
    Everything looks so adorable here…and your sweet smiling munchkin faces are sooo dreamy!


  4. Stefanie | 20th Aug 08


    Your home looks so warm and inviting! I know that your family and friends can feel the warmth of your home when they are there!

    Thanks for participating in the Designer Mystery BOM! I love the paisley fabric that you used in the block!

    I can’t wait to get my next issue of Fresh Vintage!

  5. Stephanie | 21st Aug 08

    Your colors and decorating style are so restful and beautiful. Gorgeous kids and I’ll take the brown polka dot dress in my size please!

  6. Monica | 21st Aug 08

    Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and another glimpse into your inspiring life. I, too, wanted to express how much I love the block you did for the Designer Mystery BOM for the Fat Quarter Shop. Thank you.

  7. sara | 22nd Aug 08

    I have not ventured to the flea markets in Alameda, but I think i should! I have a few friends who live there…. Your children are adorable!

  8. Heidi Kaisand | 23rd Aug 08

    Your children and you home are beautiful!

  9. Miss Jean | 23rd Aug 08

    Those are “cheek pinching” kids! Too cute!!!

  10. Robyn | 24th Aug 08

    Oh my goodness…they are the most adorable children…so beautiful, both of them… :c)

  11. Melissa | 27th Aug 08

    I just love your blog…what a treat. I’m so happy to have run across your amazing little space here and I’ve left you an award on my blog. I can’t wait to come back for more.

  12. Nicole | 2nd Sep 08

    What lovely children you have! And your decorating is just fantastic! I have so much to do at my house….

  13. jojo | 21st Sep 08

    hello Joanna
    your ‘blog’ expresses the riches in life that you have….children, family life, good friends & artistic ability all wrapped up with the ‘gift’ of putting together & presentation…
    I have so enjoyed looking & reading & listening to the wonderful soundtrack…mmmm…thanks..

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